Summer Cosplay Looks Like This


    The only character I can name with certainty is Vanille. There's a few other character I think I know the name of but I can't say for certain because I've never played the games they are in. A majority I've no idea of. They all look nice though.

      You....really can't name Ryu?

      I have my doubts.

        I knew it started with Ry. I was actually leaning towards Ryoku.

      you need to play more games son

    Costumes are great, but I don't think Japanese people are good at cosplaying their video game characters. Their appearance doesnt really fit the official artwork designs. Regardless the girls still look pretty though.

      Would have to agree with you there. Most of their character designs are european based (over exagerated features of course) - thin faces, chiseled features where as Japanese people tend to have round faces with plain features.

      I like the Evangelion pic.

    So would most of these photos have been photoshopped ala this post ??

    I gotta go to Japan !

    Wtf is that blue knight doing to that blue blob??
    Or is it a bad case of elephantitis?

      He is a Slime Knight from Dragon Quest, the slime he is using is a King Slime instead of a green normal looking Slime, probably because you can't buy normal Slimes that big.

    What the hell is that blue thing on the woman's head in the last photo? o_O

      I...don't know. :/

      Maybe she's a Ronso from Final Fantasy? :S

      Probably supposed to be a horn, but looks to me like it's a strap-on...

        Looks like some of the armour from the monster hunter series

        @Cracks, that's exactly what it looks like to me. o_O

    There's that guy in Agnakator Armour with either the ML001: Baltzenger or the Banderlance "Byakko". Monster Hunter Tri <3

    what game is this one from?

    Top one made me think "Asian Felicia Day".

    Now I can't leave my desk. XD

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