Street Soccer Comes To FIFA On Wii

Not wanting to neglect the Wii version of its international seller, EA Sports Canada built a five-on-five street soccer mode into this year's edition, with venues ranging from indoor (with Andrés Iniesta, pictured), to the streets of Brazil and France.

Players will perform in street wear in this mode, and it sounds like it will incorporate the series' overall focus on individual player personality and style of play. The main play mode will include some parkour-like opportunities, such as running off the wall to hurdle defenders. You can also rebound passes off a wall to teammates. In an accompanying arcade mode, powerups like speed bursts and shockwave blasts will be available.

For more details, see the news release at Operation Sports.

All versions of FIFA 11 release September 28 in North America and October 1 in Europe and Asia.


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