Super Mario Bros Finally, Faithfully Ported To Sega Genesis

With Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario enjoying a comfortable friendship these days, a port of Super Mario Bros to its 16-bit rival console doesn't seem that strange anymore. What's somewhat more surprising is how solid of a port it is.

It looks and almost sounds exactly like the NES original Super Mario Bros, a game that has been ported to many platforms. This port, created by Argentinian programmer "Mairtrus," is probably faithful for a very good reason. According to the Mairtrus, an automatic converter did much of the work, swapping one processor assembly language for another, leaving him with the optimisation.

As you can see in this video, the original Super Mario Bros. bugs are more faithfully translated than the blippy music.

Mairtrus says the Genesis port, named SMB4MD for Super Mario Bros for Mega Drive, won't actually play on real Sega hardware, only in an emulator.

That's unlike some of these platform-jumping hack, like this shoddy Super Mario Bros. effort for the Genesis. It doesn't play like the original but borrows some of the graphics from Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES.

And nothing looks quite as bad as this Sonic the Hedgehog hack job for the NES. Graphically pretty good, otherwise... yeesh.

New Genesis Game: SMB4MD [DevSter Forums - thanks, Sam!]


    sorry not quite sure what the achievement is here, nes is 8-bit and genesis 16....hardly comparable. lets see sonic on the snes!

      you'll be sorry you made that request

      Ummmmmmmmm the fact its Mario on a sega platform!?

      Christ... to a real gamer, that's something of note and worth, or at least a giggle.

    haha that sonic one is shoddy as

    It would have been before Sonic games came out on the Game Cube, heck you can Download the Mega Drive games to the Wii. Sega even made F-Zero GX for the Game Cube for Nintendo.

      Ya know I did not realise amusement vision was a sega subsidiary until today lol! Learn something new every day! Ta for the tidbit dude! Very interesting and very cool!

    um... sorry but i really don't see the point... running on a sega EMULATOR? people have been able to play this on emulators on their pc for a very long time... so now they can play an ever-so-slightly different recreation? yay all my christmases have come at once!

      The point is that back in the day being a Nintendo fanboy was something to be proud of and hating Sonic was something that burned deep in our hearts. I remember that magazine that wasn't Hyper but the one that fired up when the SNES first came out and every month some dudes would send in the most gory pics of Mario destroying Sonic, often resulting in head loss. Those were the days!

        I remember those magazines, I used to read a UK based one, I can't for the life of me remember the name, but there was a Nintendo one and a Sega counterpart and the fan art was either Mario killing Sonic or vice versa.

        Great, now I'm going to be tortured trying to remember the name of the magazines.

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