StarCraft Recreated With Lego Bricks

No need to prototype a Lego StarCraft video game. We now know what it would look like. Great work, Kooberz Studios. We like your Lego Terran Barracks how-to video as well. [Lego Starcraft: Brick Rush, thanks smi1ey!]


    i've said it many times before and i'll say it again - everything is better with lego!

      Everything? How about sex? That would hurt, what with all those sharp angles and pointy corners...
      And it would be too low resolution to make good porno :P

        They seem to manage in Japan...

    Gah! Everyone knows the goliath uses machine guns against ground units! Epic Fail1!!! ;)

      yeah I was wondering about that! :) I thought I must've been senile or something since I haven't touched the game for more than 6 years now - good to know my memory about Terran units are still intact :)

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