Studying The "Art And Science Of Rockstar Games" Will Cost You $450

Next month, publisher Steidl and Grand Theft Auto maker Rockstar Games will release a hefty tome on the creation of its games, from Midnight Club to Bully to Red Dead Redemption. Asking price is an impressive $US450, if you're game.

Digital + Analogue: The Art and Science of Rockstar Games will ship in August, time with Rockstar Games' tenth anniversary, packing in 544 pages' worth of artwork, hundreds of colour photographs and never before published videoscapes, included in an exclusive CD/DVD. The work spans three hardcover volumes and comes in a very attractive slip case.

If $US450 is too rich for your blood, online retailers, like Borders, are selling it for slightly under $US400.

Digital & Analogue: The Art and Science of Rockstar Games [Steidl via Wired]


    As great as HAVING that would be... $450 for a few art/info/insight books is flippin hefty!

    This is, obviously, far more than even a console would cost you.. in fact, if the US, couldn't you actually buy 2 new consoles at the price?!

    It's much much cheaper on - about 80GBP.

    I feel this package is for professionals. It would be a great addition to any creative office, though as a consumer I think it would be a galactic waste of money. A shame, as it seems pretty awesome.

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