Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves

This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum.

You can talk about games. Or movies. Or politics. Music. Food. Science. Sport. Insert your own miscellaneous off-topic discussion here. Just keep it clean.

I’ll be promoting this post each morning until Sunday to let the conversation continue all week. Makes more sense than starting a new comments thread every day.

Talk amongst yourselves below…


  • Anyone know who won the Day 5 copy of Demon’s Souls? Even though I had an entry, a part of me is hoping it was Thomas Lee, for gratuitous use of Gob.

  • I started playing Lego Rockband on the weekend. Song choice is a bit of a letdown, but it’s still more fun than I expected. Some of the story mode challenges are quite amusing.
    Only crapper about my weekend is my pc and ps3 no longer work on my tv via hdmi 🙁 woe is me!

      • don’t know for sure.. there must be something wrong with it, but it’s not completely busted. My xbox360 works in all the hdmi ports, but my ps3 and pc refuse to work. However. if I plug the pc or ps3 in to the hdmi port on my computer monitor, they work fine :\

        • Sounds to me like an input issue on your TV… i could very well be wrong though…

          It’s also very possible a microsoft rep snuck into your house and sabotaged your TV to only play xbox games…

          …saying that out loud now means that i’ll spend the rest of my life being hunted like an animal by Microsofts Spectres…

          • If that had happened, he’d have a Kinect sticker on his bathroom mirror.

            Check your bathroom!

          • yeah, the newer residentian bathroom stickers actually read “you will be assimilated”

    • I’m not a tech head, but I’ll throw a few ideas at you. I had to do a 10 meter HDMI 1.3 run. It took me FOUR different 1.3 brands to find one which actually properly agreed with my projector. HDMI just seems to be far to complicated, and unrefined in its specs. So, I’d try a different cable, even though the same one may work with the xbox.

      Perhaps the recent ps3 update for 3d compatibility has caused a conflict by subtle changes in hdmi specs? Just shows how flawed HDMI is, why cant they just sort it out FULLy first, then deploy??? Grrrr.

      Have you tried holding the power button on whilst starting the PS3? I think that resets the video setup?? Could be worth a try.

      Cant help much more though, good luck mate 😀

      • yeah I have tried resetting the ps3. it works fine via component. my pc works fine via vga too.. just the hdmi wont work anymore. I have 6 hdmi cables at home too, and none of them work on them anymore. yet they all work on the xbox :\ I rang my tv manufacturer the other day, and all the tech had to say was “That’s weird” :\

  • First and foremost – Q-bo – i just noticed i left you hanging in the Demon Souls comp as i’ve just read your post after last weeks wrap up that goose posted this morning… i’m sorry buddy, i’ll make sure Bianca gives me 30 lashes tonight…. and then i’ll think of a punishment for letting you down…

    I’m actually just getting over the flu at the moment and spent the majority of friday playing Mass Effect, which i’m rather enjoying so far. It’s been a while since i played a proper Western RPG, as the last few games i have played were too Human, Prince of persia, Prototype and Dante’s Inferno. So not much involvement in those ones there…

    I forgot how much i love interacting with NPCs and uncovering information and seeing how people react to me. Granted it can be tedious at some points, but it’s still highly enjoyable. It’s taking some getting used to the squad control and abilities menu (ie actually remembering to use it), as in FPS i’m more used to the running and gunning, and all that seems to do is get me killed, so i’m finding i have to slow down, asign commands and use my biotics wherever possible.
    Still so much fun though.

    In other news, much of the weekend was spent playing War For Cybertron. Before i talk about the game, let me say this, the JB pre-order comic is SHIT. Like Uber-Shit. Like “Why did i waste my time with this shit” shit.
    I don’t like to swear on here.. but my goodness what a waste.

    The game itself though, let me say my original worries about it not being meaty enough have been clearly dissolved. I’m playing the decepticon campaign at the moment on normal, and while most of it isn’t too hard, there are moments that are just gloriously painful. When i first ran into a room of snipers it took me 5 turns to get a strategy together to defeat them…
    I’m also loving the characters themselves. Megatron is absolutely brutal and unforgiving as he should be, and Soundwave… well Soundwave is always awesome. Just hearing his sweet voice makes me warm inside.

    So how was the weekend for everyone else?

    Oh also… GO GERMANY – my worldcup backup team.
    How brilliant is it that both England AND America are now out? *glee*

      • Italy? Tisk Tisk young man.
        Then again i’d say judging by your name that you’re of Italian descent? lol. That would be understandable then.

        My background mainly consists of German, English and Irish – so this is how it works.

        The Australian, Irish and German in me would never let me root for the Poms in ANYTHING – EVER

        Ireland were robbed and didn’t make it to the cup.

        Australia were just terrible and didn’t make it through.

        So, Germany for the win! They did damn well to hammer England too… But then again England have been pretty shoddy this world cup also.

        • England’s been quite disappointing. But now I have an excellent match to look forward to, Argentina vs Germany! As for tonight, I hope the netherlands win. I’m guessing (hoping) the final will be the Netherlands vs Argentina.

