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    Congratulations Spain!!!

    Felicitaciones España para ganar la Copa del Mundo

    And Paul predicted the outcome once again!

    I'm so glad the World Cup is over, the early mornings where forcing me to bed sooner and as a consequence chopping out some of my prime gaming time.

    For those still playing Trials HD, I did a zero fault run on Inferno II over the weekend! Pretty happy about that. Have been trying on and off for months after the game came out and only set my sights on it this weekend after a mate of mine was trying to complete that track also.

    Also did the midnight club tourney (All 6 extreme tracks back to back)in 32 faults. Surprisingly this was good enough to place me 406 in the world??

    Let me know if anyone is still playing that game?

      *Bows down humbly before his master and lord Sir Fattiest of Shadiest. All I can say is that its freaking amazing. Trials is a brilliant game, and nothing bests a game where the aim is to better your own records and achievements, it creates so much replayability. How the heck you did it though is beyond me.

      I'm still yet to complete Midnight Club! It was actually in my ps3 this weekend and I forgot how much fun I was having until the AI started giving me the shits.

      I'm happy knowing I have the worlds fastest score on Dirt 2 PC. Well, I did, I'm too scared to look again...

        Respect for the world record mate. The best I have ever done in Trials is a 10th place.... great work!

        And yeah, don't ever check again... Like trials, you never hold your place for long.


      Yeah, if you want to cook a roast.

      But if you want to BBQ properly... you'll need a six burner griller

      It is great to see Webber up and about, he is having a stellar season.

      I'm not sure about his antics, although he is stuck in a rock and a hard place. He can either take it lying down and play second fiddle or stand up and try and earn that #1 driver label.

      I fear that we won't be driving for Red Bull next season and it is clear that some of his current success is due to him being in one of the best cars on the track. I hope he hasn't chopped off his nose despite his face.

        It would be nice to see him win. Unfortunately, I agree with respect to Red Bull potentially dropping him because of his outbursts...

    If I may be so brazen, I'm going to tread all over Dave's Lunchtime Waster, and beg you to take a look at the most EPIC stop motion ever in the history of the world (not including gumby of course). It has dinosaurs and war games!

      Trying to bump a little. Did I mention its a video of an illegal graffiti spree, raging across a city???? Personally, I think the peoples who pulled this off out do Banksy in everyway possible. Will someone please watch it?? I'll give you a e-massage for your troubles!

        hey buddy - i watched it shortly after you posted it, but forgot to reply due to incoming bossness!

        It is pretty damn epic i must say, and it does indeed outdo banksy... My only gripe is that it went for sooo long.. like to start with i was really impressed, but it just kept going and going and going... but still impressive!

        Nice find there Q-bo!

          Sweet, I knew I could count on my Loopy buddy :D It does go on for a while I admit, but damn, how much freaking paint would they have had to use??? The evolution of man spinning around that silo was my favourite bit. Thanks for checking it out :)

        Hey man, I watched it last week. It truly is epic. I loooove the evolution of man and the rocket at the end. Brilliant stuff. I was under the impression though that it was legal and they had permission from the councils? Or am I getting confused by all the different things in the credits?

          Lol, it could have been legal, I just figured more ppl would check it out if I said it was performed illegally :) Like, painting along the bridge?? That would have been pretty dangerous, surely no council would allow that??

            sure they would - if they fall to their deaths thats 2 less graffiti artists they have to worry about... if they succeed then their city is put on the map... it's a win win my boy!

    So I've now raided every GAME store I can feasibly get to, and now I have far too many games to play. Along with the Steam sale, I'm torn between what to spend my time with. Anyone else having this problem at the moment?

    I have been playing a bit of Blur, and I'm quite impressed with it. I always enjoyed the PGR (and MSR) games, so it's right down my alley, but the powerups really do make for a more exciting game and reduces the learning curve for new players somewhat. Anyone else playing Blur at the moment?

