StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty's Evil Easter Egg

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty's lava-filled planet of Redstone III has a hidden secret, a guest appearance from another Blizzard created game.

Nestled at the far edge of the map is the Lord of Terror, Diablo, stranded on an island and surrounded by molten lava. (So that's why they call it the Devil's Playground...) He's unclickable, meaning that you can't sic your Terran forces on the antagonist of Blizzard's role-playing game series, but he's certainly not immune to Redstone III's rising pools of lava.

Click the above image to Diablo-size or watch his unholiness in action below. Or, hell, float your Barracks over to the bottom right corner and face down the evil one himself.

Thanks, Adrian!


    This game is proving awesome and there are heaps of giggle moments ... I loved the Arcade Game Lost Viking.

    I do feel though that they could have done heaps more. At times it just feels like Starcraft with a few options. I also find that I usually only use one type of unit each mission. Maybe when I play it on hard I will need to vary. Wish battlenet would sort itself out though.

    I did love the tech tree but would have loved units leveling. Reward for keeping them alive?

      I played through on hard, but nope. That's how it goes for pretty much the entire campaign. Just the last few missions require much in the way of strategy.

    There's a Tauran marine in one of the ealy missions, if you walk up to it it just disapears...

      Yeah I found him too, looked like he vanished into the chest behind him.

      There's also a tauran marine, with a morloc on his back, in the collectors edition art book.

    Blizzard are awesome. Can't wait for Diablo 3.


    There is also a Dancing Night Elf from WOW in the cantina too.

    She is up the top as a little red hologram.

    Not to mention the amount of apple take off commercials.

    Ipistol, Imachinegun etc.

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