Sydney Gamers League Revitalised

This weekend marks the third event in the new series of Sydney’s largest gaming competition, which despite increasing in frequency, has enjoyed record prizes and sponsorship. If you fancy your chances, head to Macquarie University this weekend to try your luck in of of the 15 competitions, or check out the world’s first NVIDIA 3D Surround Vision setup.

Despite the support of Cybershack TV, SGL fell into a quiet period in the last few years. But under new ownership, Sydney’s longest running LAN party has been given new life, and so far attendance has been encouraging.

“It’s more about the games now, the competitions,” says new owner Jackson “Casualty” Gray.

But despite taking on more of a community focus, the event is giving out more prizes than ever before, and at the faster pace of once every two months. With the support of Asus, Nvidia, Fluidtek and Razer, each event has boasted $20,000 in total prize value. So how has treating SGL less like a business attracted more business interest?

“Partners love to be involved with community events, and SGL is the ultimate showground for any new products, and technologies, as we’re the gamers and geeks who get excited about these new things,” says Casualty.

“SGL has always had a focus on gaming and IT and we want to continue that tradition while moving into eSports. We’ll be making a bid for the World Cyber Games rights before long, although I think there are others interested as well, such as Cybergamer.”

In addition to competitions in all the usual fare such as Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source, there are tournaments for console games like Guitar Hero and Blur, as well as less serious tests of strength and accuracy – like the hard drive toss.

The Surround Vision system, which uses three monitors to give extra peripheral vision (instead of just stretching the image) will be on display, for the first time in the world in 3D. Asus will also be showing off their new graphics card, the Ares.

And of course, yours truly will be MCing, right on through the night until Sunday afternoon. If anyone has the stones, feel free to challenge me in the FIFA tournament. 🙂

SGL starts Saturday at noon and ends late Sunday afternoon.

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