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    Theres a hannah montana psp bundle at my local dick smiths for 150. I want to get it but my mrs wont let me, primarily because its a garish purple colour. That doesnt bother me but it sure does bother her. Could either get that or SMG2 2nite. And cheesecake from the cheesecake shop.

    And i spose theres only a few good psp games... metal gears... god of war... got chinatown on ds... patapon...

      Don't forget Lumines 1 and 2, LocoRoco 1 & 2 and Daxter. There are others worthwhile, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.

        Tekken: Dark Resurrection
        Ridge racer
        Holy Invasion Of Privacy Badman
        Pursuit Force
        Pretty Much any GTA on the system
        Ape Academy (hey i enjoyed it... well the first one at least)
        Midnight Club: Dub Ed (load times suck though)

        .. more will come to me later.. i have somewhere between 50-60 psp games sitting around at home, so i can tell you there are definitely plenty of decent to great games on the system..

      Peace Walker and Cheesecake is all you'll ever need.

      But in all seriousness, the PSP does have some good games. MGS:PW, MGS:PO, Patapon 1 & 2, GTA:LCS, GTA:VCS, Untold Legend, Echochrome, Lumines, LocoRoco, Daxter, GOW:COO and Ghost of Sparta which is coming out soon (as a bundle as well), LBP if you haven't played it on PS3, Socom: Fireteam bravo, Resistance Retibution, Ratchet and Clank (I think it was subtitled "size matters).

      And there's also Age of Zombies which is a mini, but it's an awesome mini.

      And you can also get PS1 games.

      was looking for justifications other than games to buy it... but your right! There are plenty of good games. But is 150 for a hannah montana worth it?

        Yeah i'd say it's definitely worth it. The purple is actually pretty neat. Just a pity it doesn't come with the OTHER pictures of Miley Cirus on the box :P haha

        Nyway, $150 for any PSP is a good price in my books. All you need to do from there is get a decent Produo memory stick and then you're sailing!

        If it's PSP-3000, then yeah, I think it is.

        If you really can live with the purple colour/Hannah Montana-ness as you said before.

        No but seriously, I think it is. Be sure to pick up some of the games the guys listed before, you can find them for some cheap prices.

        Saw this on OzBargain and someone in the comments recommended changing the case

        Don't know what you can do about the buttons though...

    I had forgotten how fun Borderlands is.
    Two mates and I downloaded Secret Armory the other day, and have played that almost exclusively since.
    We were all lv50 to start, so we played on second playthrough. For the first couple of hours, we were horribly understrength, but we levelled a couple of times, and it was just so fun, and funny. I'm sure I woke everyone in the house last night with my laughter.
    Secret Armory is great value too, ~$15 for over 15 hours play already, and we haven't even finished all it has to offer (we started the crawmerax and died almost instantly.)

    is anyone else slightly annoyed that theres no way to obtain APB without importing(or some steam based location trickery)

    Fair enough that the servers arent close and they dont want aussies who storebought yelling at them

    but release it on steam and put a note on the store page for it

    since new zealand and aus have there own region for steam surely it would be fine


    Wooo! Maybe this year will be their year :D

    video game websites breeds contempt lmao =)

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