Street Fighter Sneakers Keep It Classy

Some sneakers based on video games can be tasteful! Others, less so. These Street Fighter Dunks, rumoured to be part of an official collaboration between Capcom and Nike, are thankfully the former.

Resisting the urge to plaster the shoes with character likenesses and tacky logos, the two pairs - based on Chun-Li and Ryu - simply use the colour schemes of two of Street Fighter's most iconic characters.

There's no official confirmation on these from either Nike or Capcom, so don't get your credit cards out just yet, but we have a good feeling these are the real deal.

Nike Street Fighter Pack [N-SB, thanks again Jeremy!]


    Tasteful sure but they just look like regular nike's to me. Something a bit more recognisable as Street Fighter would be better imo.


    Street Fighter? where?

    Rolling Thunder!

    Yes, let's represent Ryu, one of the most famously barefoot video game characters ever with shoes! I understand Nike want to go with a known brand and the colour schemes are quite iconic, but choosing Ryu does make me boggle a little.

    If I were a chick I'd buy the Chun-Li ones. The Ryu ones are a bit meh and not because Ryu goes barefoot...

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