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    I just took a trip down memory lane and played a little "LOST Vikings 2 Norse by Norsewest".
    It was essentially a platformer-Puzzle game.

    Does anyone know if similar gameplay was attempted in 3D?

      Trine for PC/PS3 comes to mind. It's 2.5D but once again you have a cast of characters you swap out depending on the situation.

        Damnitt, I have a laptop and a 360...

          I just watched the video ro Trine 2...Now I'm gonna cry. It looks amazing.
          I wonder if it will run on my laptop?

      is this the one with the 3 guys; shield bow and speed? cause if it is, it was epicccc

    So, my PS3 finally died on the weekend. RIP 60 GB Launch Console, you were my... everything. BUT on the bright side I'm getting a sexy new slimline. Just wondering if anyone knows of any good deals going round at the moment?

    Seems the best price is $499 for the 120gb with 2-3 games from most places.

    Also, does anyone know how long Game is doing the 'trade in a 120gb Elite get a 360 slim for $199'? My sweet lady was thinking about jumping on this deal is all.

      Oh oh oh oh what are your plans with said dead console?? I will gladly cuddle it, wash it, and posibly dry it in an oven, if your just gonna chuck it out...??

      Oh yeah, and sorry for your loss :)

    Happy (or unhappy) Monday everyone!

    So i'll be using a 48 hour x-box live card tonight to jump into some multiplayer...
    More than likely it'll be war for cybertron as i don't have any of the map packs for Gears 2... so if anyone wants to tag along, my gamertag is Chul00p4 - be good to see some of you on there.

    Apart from that, GO GERMANY, GO NETHERLANDS!!!

    Closer to home... BOMBERS - WTF and Dude from Fremantle - OUCH! Tough SOB tried to stand up right away too...

      Argh, who the hell invented Monday....?? I HATE Mondays with a passion. I spend the morning racing around cleaning up my bloody house before the cleaners arrive. Yes I know how dumb that sounds.

      Its cause workcover pays for cleaners, but I'd be dead ashamed if they REALLY knew how much of a pig heap this place was. But they do do things I cant, like vacuum the whole house, mop tiles, wash bathrooms, so I appreaciate that. I just wish I could leave the regular trash, scatter, possums and the bajillazillion cups and plates which multiply and cover just about every horizontal surface where they lay.

      I need cleaners to come in before my cleaners arrive.. oh wait..

        Is it safe to say you've had some form or industrial accident? I saw while ago you mentioned something about a wheelchair, but i never asked anything as i thought that would be too personal..
        My dad had a bad accident back in the day and lives in constant pain now after an injury to his back at a paper factory...

        And don't worry, i'd do the same thing - i can't even let my own family see my place dirty - i feel like they'll be talking about it on the way back.. "my goodness did you see the dirty undies in the cooking pots?"

        Although i would love a cleaning lady in one of those french maid outfits... mmm... oh... attractive lady... i should probably specify that.. somehow Mimi from the Drew Carey Show in that sort of thing just wouldn't do it for me... haha

        ...oh and by attractive lady i mean my lovely girlfriend if she's reading this... Love you baby :) *ahem*

          Oh, somehow I thought you knew :/ Ok, so here's a long story, cut down very very short.
          About 8 years ago, I was on top of a ladder at work. This ladder unfortunately decided to break for the fun of it. I landed very heavily on my back and was in incredible agony. After a week of work, and constant doc visits, they finally sent me for an MRI scan and discovered I had a syrinx, also known as Syringomyelia. What it is basically in a tumor like cyst, running down the inside of my spinal cord. It was about 6 inches long, and slowly destroys the nerves in my spinal cord. So that explained my agony and pain I was in.
          Anyway, this syrinx will continue to fill getting larger and larger over time, so the doctors decided to drill into my vertabrae and pierce my spinal cord to insert a draining tube down to my abdomen. Unfortunately after surgery I found I had lost use of my legs, bowel and bladder functions. It was not a happy day. :(
          I spent 4 months thereafter in a spinal hospital getting used to wheely life. I have regained some functions, but I'm still in agony, and restricted to my chair.

