Summer Video Game Movie, Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2

As we get in a summer gaming mood here, let's spend part of the week watching clips of the most summer-styled games. Does it get any more summery than ridiculously attractive people playing volleyball on the beach?


    lol @ gratuitous ass shot!

    I haven't played the second one.. but the first actually had some decent volleyball, with all jiggles aside.

    I wrote an article many months ago about totally offensive games that caused zero controversy. I had House of the Dead: Overkill, that game actually holds the Guinness world record for most swearing in a game. Command and Conquer: Generals, for its ridiculous stereotyping of the Middle East and blatant American jingoism.

    But no game I think is more offensive than the Dead or Alive beach volleyball series. Sure, you could talk about how it objectifies women, and how they are treated like nothing more than over sexualized pieces of meat. But, I think it’s just offensive to gamers, it’s insulting to think that developers can just throw a pair of jugs onto something and call that a game. If this particular series was a movie (if we can forget the existence for the actual DOA movie) then it would be one of those late night 1970s exploitation films. You remember, the kind that have no plot, and whose sole existence is to get the best shots of a few boobs and asses.

    This is the worst game that has ever been made.

      Sorry, but worst game ever goes to BMX XXX - that was by far worse than anything ever made

        Let’s just agree that they are both equally rubbish.

        I disagree with both of you, and put forward Shaq-fu as the worst game of all time. Then again, it was just a really bad game, rather than being offensive.

      Is this game really that offensive to you??? Cause you must be by yourself I have no problem with these games, if you don't like the game don't buy it. Simple as that...

        I’ll admit that my opinion may be an unpopular one, but I think that making a game for the sole purpose of looking at boobs is pointless. This game has no artistic merit whatsoever

        To each his own I guess

          artistic merit? hehe. Take your beret off for just a minute.

          btw i went to primary school with you and we were pretty good friends. You use to say "It's nutty!" and it was really funny.

            Yea, I remember after I wrote a review for infamous you told me. Who are you anyway?

            I am beginning to sound like some snobby art critic aren’t I? Hehehe

            But yea, this game is awful.

              kosta. you may not remember me because i left in year 4.

                Andrew Burdusel, this is your life!

                Yes I remember, I remember your 4 cats. What have you been up to since leaving Gladesville?

                  Fighting crime mostly. playing too many vidya games i suppose. how have you been?

      I only played the first one so I don't know what this one is like (probably much of the same)

      I actually thought the volleyball part of the game was quite good. it is one of the only games I know that took advantage of the pressure sensors in the old xbox controllers face buttons (yes they were pressure sensitive too.) letting you spike or just tap the ball over the net.

      I think Rumble Roses was much worse as that didn't even have a plausible game attached to it. I only played the demo of it, but from what I could gather non of the moves really stung together and they were all based on getting the characters into dodgy poses.

      I'm sure non of these even compare to the Japanese dating games that we don't ever see outside of Japan.

        Hehe.. I might add that I found the inaccurate anatomy of the characters more offensive than anything else (which is probably why I spent more time playing volleyball) ;P

    I'll throw out there that I enjoyed Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 to some extent and that theres nothing wrong with some pointless T&A.

    If the game is really just going to be gratuitous fan-service then they could at least try to improve the quality of 3D modeling and animation.

    I actually stopped this about 34 seconds in, as I felt like a dirty old lech peeking through the bushes at some nubile youth. Excessive+1

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