      I was playing it... for about 3 days. I finished the singleplayer, got bored of the multiplayer after a couple of hours, and have retired it to my shelf. It's about 1/3 the length it should be imo.

    Thank god the world cup is over, now for all you soccer fans... how about watching a sport that Australia has a chance at winning... TOUR DE FRANCE TIME!!! Cadel Evans is in yellow as well, woot!

    Anyone following it this year?

      I was watching cricket, but apparently we can’t even win at that anymore.

        The new International Cricket 2010, you need never lose again!
        Winning by an innings and 3000 runs on the second moring of a test match never gets old.

      yes, i'm also planning on peeling the skin off of my feet, slipping needles into my testicles and watching paint dry

      it's all so exciting!!


      I've been struggling to get into it this year. I can't for the life of me work out why, but there's just no compulsion to turn it on yet. I think cause my brain is being retarded from so much football.

      As much as I'd like Cadel to do well, the guy comes across as a serious whinger. Last tour really put me off the bloke. Sure, he's talented and probably a nice guy, but I feel put off.

        "DON'T STAND ON MY DOG!" - Best Cadel quote ever.

        They are hitting the mountains now, so things are going to get a little more exciting.

        And Cadel is pretty much out now. Fractured arm or something.

          Correct, Cadel started the stage with a known fractured elbow. If you have ever ridden a bike you will know how much pressure gets put on your elbows when climbing. Cadel rode over 160kms on that elbow up some seriously steep hills. That takes guts + determination and demands respect... these cyclists are tough.

      Tour De France has got to be one of the best things ever.

      All those Lycra clad weirdo's cruising round on the opposite side of the globe... as far as physically possible from my local roads. And still about eight months until the Tour Down Under starts and they start blocking what few great driving roads we have in Adelaide.

    So, my week has started pretty annoyingly.

    All the way back in May, I ordered a new telly. They didn't have any in stock, and I said no worries a couple of weeks will be fine.

    It's now mid July, and I got told today that it won't be til at least the end of the month, if not sometime in August. Funny thing is that one of the reasons I bought it was for the world cup..

    Does anyone have a punching bag I can lend for tonight?

      I have always been a fan of the office/workplace punching bag. If every workplace had one then there would be much less anger in the world. Much the same was as Homer asks Hank Scorpio for 'Business Hammocks'.

      Sounds like you would support my drive for workplace punching bags. Who else would like one.

      Perhaps we could all chip in and start a business with a mobile punching bag, where it would stop at the front of work like the coffee trucks and you can have a go.

        Although we already have an equivelent here, i'll back your cause!

        We have giant rolls of bubble wrap which are AWESOME to punch when angry - and much softer on the fist

        I work for the Government, so we wouldn't be allowed one as it would "condone workplace violence". Even if we were allowed one... we'd be a crappy customer as you'd end up waiting something like six months for each payment.

        The Hank Scorpio episode has got to be my favourite episode of the Simpsons. Albert Brookes is brilliant in that.

          Second that!

          Damn Homers family - they ruined what could have been THE BEST job setting. Imagine if he stayed working there and Homer just continued to be oblivious to what was going on around him! Brilliant!

          Marge in that episode really pissed me off though... the more i see her and Lisa, the more i want to throw something at the TV

            The other little irrit that comes up is you know when the teacher asks Bart if he knows cursive, and he replies "I know damn, and hell.."? Is it just me or does it sound like he's got a super bad cold?

            "In fact, I didn't even give you my coat!"

    whats with the lifehacker ad. . . is that elijah wood? and how come when i click on lifehacker, i still get that ad staring at me.

      That life hacker guy creeps me out. actually posted about it on their own site and got like 20 other people commenting on it too. feels like he's looking into my soul......

        Haha, glad to know I'm not the only one. His stare even whispered into my being 'come, see what this ad is for...'. But I refused it, like banishing an evil presence. I still don't even know what the site is...

      lol I was going to come here to complain about it too. Freakin' frog man is always staring at me, it's horrible.