          And now everyone talking about Transformers makes me want to get the game. I’ve already spent a heap on RDR, Peace Walker, inFamous, Fallout 3 and ACII. Too many damned games.

          • As it’s already been said – WFC is cheap at EB… so there’s no reason not to get it.

            Oh i also believe JB have it for just $50 when i looked

          • I’ve managed to spend over $300 on games in the past month. Damn. Still. PW and RDR will provide plenty of entertainment for me. I’m just waiting for PW to install. Dum-de-dum.

            Maybe if/when I get bored of RDR AND Peace Walker, I’ll check out WFC.

          • Oh god, the game splurge is so painful isn’t it?
            Recently played catch up with my PC (Alpha Protocol, Assassin’s Creed 2, Just Cause 2, Splinter Cell Conviction), piled on top of a few PS3 games (Got Demon’s Souls today, yay!), and a recent binge at the crazy GAME sales, and my wallet weeps.
            Everywhere you go it’s “OMG TRANSFORMERS” and you try to resist but the fact that you can barely find anyone to say anything negative about it to put you off makes you want it more!

          • Heck, even the boys at Penny Arcade seem to appreciate it.

            It’s not an ‘epic’ game of sorts… but it is DAMN GOOD.

            As i said before, with it being super cheap to get now anyway, why wait? 😛

          • Gah! I should stop reading this site. Nothing but temptation for Demon’s Souls, Transformers and steak. Not a Steak and cheese sub. Just steak.

          • I’m glad you clarified that it wsn’t the subway roll you were talking about, otherwise i would have just come and injected some Sealys “No mor Gaps” directly into your heart to save you the trouble..

          • Away with you, tempt…or (or whatever the male version of a “temptress” is)!
            It’s people like you that break our amazingly weak will to resist buying games!

            Also, you know what’s great? I have exactly $59.50 in my wallet. That’s exactly enough to pick up a copy of War for Cybertron at JB, head over to the food court and get, like, a Maccas soft serve cone to reward myself.

          • you know what they call that, my friend?


            *chorus of monotone voices* joinnnn ussss

          • One of us. One of us. One of us.

            No. Bad Kotaku. I must say, I’m loving Peace Walker. Maybe I won’t crack and get Transformers. 😀

          • Tell yourself that all you want.. but there is no denying the coalition of the words “Transformers”, “Game” and “Cheap”

      • An excellent game by Germany but my money is still on Argentina to win the cup.

        In gaming news after playing quite a lot of ME2 I decided to go back and level up my ME1 character to level 60 to get maximum import bonuses for tackling insanity. I think I’m going to start and complete a new paragon character in ME1 to import for a paragon ME2 character. I really hope in ME3 they make this easier by allowing you to create a new character and then choose what decisions that character made in ME1 and 2. I remember that was supposed to be an option in this game but the information was either misreported by in the article or Bioware changed it during development.

          Although that’s for PC so it may or may not help.

          Recently started an Insanity playthrough, but when I tried to go back to ME1 to make my own secondary character for it, I just couldn’t handle the major gameplay/shooter element overhaul so I just nabbed one from the site. No problems with it yet.

    • Shoulda went with EB Games’s preorder – Jazz and Shockwave. Awesomely awesome if you’re a G1 fan (like me). And EB was selling it 3 days early for only $60.

      The difference between Easy and Hard in WFC is astounding. Hard was genuinely hard, and was the difficulty for my first playthrough. Very enjoyable challenge. Easy was used for achievement purposes, and is so easy a blind child could win… (Apologies to all the blind children reading this).

      Yeah, War for Cybertron is an awesome game. Go get it.

      Maybe the Goose can set it up as the Kotaku Matchmaker this weekend?

      • I wanted to get it from EB, but they wouldn’t match the 3-4-1 deal at JB… all up it only cost me $32 for War for Cybertron with the aid of Game’s sale… so i shouldn’t be complaining…

        But yeh the bonus chars would have been nice… then again i may be able to find a code on ebay…

        • Best thing about the WFC character bonuses is that the two chassis are usable in competitive multiplayer (Jazz as an Autobot Scout (duh!), Shockwave as a Decepticon Scientist).
          It’s really funny to activate disguise as a Shockwave scientist and *still* confuse the other team. I mean, how distinctive a chassis do you want?

    • Howdy my Loopy buddy! Can I watch the lashings??? 😛 Its ok, I may still win due to Dave’s warm heart towards those who’ve been stood up…. 😉

      I’m hearing lots of good stuff about War for Cybertron, when I get some money, I’m gonna have to plonk down for it.

      I still love you though, so I’m cooking you an E-Chicken Soup to help you and ya flu. 😀

      BTW, did you win a code for the Jolly Rover comp? I’m still wondering who won them, as I’m looking for a real person review of the game cause it looks pretty great, but money’s really tight at the moment.

      • No mate – unfortunately i didn’t win.. i was so heartbroken… Pirate dogs? Could a game get any better?….

        …Well yes, if they were transforming robot pirate dogs… but that’s besides the point.

        I saw a couple of people mention it in the “what are you playing this weekend” post the other week, so that may offer some clue to you.

