Take A Break From StarCraft II With Lost Viking

Real-time strategy gameplay got you down? Slip into the cantina for some pleasant conversation, Night Elf dancing and a little scrolling-shooter action, courtesy of Lost Viking.

McWhertor mentioned the Lost Viking arcade game in his hands-on with StarCraft II's singleplayer campaign a few months back, but the game was unfortunately unplayable. Now it's completely playable, and if you can tear your eyes from the mailbox dancing Night Elf for a few minutes, you too can enjoy a little shmup action in the middle of your RTS.


    It gets real hard once you get to the level with the Zerg and their 4 way shot explosions. Simple game but quite fun in between missions.

    A fun game, finished the 1st, but didn't get to play the 2nd...

    Haa... is this a reference to the old Blizzard game The Lost Vikings. I think it is! Nice one...

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