    My weekend sucked. Naked ADSL2+ finally got hooked up at the new place on Friday (syncing at a lovely 22500/1300 might I add. <3 Internode), so setup the PC and prepped for a fun night of catching up with games/grabbing my latest steam purchases.

    So imagine my delight when the machine powered off for no apparent reason. Spare PSU didn't help, nor did unplugging every single device and just running the plugs to the motherboard.. No magic smoke, no big bang, no bulging caps on the m/b or anything.

    Not bloody happy... On the upshot the minister for Finance has approved my getting an i7, but at the cost of my now not being able to get the Macbook Pro I'd been eying off :(

      You should see my dining room (I feel your pain)

      My PC stopped working (froze at the BIOS splash screen) a couple of months ago. I now have 3 PC towers all pulled apart in varying stages of life. I have been swapping HDDs. ram, and reinstalling OS's for the past couple of nights to get at least one machine that works. I think I am getting close.

      My wife has asked that this set up be moved by tonight as we have a cleaner coming tomorrow (Yes Qumulys is not the only one that cleans before the cleaner comes round!)

        Cleaning before the cleaner is generally a pretty good idea, considering anything not furniture on the floor may be...premanantly cleaned.
        If everything is put away things are much less likely to disappear.

          Never trust a cleaner with small hands...
          In fact never trust anyone with small hands. its kinda creepy.

            I dont know...

            If I was a lady and had to trust a gyno, I'd go little hands. Its a little known fact that Andre The Giant was once in the field of gynocology, only to be shunned by lemon faced wossies who ran him out of business. Cross legged.

            Yay for cleaning b4 cleaners! :D


              you always know how to start my day on the right foot!

      I know it's only my PC, but having to wait for 2 weeks before I'm able to order my new parts = the suck :(

        Oh yeah, this thread kinda wandered of track.. Sorry to here about the PC, but a new i7 is better than a mac anyways :D Hope it arrives sooner rather than later.

        If there's one thing I love doing, its assembling a bunch of shiney new pc parts into a fresh case.... mmmm

          Oh, the wait is purely until the minister for Finance releases the funds for me to use :)

    Ok, after yesterday's "Tackle Alley" article, i decided to jump into my Backbreaker demo again - and after a few rounds of tackle alley i was having the time of my life! Once i got the spin mechanism down, i was dodging flailing defenders left right and centre!

    ...until i got tackle from behind... It was only after i stopped playing that i realised i was complete forgetting to sprint.

    That being said i still got to level 4.. lol

    I then played a quick exhibition match and for the first time ever managed to push the defence backwards consitantly but still failed to turn over the ball due to my "what the hell am i doing" moments when it came time to receive a punt.

    It is SOOOOOO different from madden.. but you know what, i'm really starting to enjoy the game... it has alot going for it...

    ...The Kayne and Lynch demo on the other hand... I'm trying so hard to like it, but it's just... i don't know... hard to like? I love the grittiness of it all. It looks pretty good. But when i run it makes me feel ill - i can't see what's ahead of me... and the cover mechanic seems fairly broken...
    Who else won the demo key the other week - have you played it yet??
    I've only played story mode so far and got bored fairly quickly - what are your impressions?

      I am sure BB will keep coming down in price so when it hits a price point you are interested in, I am keen for a game. There is also two player tackle alley online also.

      Looking forward to the patch to fix some of the issues but still a great fun game.

      I have stopped playing until the patch, not because it is a major issue, but I want 100% on red dead. Currently 81%.....

    So after reading every gaming site's review of Killzone 2, I decided to get me own copy to see what the fuss was about.

    I played 5 minutes and gave up. Is the aim meant to be like that? Heavy to begin with then lighter as you turn? It would be a shame because then i'd probably never play it again. Which would mean my hard-earned dollars would have a value of nil. =[

      It took me ages to get used to. You can adjust the sensitivity in the menu I believe...