        I actually folded and put in an entry in the Demon Souls comp on Friday, just because i like art books and the Bugs Bunny phrase “i must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque” got stuck in my head, although i didn’t read through, elsewise i would have come to your aid like some loyal transforming robot-pirate-dog..

          • They don’t eat.. they wait…

            *dun dun dunnnn*

            although i’d imagine that if they did eat they’d be partial to “Immobile squishy ninja cats”

  • Oh noes the Steak and Cheese is back!

    … @Chuloopa, Huh? America out of the world cup, yeah thats kind of normal. They have about as much success at soccer as us Aussies do, just around 150 million more people to pick their team from.

    • haha yeh, i’m only pointing it out because they actually finished top of their table… i still find that absolutely nuts to think of. First time for them in 80years is what i read…

      and yeah, that steak and cheese still looks literally deadly.

  • So, my local GAME store has heaps of copies of Invisimals on PSP for $28.

    What i want to know, has anyone played it yet? It’s been out here for quite a while but all i know is that it’s “sorta like pokemon”.

    Worth the buy guys and gals?

      • I received an email from them about taking a ‘video game survey’ but unfortunately I missed out on the promo for the new Transformers game (didn’t reply to the email before the deadline). Luckily enough they sent me another email for another unamed ‘video game survey’ and one of the questions was something along the lines of ‘out of these games which do you own’ with Transformers, Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and a couple of other titles to choose from. I was probably selected since I didn’t have COD6 and haven’t really claimed anything off of them before.

        Since I signed up late last year the only offers I’ve received and random double passes to movie premiers (none of which I have claimed).

        So hopefully all goes well and I end up receiving my copy! 🙂

        (forgot to mention it’s a PS3 copy)

        • ahhhhh that would be why i didn’t receive it – when i signed up i said i didn’t have a PS3 – oh well

          • Errr… what?

            I replied to the offer for the PS3 copy as soon as I first read it (early Sunday morning) but still no follow up email from them, so just to be safe I replied 2 more times (whoops?)

            Anyways… the weird thing is I checked my email today and they sent me another email FOR THE 360 VERSION 😐

            I don’t know what’s going on with them but the best possible outcome is that I end up getting both versions! But then there’s always the possibility of me ending up with neither…

          • Some of you (welbot, Adam Grabda, Jake Elliott) mentioned getting Transformers: WFC from them back in ‘What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?’

            Quick question about it – how long between receiving the email (and replying to it) to actually getting a follow up email with a conformation? I stil haven’t got any follow up email and I’m worried that I’ll end up with nothing…

            That’ll be the WORST, teasing me with a free game only to take it away…

          • 4 days between survey email and invitation, then about 2 weeks before confirmation, then 2 weeks til they sent the game out (release date).

            I answered all of the emails as soon as I got them, early bird gets the worm etc.

          • Thanks a lot for the reply. Turns out they did finally reply with the confirmation email yesterday.

            I also replied as soon as I read their emails but the time between replies was a bit different for mine. 15 days between the survey and the invitation and 6 days between the invitation and the confirmation. They probably took their time with it since Modern Warfare 2 has been out for a while.

            Just one quick question, am I supposed to promote the game itself (eg “Modern Warfare 2 is so good!”) or promote the Network for giving it to me for free (eg “Just got a free copy of Modern Warfare 2 from the Contagious Network!”). I’ve emailed them with the same question but it’s the weekend so who knows when they’ll reply.

  • OOOOOOO!!!!

    I also bought L4D2 on PC from games clearence sale.. i haven’t played or installed it yet as i’m worried about suckyness.. so i need advice… should i just leave it all wrapped up and sell it on ebay, or it it worth playing, even when it’s been turned into a unich?

    I know there is a way to uncensor it, but from what i’ve read that means i’d only be able to play it single player and never alow my steam account near it… the last thing i want is a Steam ban…


    • I’ve not played it, but my answer is…
      If you payed below $10, just play the heck out of that thing!
      If you payed more than $10, it might be better to try and turn a little profit and buy more of those kinky sex bears 😀

      • 1. i paid $12
        2. I have quit on buying kinky sex bears – they take up too much space
        3. i like making numbered lists

        • L4D2 was $10USD or so on steam just the other day so you won’t be able to eBay it for much else. (Well you could possibly get some poor sob).

          • I was hoping to bundle it with Soldier of Fortune: Payback to try and snag the ignorant… stranger things have happened on e… OOO JESUS TOAST!! MUST BUY!!!

  • I wanted to get genuine feedback (fanboys need not apply) on game quality (i.e. connection speeds) for multiplayer games on PSN vs Xbox live. I generally play online with xbox live (ADSL2+ connection) and tend to get moderate connections (e.g. yellow bars on MW2) depending on what time of the day I play. Some of my mates have said that all games they play on PSN are green all the time. Can anyone that’s tried both networks confirm this?

