Take A Visual Tour Of Tron: Legacy’s New ‘Flynn’s Arcade’

We went to Flynn's Arcade last year during Comic-Con 2009 to play some games, take some pics and enjoy a little Daft Punk. Disney did Flynn's again this year, only it did it bigger and better.

The classic arcade games were still there, as were the copies of Space Paranoids, the game feature in the original Tron movie specially created for Flynn's Arcade. Tron: Evolution, the video game counterpart to Tron: Legacy, was also there.

This year, the secret door at the back of Flynn's was always wide open, leading attendees to an area filled with props, a sweet Tron-like lounge and about a billion Tron: Legacy things you'll be able to buy later this year. Let's look!

Yes, Marble Madness was there and free to play, but Flynn's Arcade patrons foolishly weren't lined up to play it.

See? Tron: Evolution was there and able to get some attention, even in the face of freely playable arcade games.

Flynn's Arcade had more than just video games. It also had an air hockey table and one pinball machine. Whirlwind, I believe.

Pictured: Ms. Pac-Man, Millipede, Berzerk, Space Paranoids.

Flynn's house rules. He's pretty easygoing.

In background, sweet Space Paranoids neon. Nearby, an air hockey puck that will hit me in the leg, seconds later.

Pictured: Galaga, Space Paranoids, Track & Field, Centipede. Hey, it's that kid again.

PIctured: Space Paranoids, Donkey Kong, Mr. Do!, After Burner.

A pair of Recognizer's from Tron adorn the walls of Flynn's.

Space Paranoids being played out of focus.

The Home of Tron? Yes. It's the home of Tron.

Kevin Flynn's work desk, the first thing you'll see as you pass through the secret door at the back of Flynn's.

Blue lasers! Fog! You're about to enter the Tron lounge.

This is the Tron lounge, packed with crazy lighting and a series of massive LCD screens on which the Tron: Legacy trailer would loop.

The lighting changed dramatically from one minute to the next, from blue...

...to red.

The was the merch and prop area. These were helmets. Tron: Legacy will have some amazing head wear.

It will also have a video game, licensed game controllers and even a stand for your PlayStation 3.

There will even be an iPod docking station in the shape of one of Tron's deadly discs. Please don't encourage this kind of thing by buying one!

There will be action figures with faces that light up.

There will be lightcycles with wheels that light up.

There will be other lightcycles with wheels that also light up.

There will be lightcylce belt buckles manufactured by geek accessory maker Han Cholo.

There will be Adidas sneakers that light up.

There will be discs and lightcycles, also made by Han Cholo, that won't light up.

There will be suits that light up, but if they look like this one, they probably won't be for sale (or cheap). This was just a prop.

One last shot of the Tron lounge as its clientele is hypnotized by the dazzling light show.


    There is never enough TRON merch! Some of that stuff looks awesome!

    I don't know what looks more awesome.. the merch or the arcade.. :|

    That iPod dock is still super awesome!

    HOPEFULLY they release a Limited Edition 360 console. If they do and it looks better than the Halo Reach i'll sure as hell get that to upgrade!

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