      I stuck with it, and I'm glad I did, as it gets so awesome at the end. Plus, the multiplayer rocks. And I never play console games online!

    So JB Hi Fi has The Force Unleashed - Sith Edition - something which has only JUST come to my attention...

    Heres my question - if i have the original, will the Sith Edition recognize my old saves?

    ...Or would i just be better off downloading the DLC from Xbox live?

      I didn't think they were releasing the sith edition on xbox?

        well it looks like they have now... apparently...

        from what i heard it's a JB exclusive, while the PC is a EB exclusive

          That seems a bit strange...
          I'd imagine it would recognise your saves, but don't take *anything* I say as gospel. Unless I have some holy proof, or something...

          I'm waiting anxiously for Force Unleashed 2 in October :P

      The Sith edition is the regular game + all the DLC + a unique level that you CANNOT get via DLC. Which pisses me off because it basically flips off all the fans of the game that defended it when all the reviews and public opinion was against it.

        Indeed. I was annoyed that to access the entirety of the post-release content, I would essentially have to repurchase the game. Not on, folks.

        well that seriously sucks - so now i DO actually have to buy the whole damn thing over again... hmph...

    My radeon HD5850 arrived today. My computer is like a small god now. Bad company 2 at 1920x1080, completely maxed out, 8x AA. Damn thing doesn't even stutter. I cannot recommend this card enough!

      Yeah, but will it play Crysis?

        Can anything play Crysis?

          Hey guys, are we talking about Crysis?
          Because when I got a 5770 for the computer and ran Crysis, I was completely, absolutely, astonishingly under-whelmed.
          Not in a "Gosh I thought the graphics would be better than this. I expected my eyes to bleed from the awesome." way, but a "Hey that's pretty" followed by a realisation that I don't really care for super duper fancy detailed foliage graphics way.
          Yes, I know, another tale of amazement and intrigue.

            To be honest, I felt the same way.
            Both my home PC and my laptop can run Crysis, and I wasn't all that impressed. Sure it was pretty, but it wasn't much more than a solid shooter for me. The powers didn't feel game-changing, and the enemy AI seemed a bit basic.

        Good news! Runs perfectly with all settings cranked to very high! Although everytime I try to enable AA it crashes...

    Anyone know of a free photo sharing site that won’t resize my photos as soon as I upload them? I ask because I’ve wanted to start a blog on for a long time now. But seeing as I intend for this blog to be 10% written and 90% photoshop pictures, I need a photosharing site that won’t resize.

    I know photobucket kept the original size of any photo back in 2006, but ever since they started asking you to pay to use it the site has gone downhill.

      I use Imageshack for a lot of this, largely because they allow direct linking to the fullsized picture. Otherwise you may have to suck it up and pay for Flickr or similar..

      I'm not sure if it is still working as how it did when I opened my account, but you could try a site called 'fileden'. It is very annoying in that to sign up, you have to answer a series of stupid questions, but if you look carefully they can be skipped. When you log into the account, you also get a series of questions (and product offers), but they can be skipped too. But then you get access to a site you can dump any file onto (I think). I have some photos, some drivers, some audio files etc, and you can just direct link to them when needed. Good luck :D

    Every job I take bores me. My life bores me.

    Games provide me the escape I need but even then, I always look back on the time I've spent playing games and feel like I should have been doing something else. But I have nothing else.

    Make no mistake - I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I'm just acknowledging what I feel.

    Does anybody else feel this?

      Don't worry mate - i feel the same somtimes.. I just can't seem to work out what i want to do with my life, what i'd enjoy and its possible for me to get into... so i mope a bit haha

      It's cool though, as we all eventually find our place i guess...

      Also, never regret the times you spent doing the things you enjoy, such as games. There is always time to do "something else", you just need to get proactive and find something that you can get excited about/interested in... even if it's something aside from your job... like a hobby that may also be able to make you money...

