Tak Fujii, You Were Robbed

Tak Fujii, You Were Robbed

Two weeks ago, something unusual happened in Los Angeles. Something amazing. And today I will agree with video game producer Tak Fujii that the man deserves an award for it.

That something was what I called the WTF Video of E3 2010.

This video, in which Fujii steals the show (he’s the guy speaking in the first half)

Look, Tak Fujii is extreme. He can marshal one million troops. I said, one million troops.

Got that? One million troops.

So, yeah, Tak Fujii, when you see GameSpot’s awards for “Biggest What The…” for E3 2010 and Tweet that “Oh man! This award should be mine!” I agree. I would have nominated you! To give GameSpot the benefit of the doubt, maybe they didn’t want to seem mean. Who wants to gang up on a guy?

Fujii’s latest game, N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights, is in stores now. The game contains battles against one million troops. Also, it is extreme.

Man, maybe we should have had a Tak Fujii award in the Kotaku Best of E3 2010. The guy was a star of the big show. Tak Fujii, you deserve an award from someone. Sorry!


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