Super Street Fighter IV On The Nintendo 3DS Looks Nice

Debuting at this year's E3 gaming expo, Super Street Fighter IV is a console port of the Capcom's latest edition of Street Fighter.

The screens show off just how powerful the Nintendo 3DS is. The gamer currently does not have a release date.


    Looks ok... Just ok...

      Are you kidding? For a handheld it's fantastic.

        Texture quality looks worse than your average PSP title to be honest. The geometry isn't that crash hot either. Show us a video please. Screenshots aren't doing it justice.

    Yeah doesn't look that fantastic to me, not really that much better than the DS to be honest, but the screenshots probably don't do it real justice and aren't fully reflective of what you'll see on the screen when playing.

      LOL why don't you go actually look at a 3d DS game and come back with the same comment, this is leaps and bounds better than the current DS's capabilities.

    Hard to judge screenshots for a 3D console. Which also renders a problem to all 3DS games.

    Anyway, looks okay, but will probably look better in 3D.

    As for captions for the first picture you asked for: I've tweeted them to you, but I figure others may like them:

    "And yet, Street Fighter is still the least homoerotic fighting league."
    "And here we see the exact moment that Blanka lost his innocence."

    It definitely looks impressive. Of course, the game will only play in 400x240 resolution, but on the flipside, it's in 3D, so I guess it works out. I wonder if the healthbars and revenge/super meters will be on the second screen, leaving the main screen totally clear. That would rock.

    Just ok? Looks bloody brilliant for a handheld. Hmm, I do wonder though whether their just porting the iPhone game. Still, they call it Super, so hopefully Juri, Mokoto, and the like will be in it.

    Just to be perfectly clear, the 3DS is a different handheld with DS backwards compatibility right? This game won’t work on any of the other DS handhelds?

      Correct, the 3DS's processing power is way ahead of the DS's.

    I think we will have to see a video as well as on the actual 3DS screen. The screenshots have been blown up, so it looks more pixelated. But i am sure if it's on the smaller 3DS screen, it might be better than expected.

    However, main concern is on the console itself. Will it be region coded??? So far, this has not been confirmed. I don't want to pay inflated game prices here in Aus or delayed releases, while it's way more cheaper in the US and Asia. What if the game is only available in US and not Europe??? I know the 3DSware shop may need to be region-based, but i hope the games themselves won't.

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