      There's always options, you just need to find the inspiration/know how to do them :)

        We should have a Kotaku regular 'Ask Chuloopa and Qumulys', where the pair of you answer the deep questions of life. That would be hilarious :P

          Only if it's sponsored by Old Spice :)

            And I want a hat, and a corn-cob pipe... Oh, and the entire Ren & Stimpy box-set.

              and we get a Waynes World style theme song

                Chuloopa! Qumulys! Party time! Excellent!

                (Done alphabetically, so don't take offense if you think there's favouritism...)



      I've been feeling the same way a lot lately too mate. I took up a new hobby (painting) which helps. At least I know what the trigger for me was, a year ago an old work mate of mine, and top bloke ended up with a brain cancer. They gave him 4-6 weeks to live. Ever since then he's been at a hospis, still alive. I know its horrible to say/admit this, but I wish he would just die already. I go in to visit him a couple of times every week but most of the time he doesn't even know I'm there. He cant move, is stuck in a bed, can barely talk and cant remember a damn thing. He should have been dead a year ago, and its just cruel to see him practically lifeless, suffering. He has a son my daughters age, and I get all teary everytime I think about him having to see his dad like this.
      So while I know the cause of my depression, I also know that there will be a lot of relief when he passes on, for me, for his family and most importantly for him.

      So maybe there is some trigger that started of this depression? Finishing highschool? Losing a girlfriend? Discovering that Bandicoot's in Novelty Hats actually have a nasty temperament? Either way, talk to a doctor, and try changing your diet BEFORE he precribes any drugs, I think all the crap in foods is a big factor of depression these days. Good luck, keep the chin up :)

        Thanks for the words of wisdom everyone.

        Qumulys - Thank you for sharing your story.

        Hmm, no particular triggers I think. Just a buildup from the last few years of my life. I feel like I've missed a lot of opportunities; some of them once-in-a-lifetime. I wouldn't go so far as to call it "depression" though (!).

        I'm just a whinger.

    I'm 5'6" - i'm short - keep this in mind

    Just thought i'd share some Epic win on my sisters behalf, and epic fail on my behalf - it was, however, the highlight to my weekend and made me so proud of my little sister!

    So my family, partner and I were sitting down having some lunch at chadstone, with me rambling on about an upcoming dress up party with the theme "Fantasy and Sci-Fi". I was sharing my frustration at not being able to find a costume that i deemed perfect enough, then saying that i DID however find a perfect Stormtrooper replica costume with the downside that it was just under $2000 therefore too expensive.

    My mum then said "yeah, far too expensive, i think"

    To which my sister declared "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper"

    The entire table, including myself errupted in laughter at my sisters Princess Leia quote, and i simply said that as much as i wanted to get angry and insulted, i would instead pay the comment as it was indeed perfect..

    That wasn't enough though - she then added "Yeah, maybe it would be better if you went as an Ewok"

    The brilliant bitch... lol

      Hahaha, I also like how your family got the Star Wars reference.

      Those $2000 Stormtrooper costumes are pretty rad though. I have an el-cheapo $150 one, and it's pretty cool, but it lacks awesomeness. Mind you, these costumes are made in America for Americans; my costume is size S, but it feels like it was made for a 6 foot tubby dood.
      So imagine how awesome that would be when you wear it. ;D

        Yeh my family is good like that - my partner would have just been laughing because i got called short though.
        It always adds insult to injury when i'm with her while she's looking at shoes, finds a pair of high heels she likes but puts them down saying "they're really nice, but i'm already taller than you so i wouldn't be able to wear them.. it'd look weird"

        "thanks baby..."


        and yeh, i'd get one of the cheaper ones, but when it comes to stuff like that i really want something close to the real thing

        Turns out there's a guy down here in Tassie that makes up the Stormy gear for those inclined - Once i've dropped about 10kg, will be looking him up.

      Lol, she has the powers that burn!!1!4

      How on earth Caravan of Courage didn't win a bajillion Oscars is beyond me??