          As dumb as it sounds, it was actually a good thing to happen (I try to look on the bright side). Cause just before my accident, I had become a single father of 2 little girls, my ex had left the country (never heard from her again, thats a long story in itself, next week I guess). So at the time I was struggling to change nappies and hold down a job, in zombie mode. So the accident meant I could be at home, full time raising my girls and getting to spend a really precious time with them. Not many dads get to do that.
          I did get a pay out, so I brought a house out-right, which is nice to know I can't be thrown out on the street. And with the left over money, on which I need to survive, I make a wage out of the interest I get from the bank. Unfortunately, rates have crashed, so my "salary" is only about $320 a week. After bills, it makes buying games a rare occurance.

          The worst thing is, I realise now I need to find more work, but I still have a cyst in my back (the surgery failed to work and the cyst has refilled). So I need a job I can do..
          1. At home.
          2. Able to take lie down breaks during the day.
          3. not phone sales, I suck at that.

          So if anyone has a job...???

            Wow. That doesn't sound very fun :(
            At least you seem to have found some positives to your situation, which would understandably be very difficult when that sort of stuff gets thrown at you...

            Wow... sorry to hear all that but great to see you looking at the good stuff. I have a 1.5 year old and with work and travel, only see him about1 hour a day during the week so i see your point!

            Wow, thanks for sharing the story Qumulys. What I love the most though is how the positives dominate your outlook. Maybe Dave could throw you some games to review? :D

            Brutal. But yes, you do get the privilege of being with your children :)

            The only stay at home job I can think of is telesales and day care (having been forced to watch Daddy Day Care by my 5 year old cousin who I was babysitting. That and The Incredibles. But seriously, how can you not love the Incredibles? HONEY? WHERE'S MY SUPER SUIT?).

            Back to the point. Yes. Day care. Or maybe blogging/reviewing/author/journalism related thing?

            Damn.. to say that's hard luck is a bit of an understatement - but as you said at least they came through with some money.

            I'm glad to hear you stay positive at least. i mean, there isn't much else you can do. My dad can still walk, but the constant pain and back spasms gets in the way of doing a lot of things he would like to. Sometimes i can see how much it gets to him, yet he still slugs on - so i have a lot of respect that you manage to do the same thing under even harsher circumstances.

            As for jobs, you could probably do a couple of things to pass the time and get in little bits here and there. I know there are plenty of online htings that don't involve telisales, but do invlve a lot of surveys. The down side is you don't get much back for your time investment, but hey, it's a little bit extra than was there before..

            Another idea that came to mind - how about distanced learning? You could undertake a course and get an "education aid" sort of fun, which is paid bi-weekly. I'm fairly sure you'd be eligible for something like that...

            otherwise maybe Kotaku will give you a job as "Cookie Monster Dispenser"? You know, placing cookie monster in posts where he is clearly needed. No one made a post yet? Cookie monster to the rescue to inspire discussion!

            ...all that being said... whats your excuse for not being here last week then, hey?! All my constant blabbering on with no man meat to fill my copious amounts of bread i left all over the site!

            Thanks for all those kinds words everyone! I thought maybe I could be the comments approvalist for Kotaku??? Is that even a proper job?

            Loopy, I did read all of Talk amongst Chuloopa (even suggestion Dave was ripe for a 3 way) but it is the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!! (said in girly screamy happy kids voice). So my usual baby-sitters (ie State department of Education) have handballed the entertaining onto me :) Oh, also, I've spent the last few days pimping out my girls rides (ie their scooters), so that was a shed load of sanding back, slowly coating paint, sanding more, then writing FOXY on in hot pink letters.

            Whats this edumacation thingo you speak of?

            Daddy Q Care? hmmm, I wouldn't trust me with others offspring :p

              haha oh yeh school holidays i forgot about those things - another thing that is telling me i should become a teacher...

              ... well that and my mind works on the same levels as a childs does.

              As for the school thing, i'm pretty sure there is a government subsidy for studying, especially with special conditions. It's all handled through centrelink (aka bastard force X). If you look it up you may find something and you could be eligiable - which means you could do a course from home and get paid to do it by the government.

              If you are eligable, then you could do a degree in entrepreneurship which would allow you to even build a business from home with the right decisions... Just a thought... i know my partner gets it because she is on a low income studying at uni.

              ...then again i really don't know how this stuff works, thats why i think you should look into it as who knows, if your eligable it could help hey

        'And the Silicon chip inside her head is switched to overload.'

        But I might play some War for Cybertron after ~8pm Perth time. Probably not convenient for you fancy Eastern states people... Gamertage: WC Spook

        Or I might play Super Mario Galaxy 2. Which is very, very fun.

          yep - you were right - by 8pm Perth time i was curling up into a warm bed haha.