  • So, I’ve a confession to make. I’m kinda cheating on Loops! Dont tell him… I’ve found a muso who is into making 20 minute sets of slowly morphing music, purely instrumental. All I know so far is he’s called Matt, plays the drums and some keyboard, and is a High School teacher, dreamy… He’s coming on Wednesday to do some recording with me, so I’m nervous but excited about this mandate 🙂 He has a wife and kids though.. Just joking loops, he won’t come between us *wink*

    In other news, my daughter this weekend invites a fried over. So far, so good. I go to her house and pick her up, no worries there. As she gets in the car, while I’m chatting with her parents, I make a stupid decision and say “grab some bathers, and I’ll take you all to the pools tomorrow”. I thought that would be a nice thing to do. Off she runs and grabs some bathers.
    Then her folks tell me “Oh, she cant swim, she’s only been in a pool 2 times before.”

    Hmmmm, how does an aussie kid manage to avoid swimming but twice at the age of 9???? Great, I’m thinking to myself, she’s gonna drown on me. I try and get out of it all night, bowling, movies, timezone, but nothing would sway them from wanting to go swimming. So, sunday rolls around, and we go swimming. Man, I’ve never been so worried about manslaughter changers before! I sure as heck can dive in and save her. My girls were a tad annoyed that I wouldn’t let them swim anywhere but the kiddies pool, but they understood why.

    Luckily, after swallowing a bit of water twice, following by choking coughing sounds in the first few minutes, my girls made me super proud. They got over the kiddie pool restriction, and instead decided to teach her to swim. 🙂 They were so supportive, kind, and gentle to her, that she was kind of swimming by the end of the 2 hours.
    In fact, she could swim about 5 meters!

    So, all in all, I learnt a couple of things. Dont take other kids swimming, its just not worth the worry, especially if you cant swim yourself! Secondly, my kids are awesome 🙂

    • … i never picked up how to swim until i was around 11-12… i was terrified of water – mainly due to a horrible teacher in primary school…

      ..boy did i ever love them kickboards though…

    • 1. Swimming lessons.
      2. Outdoor pool.
      3. Middle of winter.
      4. Early morning.

      1+2+3+4 = Traumatic childhood memories.

        • Kinda thinking that wouldn’t be much of a problem for your daughters.
          You guys take conversations to weird places.

          • Whoa there buckeroo, I do think it was you who got me thinking of turtle-tuck-away peckers! I was meerly talking of the fear of drowning anothers offspring. Speaking of which, do you think you could survive longer drowning in a spa bath full of air bubbles?
            Also, I believe if Nike manufactured air-pump flippers, they could tap into a billion dollar industry and start a trend more awesome than when pop-balls came out.

  • Dammit! I’m sick of Resonance of Fate kicking my butt.
    I’ve been trying and failing for hours to get past this Cannon Colossus boss guy.
    I love the game and really want to finish it but I’ve got too many other games on the shelf calling to me, and too little gaming time to waste trying for two days to kill the same damn dude.

    Anyone wanna come over and beat him for me? 😛

    • LOL – i won RoF with a shirt from here not too long ago – loving the shirt (it’s a bed time shirt – too big) but am still yet to jump into the game… it’s encouraging to know it’s enjoyable though, even if you are getting your butt handed to you.

      What difficulty are you playing on?

      • I could be wrong and often am these days, but as far as I’m aware there’s no difficulty choice until you do a New Game + scenario after completing it.
        I’m fairly sure I will not be trying it again on a more extreme difficulty, I don’t think I’m a good enough strategist.
        Oh, and congrats on your win. I was going to enter but ran out of time to get it together and get a photo taken.

        • as per usual i just dressed like an idiot – but cheers!

          Personally getting my butt handed to me by oversize monsters is ok.. it’s when i start to loose on games like viva pinata i start to develop a complex..

    • Assuming you’ve levelled up a decent amount, I found the key to most boss battles was ammo. From quests, you can get Hollow Point EX, Metal Coated EX and Armour Piercing.
      If you can survive for a bit, just Hero Jump around the place like a twit with MC rounds, and try clean up all the scratch damage ASAP with a Hand Gun, hopefully taking off their armour and restoring your Hero Actions. Then HP/MC them in the face depending on if they’re organic/machines.
      Alternatively, if you want to try get it done quick as possible, SMG AP rounds, Hero Run, and just try charge up to the max. Hopefully you can get 2 full charges in. AP rounds are pretty scarce unless you abuse the Arena though, so I find it’s more of a last resort thing.
      Alternatively alternatively, just stop playing now. I beat it in 65 hours and felt unsatisfied and hollow. It’s not that it’s a bad game, it’s just kinda…. ehhhhhh towards the end.

      • Ahh, because there’s only 2 characters for this particular mission I believe I have neglected to equip the ammo box because I’ve rarely used it so far. Will re-equip it and have another go, thanks.
        And sadly, being a girl who loves dressing up the lure of outfits heretofore unseen makes it extremely difficult for me to give it up, even if the end is a bit unfulfilling.