        Let's not forget the epic Ewok cartoon series

      I wish I had a Chewbacca suit. Clearly, much better than a Storm trooper :P

        Yes, but i'm also clearly NOT 7 foot tall

        i've personally always had a thing for Snow Troopers and the Crimson Guard (AKA Royal Guard, not to be confused with the emperor's guard who wear blue) - they look so bad ass!

          Its not a Snow Trooper outfit, but every year we all go down to my nans in Corio for Melbourne Cup and play dress-ups. Between every race, we all have to get changed. Only problem is that all the dressups are 1920's-1940's frocks.... But she has this lovely peach coloured number I'm sure you'd look fetching in. Shall I give her a call?

            *looks blankly at q-bo*

            I don't know how - but that is the first time you've ever weirded me out mate - awesome feat! you should give yourself a pat on the back! haha

            "It puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again!"

            haha - i'm sure you would look quite fetching though :P

      As soon as I read 'short' and 'Stormtrooper', the Leia quote echoed through my mind. And lo and behold, there it was. Win!

      If you want to see some awesome Stormie armour footage, watch Fanboys. It's a hilarious film about a group of friends attempting to break into Lucas Ranch to steal a pre-release copy of Episode 1 before one of them dies of cancer... Go watch it, and try to pick all the Star Wars references.
      It also has Billy Dee Williams and Carrie Fisher in there.

        yeah i've seen that on the shelves at the DVD store SOOO many times!!!

        But of course, being something she won't understand, the missus refuses to sit down and watch it. But she;s going to Adelaide in september (i think it's september, or october) and i'll have the house and TV to myself. That's when i will watch the holy grail of Star Wars fanboy movies! :D

          Even if you don't particularly like Star Wars, it's a good and funny film. That's what's so great about it - it's a good film, but it means so much more to the Star Wars fans.

            Maybe i'll use the old wand of convincing and rent it tonight instead then :P lol

            oh and no, that wasn't a euphemism :P

    I must have missed it, but congrats to Ross Moir for winning the Blade on the Assasins Caption This Comp!
    Use it wisely my firend!

      awww holy crap - no flippin way!!! that's so bloomin' awesome!!! Lucky son of a gun! lol

      I COMPLETELY missed that!

      At least i got another honorable mention - so did you old friend.

      Congratulations Ross - if i had the same thing i'd probably be using it to assassinate you to get yours... but then again i would already have one so i wouldn't need to assassinate you... oh what a tangled web we weave...

      so....bloody.... awesome... must... not...cry...

        I think it didn't get reposted due it it being under "culture" as opposed to "competitions"...? Either way, I thought it deserved a little boost for all those interested in what happened :D

          yeah - i like that it wasn't marked with "competition"

          It will encourage people to post on more things more often in order to gain the precious rewards. But on the plus side, all those people posted just for the fun of it, which is something i really loved... It was so enjoyable to read what people had come up with!

          I must admit, i did have a sneaking suspicion that David was up to something.. it's not every day he just randomly asks us to caption something...

          ...then again if we were asked to caption something every day for the hell of it, i'd be all over it!

            Your right. I'd be a hell of a lot more sucessful if the "What freak on some planet can identify this one off, 2 copies sold, independantly produced single pixel from a loading screen zoomed in %5000 Remember This Game for pre-columbian times which ran on the Abacus 2000" - was just a -
            "Make funny from purdy picture". No need for a prize, it would just be a good way for a few chuckles each day.
            Hows about it Sir Goose???

              all you have to do is answer every "Remember this" with "Jazz Jackrabbit" and eventually you're bound to get it right! :D

      Oh man! I didn't know it was a competition. Now I missed out on the opportunity to fail at winning! Oh wells. But Ross did deserve it, you just can't beat David Attenborough! Congratumalations!

        and yet people still continue with Chuck Norris entries... go figure :P lol

          Clearly, Chuck Norris is a superior omnipotent being, and when captioned enough, will appear from the skies to smite those who are not his followers. I have no idea what that means. I should get coffee.

            haven't you guys seen the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny??