          ...i'm turning into an old man...

    Hurrah I finally got Prime Mode in Transformers. Now to do it all over again.

    So we all know Dead Rising 2 is coming to Austrlia (YAY) and i'm actually considering Pre-ordering it, which is a big thing as i tend not to pre-order anymore these days - but i want this game THAT bad (ZOMBIES YAY!)..

    But it seems like no one wants my pre-order as all the deals are bollocks or non-existent.. Only EB has a bonus which is a Ninja Costime (big whoop)

    So does anyone know if there is a decent pre-order deal or better yet, a collectors edition coming out? Or am i just better waiting for the week or so after the game comes out when prices become competitive or Big W just trumps everyone else's price as per usual?

      If your not interested in Pre-orders I've noticed that quite often JB drops the price of new games quite soon after release, thats if your willing to wait a few weeks.

    Finally my neighbour has reached the conclusion that yes, his Xbox 360 is actually eating his games and the games I lend him. After about 15 minutes of play the inserted disc has a nice white circle going around it rendering it useless, would I be correct in saying that it is a drive problem?

      if it's a white circle maybe it's a heat problem - the disc is overheating and rendering the game useless...

      we've had the same thing happen here at work with disc buffers - use them too much then the disc gets too hot, a white circle appears and the disc is now officially screwed

      Well that sucks. I'm going to assume he's not moving the 360 while the game is running. Because idiots have done that.

      Maybe try lying it down? It happened to my friend when his 360 was vertical, then he lay it down horizontally and never moved it again. Installing games to hard drives also help if the game is scratched doesn't it? (I don't know myself, I only play my mate's 360.)

        He's not too good with being gentle...

          I have a rather tall muscular friend who lives in a house with wooden floors. The constant vibrations from him walking on the wood floor had his xBox chew ring all his games.
          He ended up buying his own buffer just to keep playing.
          This was all before it red-ringed of course.

          I live in a solid concrete apartment and have never had the trouble.

      Ive only ever sen this if the console is moved during play... saying that I think you reasoning is sound. The drive is just hungry.

      Make sure it is on a level surface and not moved during play (even vibration from being on floor boards etc) *may* be contributing but unlikely.

      This could not be related to anything else but the drive?

      If under warranty, that is the best first move.

      If not...

      You can replace them but it requires a bit of knowledge. Not sure your (or his) level of understanding but you can't just get a RROD console or a spare one and swap the drives. There are other steps (getting the right drive, Spoofing (*giggle*) & patching a unique key etc) to replace these. There will likely be services to do this for you nearby or you can do a bit of research and try it yourself. If it is already stuffed, what do you have to lose!

        Thanks for the advice but he has since bought a PS3, and complains that "PS3 has no game".

          Define "no game"?

            I think perhaps it is some sort of 4chan joke. I own an Xbox 360 but would prefer a PS3 (I just think they are more refined and have much better quality hardware), but there is no point in getting one because I will have very limited use of a console starting next year.

      Check if your friend has his 360 standing vertically or whether it's lying flat? Back when I used to work in retail we'd get people trying to return games which all seemed to have that white ring on them that you're talking about. Worked out that it was caused by people not making sure the games were resting inside the two "teeth" that are on the DVD tray which hold it in place. The disc would still read but the plastic teeth would scratch the data surface :)

      It's the drive.

      It isn't caused by vibration, moving the console, or having it sat upright.

      It's what went wrong with my launch 360.
      I replaced mine... but there are fixes on the internet.

    I work with vultures! I only have to show my face in the main common area and I get bombarded with questions from the staff about rosters...


    For fucks sake! We are still in startup phase and it's taking abit of time to settle in, why the fuck can't you all do the same!

      because all employees have a lack of empathy and too much of a sense of entitlement, YOU ARE THE BOSS WHERE'S MY MONIESSSSSSS

        The sad part is that I'm not the boss! (I wish!)

        Just my role overlaps a bunch of other areas of the business and at the moment there are a few more important things before them, like I don't know... Client Reporting.

        If I don't get this setup, then we can't send them an invoice, and nobody will be getting paid, I'm sure they would love that if it happened!

        Just have to relax though, it's still startup, so at the moment they don't know any better, soon they will learn they need to raise any query with their Team Leader instead of harassing me! Can't Wait! :)

      Throw them some carrion, vultures love carrion.

      I write the rosters for work.