        • Oh! I think I know what fight you’re talking about now! (In hindsight, “Cannon Colossus” should have been a give away, but I thought you were just talking about a big thing with a big gun of which there are many bosses like that)
          If I recall correctly, it’s not fully armoured, and has a opening at its backside. Bosses usually go for the one closest to them (except when they’re jerks and go for the one with the least HP/damage reducing accessories) so if you get your HG user to, say, run over to the left, the boss’ll turn to face him, and you can get your MG user to Hero Run to the right, so you can shoot him right in the butt.

          Also! Clothes collection is pretty fun, yes!
          Vashyron was the manly man, with brown jacket, jeans and sheriff sunglasses, Leanne stayed mostly the same (I thought all her other overcoats didn’t have nice matching colours), but I couldn’t find a good look for Zephyr. Should’ve just dressed him in all black, annoying little emo boy he is.

          • AAAHHH!!! You made my day, no probably my week. Just equipped the ammo box back onto the MGunner, and took him down in less than a minute!

            I’m so happy I could kiss you. 😀

      • Yeah coloured hexes are kinda rare for a while so you’ve gotta save ’em up for the first couple of chapters and basically only use them for unlocking locations instead of charging terminals.
        I’m at chapter 6 or so and actually have run out of normal hexes. Have to do another Arena run now that Bish helped dig me out of my hole.

        • I’m a helper! 😀

          On the note of coloured hexes though, if you’re at mid-game and willing to spend an hour or two farming, if you head down to Level 7 in the icy areas (but not in the actual dungeon), you can get a reasonable stream of green (J-ish shaped) hexes from slim gangster guys (probably not what they’re actually named). Or the Teal ones (a straight line) in various places. Teals are the best to connect Terminals up on the lower levels (10-12), both are good for the middle levels, and the top levels (1-3) you can use anything, probably whatever you have left over.
          It’s not necessary at all, mind you, since the game usually gives you enough coloured hexes (maybe 3 or 4) to open up the next dungeon, but if you do plan to spend some time at the Arena, you can get some Terminals with Rare Item Drop Rate x2, Item Drop Rate x2, EXP x1.5 and Terminal Effect Doubler connected up through Terminals scattered between Levels 4-6.

  • I’m having issues getting into anything at the moment, gaming wise I mean. I only play Bad Company 2 to grind for gold and platinum weapon stars because I find the maps are narrow and designed only to a)entrap and b)enrage you and it’s usually a fluke if you make it through Carl Gustav spam and manage to tackle an objective and ‘win’ not that there’s much of a reward for actually winning anyway.

    I bought Blur for ps3 and think I managed an hour of it before getting bored (lucky I only paid $54 for it) and then I downloaded FFVIII and am slowly trying to get into it but it’s hard seeing all those massive pixels and thinking to myself that I am 10+ years too late to catch up on the PS1 games I never played.

    I don’t know what I am waiting for to get me back into enjoying games again. Demon’s Souls maybe? Or maybe wait for the new Fallout game and spend my nights off in Hardcore mode hell. I wish that Crysis 2 was exciting me but there’s no word on the multiplayer yet is there? The 1k I have budgeted for the I7 upgrade for the game is depressing me, too. *sigh*

    • You need a challenge. Or, do like I did a while back, and took a big break from gaming to take up a new hobby, painting! I think the slowing of high end pc games, has dulled those of us excited and horrified by the fact our pc’s were out of date every 3 weeks.
      If your after a gaming challenge, pick up Trials (on steam I think). Simple game, at first look, but a hell of a challenge as you plough through the higher levels.

      Or take up croquet.

      • I second this. I used to get bored of gaming during uni summer breaks. Running around for 8-9 months actually having to think, and finding gaps in the day where I could safely game, sometimes not being able to get a good solid round of gaming for ages, and then having 3-4 months where I could just relax. But then I’d overplay and get bored 2 months in.
        Just get away from it for a while. I usually read a book or three. I find a week is roughly a good detox period. Even better if you time it so that you wrap for an exciting new release.

    • Demon’s Souls could possibly be your remedy. It managed to lure me in so far that before I’d even played it myself, having only watched my husband play I was so immersed in the world I was dreaming about it every night. And then when I finally started to play it myself, I was completely lost in it, enjoying being in that world so much that I’d forget about the real world (to the slight detriment of my kids, oops).

    • I was feeling the same way a couple of years back. I actually grabbed the Prince of Persia reboot at the time and knocked that around, and found that it actually revitalised my passion for playing video games.

      Why, you ask? Well, most games have their main draw as their gameplay, with the experience being secondary or an after-effect of the gameplay (nothing wrong with this, by the way). PoP, however, drew me in with the experience, and the gameplay was there to further this. I’m normally what you classify as more of a ‘hardcore’ gamer. But the fact that PoP was so simple to play, and that the gameplay was there to further you experiencing the world and the relationship between the Prince and Elika, really drew me in. Very different to the games I’d been playing for years, and something I needed to revitalise my passion for gaming.

      In fact, I found that I felt similar feelings about my experiences with PoP as I did with Shadow of the Colossus. While some will argue the whole ‘being-saved-by-Elika-whenever-you’d-normally-die’ aspect removed any challenge to the game, I personally think it just streamlined any ‘you-died/reload-screen/select-save-file/wait-for-load/continue-further-back’ shenanigans that gets in the way of experiencing the game for what it is.

