Steve Jobs Could Lean A Thing Or Two About Game Development

Steve Jobs, boss of Apple, sure knows how to make a pretty computer, a decent mobile phone and a great music player. But video games? Not his specialty, especially when it comes to development.

Speaking at the Develop conference in Britain yesterday, Unity CEO David Helgason was asked what he thought of Jobs' belief that the use of middleware only results in "crappy" applications. His response?

"He doesn't understand the economics of game development fundamentally."

There's no getting around it. Making a crude little weather or guitar tuning app might be easier and smoother using only one team's code, but games aren't simple little apps. They're complex beasts which rely on middleware to run smoothly.

And if games are such a big bread-winner for Apple on the App Store - which they are - you'd think Jobs would be a little more open-minded on the subject!

Unity CEO: 'Steve Jobs doesn't understand the economics of game development' [ME]


    Of course he thinks middleware makes games "crappy" because he does not and never will be able to have control over it. Hence why macs are the bastion of cutting edge awesome games, not just simple little addictive casual games like on pc's.

      I See what you did there :-) ^^^^

        ah well, at least now steam brings some of the highest quality games ever made to Macs! thanks to Valve... and their... err... middle-ware...

          Quality yes, cutting edge no since all the games being ported to steam for mac are at least 2-3 years old.

    Steve Jobs can also learn a thing or two about making a good phone.

    Jobs is like the majority of the Apple fanbase - an ill informed, pretentious cock. Best ignored on subjects outside of their own anal cavity.

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