Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Welcoming New Challengers?

Just when you thought you'd seen all the characters Street Fighter IV had to offer, along comes a tease for more.

A flyer for the upcoming arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV has a fairly significant tease along the bottom.

It's not talking about the characters added to the console version - like Dudley - because those are already pictured.

Some new fighters, perhaps? Could be. It certainly wouldn't be out of place

New challengers coming for Super Street Fighter 4? [eventhubs, thanks Jon!]


    Street Fighter the Movie and Legend of Chun Li mo-cap playable characters!

    PLEASE let it be either Julia Gillard or Tony Abbot on one of their latest campaigns...

      Oh god. Yes!

    As long as they add them to Super SFIV as DLC instead of releasing a SSFIV Turbo or something, this is cool.

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