      If you haven’t played it at all, I’d definitely suggest it. It certainly couldn’t hurt, right? ^^

  • I’m starting to get concerned about the upcoming StarCraft 2 release.
    I’ve already preordered my copy, possibly the last collectors edition, but my computer remains woefully unprepared for the graphical requirements, dangling between the minimum requirements and recommended requirements.
    Knowing how much system performance can affect enjoyment of a game, does anyone have a good, reliable place online to buy affordable upgrades?
    Where I’m living at the moment, buying local isn’t an option.

      • ahhh that’s more like it

        …to be honest i can’t believe you actually did it hahaha

        Bravo sir, bravo. You are now my hero, as you obviously have the powers of a god – able to bend and shape the interwebs to your will

      • I KNEW IT! Dave is totally going to go in for our three way loops! 😛
        You’ve made it Loops, you can retire those TRPD’s, make a cup of hot cocoa and just bask in the moment. My children shall tell their children of this monumentus moment in history.

        Speaking of which, its tuck in time.

    • what is this i dont even

      So how does one talk amongst Chuloopa? Do we like, all move down to Melbourne and go to your place and just kinda of talk so long as you’re in proximity? Or get hit by a shrink ray and chat amongst ourselves as you consume us?

      • You all could… i don;t know… get undressed and writhe against me? You know… get “amongst” it…

        …or you know, you could just see how long it takes before my relentless posts drown everyone out…

        …i think i need a life… well i have nothing else to do whilst my partner is catching up on her neighbours and home and away 🙂

  • Does anyone have any thoughts on this Xbox 360 deal JB’s has at the moment??? Thinking of getting it but not sure if the new one will be better…..
    $299.00 for Elite and 5 games is really tempting

    • i had my mum pick it up for my sisters birthday (the family is going splitsies). Definately a good deal. EB’s deal comes pretty close too with a few awesome games.

      Also, if you have a GAME store near by, check in with them as it seems that various stores have different offers. My local (Geelong) had a sign up not long ago saying “120gb elite with 7 games $249”

      No matter what deal you take, it’s a damn good deal though. Personally i freakin love my xbox, even if i cant afford to buy live cards 😛 lol

      • Yh i missed out on a whole gen of console’s (house, kids, holidays) so thought ‘had a spare buck, seems like deal’. reaconmend any good games? seriously dont know of many other than CoD 😛

        • All I can say is Trials HD. It is a $20 XBLA (Arcade) game and i am still playing it (released in August last year). I have put more time into this game than fallout 3, and that was over 150 hours. I would gladly admit to hundreds of hours. Honestly If I ever found out I played 500 hours I would not be surprised…

          You must get this if nothing else.

          Otherthan that, you are in an awesome position. While we could recomend all the good games that are out now, you can buy games from 2006 and they are new to you.

          Be patient and pick up the older games first. It will be much cheaper for you also.

          fallout 3
          red dead redemption (wait a bit for price to come down)
          forza 2 (perhaps 3, up to you)

          depends what you like. Others will offer better examples of old games, I can remember what I was playing last week let alone 4 years ago.

        • The console is rife with good games.

          Here’s a review based “top 20” from metacritic that is certainly useful

          Batman Arkum Asylum is a must play – no second thoughts there. – $28 at GAME at the moment
          The gears of war games are also enjoyable. and the price varies but expect to pay no more than $30 for each title
          Viva piniata is a great game for both the young and old – can be snagged for around $15
          Mass Effect 1+2 are both well received for the RPG nut – as is Fallout 3. – these games are generally fairly cheap now too.
          Like retro stuff, then the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection is $20 at EB at the moment (pre owned) and contains 40 great titles.
          Like your racing? Then burnout paradise and PGR4 are both great games in my opinion – both should be available for around the $20 mark epending on where you go.

          Honestly there are just way too many good titles for me to even mention – but the bundle the console comes with is a fantastic starting point – it’s pretty much got all you can need to get started.

    • So you don’t actually get the video editing or photo sharing software with the update, you just get the option on the XMB. Once you click the option you have to download the software separately. But, seeing as I never use these features, I won’t be downloading it.

      I can rate some pieces of DLC that I’ve downloaded (so far I’ve only rated Dragon age) as well as see peoples trophy level when looking at them on my friend list. But, no mention of Playstation plus yet.

      • If you go into the store, its the new top item on the left hand side above “Latest”. In there you can sign up and see all that months content.

  • Gamers4Croydon are deregistering as a political party. They may not have won, but during their time they got Atkinson to bugger off, so bravo to G4C. I’m sure G4C have set the wheels in motion to get us an R18 rating soon.

  • So.
    Demon’s Souls.
    It’s hard. =(

    That is to say, I’m just rubbish at anything that requires careful timing and precision, ie. anything involving skill.
    This is why I play traditional turn-based menu-driven RPGs.

    • 1: Start a new game and choose Royal as your class.
      2: Laugh at how easy it is to take down everything on the first level with your magic.