            Chuck Norris doesn't win!


            Sorry to break it to you guys!

              Awww, I was hoping for Bill and Ted to win :(

              Of course I've seen it! It's awesome!

              And for some reason, it reminds me of the llama song.


              I think it's because I watched them in rapid succession when I first watched it. And now this is bringing up memories of High School and random flash videos. Here's a series you may enjoy, Decline.


              Ah, good times.

                Ack! That stuff again!
                It's been years since I've seen Ultimate Destiny or the Llama Song.
                I laughed for a while upon noticing that Jamie Hyneman (walrus man from Mythbusters) was in Ultimate Destiny (in his painted blue form)...

    Looking at the OFLC page, Vanquish was rated yesterday. NBA Jam & Rock Band 3 earlier in the month. Interesting.

    JB HI-FI have listed the Dead Rising CE at $99 BUX !!
    Way cheaper than Game and EB.
    I don't see why I should pay an extra 40-50 bux more just to get an extra figurine...although a ninja figurine, would be kinda cool...but still.

      Are you sure about that mate?
      I just looked on the website and couldn't find it - and they are listing the regular edition for $109

      Also, with EB it's not a Ninja figurine, it's a ingame DLC ninja suit and abilities :)

        Dzine has just corrected me.
        In my giddy squeels of exscitement I totally missed the $169 boxout listing for the CE (despite it being mere cm's away from original price of $99).

        I read somewhere that 1 of the oulets was offering a ninja figurine as well as the Zombie one. Perhaps I misread THAT also...again, I blame it on the giddyness.

    Anyone else pickup DeathSpank this week? Another +1 for quality XBLA/PSN titles.

    I'm hoping my non gaming wife warms to it the same way she warmed to Castle Crashers. So we can finish the think couch co-op style. She was out of town with work last night so I'll find out on the weekend I guess.

    Beautifully ugly. I'm trying to work out wheteher or not i would actually like to own it. It has plenty of awesome factor, but it just looks ridiculous at the same time! haha

    Predator themed suzuki hayabusa

    enjoy :P

      My take on it is 'ugly' a little too pretentious for my tastes.

      I did enjoy the new 'Predetors' movie, it is a nice reboot with a healthy amount of fan service.

      A good mindless flick.

        Is it out already?

        I'm actually quite interested to see it :) Good to know it's still a good mindless romp

    Alien vs Predator (X360) - $37 at EB Games. Is it worth it?

      I don't see why not, mate.

      $37 for any new(ish) release is decent.

      I'm still yet to receive my copy i won here, but i hear the multiplayer is quite good - if you're going to play it multiplayer that is..

      I'm a fan of anything Aliens or Predator, so it's going to be enjoyable for me even though i'm mainly be playing single player.

      It's also meant to be pretty short, but once again, at $37 you can't really complain.

    Just a quick reminder to enroll to vote if you haven't already - with an election almost certainly being called tomorrow, there's about a million Aussies who won't be able to cast their vote.

    You can download and print forms from here, and then scan/email/post/fax them into the AEC:

    Ok, I asked this back in May (or thereabouts) and Wildgoose mentioned that War For Cybertron wasn't getting a PC release down here.

    Now Steam initially had a page for the game, however no buy link, a few days later, they disallowed Aussies from getting the store page (assumption.) Now, after a bunch of weeks, it's back up and for sale (unfortunately, not on sale.)

    What gives? I recall EB and GAME confirming there was no release date down here (one EB guy mentioned I could probably try Steam.) Also, why track the torrents of it (I know some people got warnings because they got tracked from torrents, but other methods are safe) with no retail release?

    Also, semi-related, what matchmaking system does it use if anyone knows? The Steam description had no real indication of the system as well.

      Whilst i don't know anything about an Australian release, or Steam being A-holes, i just looked on direct to drive for you and it looks like you may be able to get it from there

      linky linky

      I hope that works for you mate

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