Starting This Week, You Can See The Giant Evangelion Bust

While Gundam is getting a full 1/1 full-scale replica, Neon Genesis Evangelion has to settled for a 1/1 scale bust. Better than nothing!

Opening on July 23, the Neon Genesis Evangelion bust will be on display at Fuji-Q Highland theme park, which is also home to the Sengoku Basara attraction.

The statue recreates the scene in which Evangelion character Shinji Ikari meets Eva-01 for the first time.

Besides "Evangelion: World - Life-Size EVA-01 Construction Project", the attraction will also have the Evangelion race car on display as well.

とにかくデカい! 等身大エヴァ頭部&ARエヴァが富士急ハイランドに [ITmedia News]


    nice plug suits

    I only saw Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time a couple of months ago. Love this.

    Crap as long as it doesn't go berserk on our asses then we all cool.

    Incredibly sexy.


    Why don't we get cool stuff like that in Australia?

      Don't worry about Australia, you wouldn't see that ANYWHERE but Japan...
      So jealous...

    Not surprising they have to settle for a 1:1 scale bust- Unit 01 is WAY bigger than any Gundam. We're talking something the size of an office block.

    I watched Evangelion for the first time last week.
    Maybe its just me but can anyone explain exactly what the hell was going on by the end of it?

      There's a tad too much to explain, I think. Perhaps watch the End of Evangelion movies? Those explain the ending a bit better than in the TV series. Or you could visit the wikipedia article. :P

      Yeah, one of the writers went insane halfway through.

      No really.

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