      I have terrible hand/eye co-ordination and reaction times and that’s what made it possible for me to play.

      Also, put your shield up every time you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before, it’ll save your life until you get to remember what enemies are going to come at you from which positions.

      • Aw, I started off as a Knight because I like to tank, with the hard-to-kill aspect just to compensate for my lack of skillz. I’m a few levels into it, and I’m not sure I want to relive the low-level trauma of dying over and over and over. Or maybe I’m just stubborn.

        Oh hey, I just died again on my way to recover lost souls from my bloodstain.
        So now I’ve lost a couple of thousand souls again.
        Good times.

        • I was pretty bad at it too… until I did a glitch to get a huge amount of souls. Sure it’s cheating but I still had my fun 🙂

          I did this on the Asian version early last year so I’m not sure if you’ll still be able to do it.

      • Wow, you weren’t kidding about spells.
        I finally figured out how to cast spells after learning Soul Arrow (It took me a while to figure out I needed a wand, and then it took me even longer to figure out that wands were actually called catalysts despite looking very wand-shaped, hurrdurr), 2 hits to take down a blue-eyed knight in the Boletarian Palace, where it used to involve a minute of dodging, blocking and sword stabbing.

        Also, there’s something to be said about taking down a 10 metre high armoured monstrosity. Very, very satisfying. I think I’m really starting to get into this now.

    • Just as good if not better than the first 2 movies, which is a big achievement considering how great they were. Definitely worth going to see in the movies, even the 3D effects look good.

      • While I thought it was good I didn’t think it was absolutely AMAZING as everyone talked it up to be.

        After hearing from some of my friends that it was worth watching I did a quick search for it on IMDb and to my amazement it was already #7 on the top 250 movies. (it’s #6 now)

        While it was good it’s not AMAZING and I think it’s a bit overhyped (much like Dark Knight) but maybe it’s cause I’ve pretty much forgotten the stories of the first 2.

        For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth watching and the short movie in the beginning is pure genius!

  • Anyone used the PS3 FW update? specifically i want a simple explanation on the video editing software. I DL’d it last nuight, but have no content to edit… where do you ge this from. Is this off a HDD or can you use game video or what???

      • Problem is that it only allows you to edit video that was been added since the update (so yesterday) and I dont have any available content. My questions is this, if i can get any old avi file out and upload this, is this not an issue regarding piracy copyright etc to consider. it it is intended to allow my to get my own videos on to facebook or whatever, then why not just use a PC. I would have to use a PC to get my video off the camera first anyway.

        Did i miss something???

    • Hey dude, you may have a better chance of having your question answered in the “ask me stuff” thread a couple posts up. =)

          • Appreciate the offer, but I’ll get them to send it, and I’ll pay for it with my hard earned dough.

            Thanks for the offer, though! 😀

          • A lot of the gametraders stores, being independently owned franchises, are more than happy to post a game out to you if you pay for it and postage – you should call them and see how much they are wanting for it.

          • in addition, most gt stores may not even have the online search function (I believe the GT in carousel in WA doesn’t) so you might catch a break calling each store if you are so inclined

          • Is the GameTraders at Carousel even still open? Last time I walked by there, it was closed and it didn’t look like it was for renovations…

          • I picked up Race: The WTCC Game. Thanks to Steam, it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced.
            Now, I have to take it back without even getting to play one freaking race!
            I tried to install a mandatory update, but the server is dead!
            I Hate Steam!!!

          • Okay. Crisis averted.
            Just got to playing Race last night, and it was brilliant.
            Once you get past Steam, and start playing, it’s a lot like GTR 2, which is great fun.

  • Chuloopa,
    what the hell do you do for a living?! You must have either no job or the best job in the world to be able to be constantly on kotaku!
    Not ripping on you just interested to know (and to get the same job…)

    • My posting goes up and down week to week really. One week i’ll send an avalanche of posts, others i’ll post next to nothing..

      I work at a place called platypus australia ( shameless plug)

      We’re a wholesale distributor of lifestyle brands and extreme sports DVD’s.

      I’m pretty much the Tech/design guy so i sit in front of the computer all day long taking incoming calls, designing ads and clothing and doing mail outs amongst a bunch of other things. It’s a very small company so i usually have plenty of things on the go, but make some time for my obsession… lol

      Being the end of fin year things are slow so extra time to post.. But it won’t be that way for long..

  • Call me crazy – but i’m seriously considering going back to school… probably getting a teaching degree, i want to be involved with people and i did my work experience back in the day as a teacher at a primary school..

    Problem is i’m already 25.. is it too late for me to be going back to school to take up new pathways..

    Are there many jobs out there for someone who’ll be close to 30 by the time he graduates?

    plus i never got my VCE qualifications – i pretty mcuh dropped out and worked ever since..

    Little help/feedback/insight guys?

    • I’ve got friends who are mid-30s and are in the midst of wrapping studies to become teachers.

