Street Fighter Gets Its Face Punched Off By Tekken

Street Fighter and Tekken, together across two games. Sounds like a dream (or a nightmare!), but it's real. So real, in fact, we've got ten more screens from the game to share.

Capcom's version of the game looks as you'd expect; like a Tekken-themed expansion pack for Street Fighter IV. If that's something you feel you'd be into, get ready for a long wait, as this game won't be out until at least 2012.


    Cant wait to see some stuff from the Namco version

    Lookks Swweettt!

    Its funny how they try to appeal to the Tekken fans with this set of shots because its the Tekken characters kicking ass.

    I wonder if this will be DLC or another SF disc that will make my copy of SSFIV redundant..

      2 Games are being made...

      Street Fighter X Tekken - By Capcom - Plays like SF
      Tekken X Street Fighter - By Namco - Plays like Tekken

      Wouldn't make super sf 4 redundant, the gameplay looks to have some pretty significant differences, more wall juggles, rolling on wakeup, and most of all it's tag-team based.

        The game is 2 years away, i think we'd all be tired of SSF4 after a while... but then again... MvC2 was played constantly in the past 10 years..

    No shots of Kazuya getting beatdown? Though I think it would be rather weird seeing him pull those faces when he gets hit.

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