Street Fighter And Tekken: Two Great Tastes That Kick A Lotta Ass Together

Street Fighter? Tekken. Tekken? Street Fighter. Chocolate? Peanut butter. Me? I'll leave and let you enjoy this trailer and 33 screens, taken from the gameplay and cinematic of the newly revealed Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter.


    So is this Street Fighter 4 with Tekken characters? If so, I'm in on day one. If it plays like Tekken, it'll be a pass for me.

      Most likely, there will be two seperate games. One that plays like Tekken, one that plays like SF.

      AND...if this build is anything to go by, it will look and feel a lot like SF4, but play differently. You can tell because he chains into the ultra tag, not link into it. Also Ryu juggles off the wall, something that doesn't happen in SF4.

        The wall juggle that Ryu does is from his Joudan Sokutou Geri (more often known as Mule Kick/Slide Kick/Step Kick) from 3rd Strike. He also has the move in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Wall Juggles are in Super Street Fighter IV, but they're very few and far between (To my knowledge, the only attacks that have wallbounce properties in SSF4 are Juri's EX Shikusen after followups, Adon's Jaguar Varied Assault with no followup, and Gouken's Denjin Hadouken)

      If what I remember hearing is correct there are two games due out that will capitalize on both franchises. One in the SF4 engine and one in the Tekken 6 engine. So you'll get your game that way for sure.

        Suppose I will have to buy a consol now :(

        Sigh PS or Xbox not sure which as either one will no doubt be a drop in IQ for me I hope I can still manage to do difficult things like use a knife and fork after purchasing one :(

          Thinking like that is the reason planet earth can't have nice things. If you're going to be a dick about, please, PLEASE do not buy a console, and keep your snobbery amongst PC elitists, with your DRM security, Steam and repetitive RTS loving.

    The amount of win here is just awesome. I love both Tekken and Street Fighter so both Bandai Namco and Capcom are gonna get money from me since I'll definitely buy both versions. I'll probably be playing the Tekken engine one more since I'm very adept at that but Tekken characters with Ultras is far too good to NOT buy and try. ;D

    This is possibly the stupidest idea yet. Why try to cram in Capcom's style of fighting into a Tekken-style game, or vice versa?

    Street Fighter and Tekken are so distinctly different as fighting games that I can't see either of these games working without either making major changes to the formula to make both side's characters balanced, which negates the whole point of a crossover in the first place, or changing the opposing company's characters play-style to match the primary company's play-style, which also negates the point of a crossover.

    Very disappointed.

    I do hope this game works out, these two are my favourite fighter games

    Huh, well how about that.

    While it's a BRILLIANT idea (why aren't there more crossover fighting games done between FIGHTING GAMES?) I can't help but wonder if Tekken's cast of assorted weirdoes aren't a little mundane to be fighting with Street Fighter's pack of fireball-throwing, thousand-per-second kicking, rubber limbed, cannonball-rolling freaks. Sure, there are some weird characters among the Tekken cast (most notably Yoshimitsu and Alisa), but it's mostly been bare-knuckle stuff.

    Awesomeness cannot be contained!

    And I'll probably get both. Who can't resist using Ultras with Tekken characters? XD


    My 2 fav fighting franchises!

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