      You’re 25? Still LOTS of time! 🙂

      • You seem most surprised that i’m 25 :p

        Do i really seem that immature? LOL

        Cheers for the info – it’s definitely comforting to know that i may not actually be all that far behind after all…

        • Mate, I’m 28 and still at school (Uni). I got my HSC in 1998 and have been doing external correspondence courses ever since. I get an MBA at the end of the year from Deakin Uni in MELB!!!

          So that is 11 years of full time work and my Masters while maintaining a healthy work/life/gaming balance (even had time to make a baby)

          Good on you for even considering going back. While it is hard, especially if you do your schooling part time/correspondence but it is worth it. It is very satisfying to see something like that through to the end.

          • yeh… the study part is the most daunting thing.. but i really need to knuckle down and choose a career path..

    • Also, male teachers are in demand.
      I mean, it’s not like they’re going to go “You’re male! You’re hired!”, but male teachers are always welcome.

      Also also, imagine, you can warp the minds of all those pre-teens and start forming a small army, heh heh heh.

      • Who said that wasn’t my plan in the first place?

        Besides, most kids these days are armed better than Militia these days

          HAH HAH HAH.
          NOT AT ALL.

          Next thing you know, Today Tonight or A Current Affair will be airing a piece about how the internet and teachers throughout the country are brainwashing children.

          • No, they’ll just target me – news is much better when you have a bad-guy.

            Then they’ll follow it up with a story on how delicious smiths crisps are… again…


    • I did a unit called “Employee training and development” while studying my degree, and it dealt with people wanting to get back into schooling. Let’s see if I can flex my brain muscle.

      That work experience hasn’t gone to waste. If you do decide to go to university or TAFE look out for their policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) you could get a serious chunk of time off because you have learned a lot of the course through your working life. I’ve heard of people getting as much as 1 year off of a uni degree as a result of advanced standing from RPL. Even if it doesn’t get you time off, RPL could qualify you to get into a course regardless of your high school credentials.

      25 is not too old. I’ve seen many students getting their degrees who are well into their 40s and 50s. One of my lecturers only got her degree at the age of 55. At 25 you barely qualify as a mature age student. You will be surprised as to just how many older people are getting their qualifications later in life.

      My advice is do it. I never thought I was the kind of person that would enjoy uni, but I do. Sure, it’s very hard, but very rewarding at the same time.

  • Theres a hannah montana psp bundle at my local dick smiths for 150. I want to get it but my mrs wont let me, primarily because its a garish purple colour. That doesnt bother me but it sure does bother her. Could either get that or SMG2 2nite. And cheesecake from the cheesecake shop.

    And i spose theres only a few good psp games… metal gears… god of war… got chinatown on ds… patapon…

    • Don’t forget Lumines 1 and 2, LocoRoco 1 & 2 and Daxter. There are others worthwhile, but I’m drawing a blank at the moment.

      • Tekken: Dark Resurrection
        Ridge racer
        Holy Invasion Of Privacy Badman
        Pursuit Force
        Pretty Much any GTA on the system
        Ape Academy (hey i enjoyed it… well the first one at least)
        Midnight Club: Dub Ed (load times suck though)

        .. more will come to me later.. i have somewhere between 50-60 psp games sitting around at home, so i can tell you there are definitely plenty of decent to great games on the system..

    • Peace Walker and Cheesecake is all you’ll ever need.

      But in all seriousness, the PSP does have some good games. MGS:PW, MGS:PO, Patapon 1 & 2, GTA:LCS, GTA:VCS, Untold Legend, Echochrome, Lumines, LocoRoco, Daxter, GOW:COO and Ghost of Sparta which is coming out soon (as a bundle as well), LBP if you haven’t played it on PS3, Socom: Fireteam bravo, Resistance Retibution, Ratchet and Clank (I think it was subtitled “size matters).

      And there’s also Age of Zombies which is a mini, but it’s an awesome mini.

      And you can also get PS1 games.

      • Yeah i’d say it’s definitely worth it. The purple is actually pretty neat. Just a pity it doesn’t come with the OTHER pictures of Miley Cirus on the box 😛 haha

        Nyway, $150 for any PSP is a good price in my books. All you need to do from there is get a decent Produo memory stick and then you’re sailing!

      • If it’s PSP-3000, then yeah, I think it is.

        If you really can live with the purple colour/Hannah Montana-ness as you said before.

        No but seriously, I think it is. Be sure to pick up some of the games the guys listed before, you can find them for some cheap prices.

  • I had forgotten how fun Borderlands is.
    Two mates and I downloaded Secret Armory the other day, and have played that almost exclusively since.
    We were all lv50 to start, so we played on second playthrough. For the first couple of hours, we were horribly understrength, but we levelled a couple of times, and it was just so fun, and funny. I’m sure I woke everyone in the house last night with my laughter.
    Secret Armory is great value too, ~$15 for over 15 hours play already, and we haven’t even finished all it has to offer (we started the crawmerax and died almost instantly.)

  • is anyone else slightly annoyed that theres no way to obtain APB without importing(or some steam based location trickery)

    Fair enough that the servers arent close and they dont want aussies who storebought yelling at them

    but release it on steam and put a note on the store page for it

    since new zealand and aus have there own region for steam surely it would be fine

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