      Tell everyone they have one week to submit a draft of the full roster for the whole month.
      Tell them they need to put their name on it too.

      Chase the people who don't submit one.

      You can either pick one of the submitted... or they'll leave you alone in future.

    anyone else notice how junglist posts with exact times and dave posts with times rounded to the half hour marks? :D

      An ancient art known by the Shao-Lin masters as "Scheduling"

      Dan Staines from a few weeks back started posting with exact times, and then he switched over to Wildgoose mode. But then his very last one is at 9:01 AM.

        And I quote:
        "The Witch: I'm not a witch I'm not a witch!
        Sir Bedevere: But you are dressed as one
        The Witch: *They* dressed me up like this!
        Crowd: We didn't! We didn't...
        The Witch: And this isn't my nose. It's a false one.
        Sir Bedevere: [lifts up her false nose] Well?
        Peasant 1: Well, we did do the nose.
        Sir Bedevere: The nose?
        Peasant 1: And the hat, but she is a witch!
        Crowd: Yeah! Burn her! Burn her!
        Sir Bedevere: Did you dress her up like this?
        Peasant 1: No!
        Peasant 3, Peasant 2: No!
        Peasant 3: No!
        Peasant 1: No!
        Peasant 3, Peasant 2: No!
        Peasant 1: Yes!
        Peasant 2: Yes!
        Peasant 1: Yeah a bit.
        Peasant 3: A bit!
        Peasant 1, Peasant 2: A bit!
        Peasant 2: a bit
        Peasant 1: But she has got a wart!
        Random Person in the crowd: *cough* *cough* "

          ROFL, for some reason I now wish to pop on the movie History of the World Part 1...

    I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a PS3 in the next couple of weeks since I'll be able to get nice chuck of the cost covered by a gift card from the bank.

    Herein lies the dilemma. My choices are Kmart, Target or David Jones. Which should I choose? And does anyone know how easily David Jones will price match?

      You can't choose a gaming outlet or Big W (usually v/ good prices)? If you can wait for a sale at Kmart, they usually reduce prices more drastically.

        Nah, the Commonwealth Bank have very limited choices with their Awards system. The other stuff were Coles, Roses Only, Rebel Sport and some other equally uninteresting things.

      David Jones are snooty bastards!

      Targets toy sale starts soon - why not wait for that to see how low they go?

        Yeah, I noticed that when I popped in to check prices on the weekend. Did a google search and found their catalogue for the sale (through - felt kind of odd) and they don't have any sale marked for the PS3. To be honest, all of their catalogued specials aren't really that special, which is a shame.

        I'm with you on David Jones. Went in there (also on the weekend) to check it out, and the salesman kept looking at me like I was a hobo wandering through their telly section. :(

      I'm gonna say Kmart. Due to guilt factors...
      I brought my ps3 from them, but after 1 day, the six-axis in the stock controller went bung. So I took it back in, and the old lady at the counter grabbed me a replacement dulashock 3 version.

      I should have said something... I was giddy at my awesome luck....

      Now, all I feel is guilt when I use the darn thing. So, by sending them a sale, I hereby can finally relax knowing I've righted a wrong.

    I'm planning on buying a Nintendo DSi for my 4yo son for Christmas however I know nothing about DS games...

    Can anyone recommend a few games to get a 4 year old started?

      Pokemon. Kids love the Pokemon.
      Only problem is they'll likely still be playing Pokemon in their twenties... ;)

      Adults love the pokeymen too! Also people like me who are immature and refuse to grow up!

      The LEGO games are pretty great too. Take your pick from Indy Jones, Batman, Star Wars, Harry Potter; whatever your son fancies.
      New Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart DS too?

    After last weeks advice my mrs got the psp but got the littlebig bundle. but memory sticks?! has sony got a hold of that market or wat?! $40 for 4gb or $60 for an 8gb. Found an 8gb on ebay for 30, any other ideas where to get them?

      Yeah, that's what you pay for Sony using their own form of memory sticks for no apparent reason.

      Try computer stores. Maybe you can pick up a micro-SD to Pro Duo adapter for a few bucks, otherwise, MSY's current price list puts an 8GB Sandisk Pro Duo at $36.

      Well $30 for 8gb is kind of decent (I think. I haven't bought a USB or Mem Stick or MIcro SD for a couple of years now, so my judgement of pricing is out of whack.).

      But as Bish said, go for a micro-SD to Pro Duo adapter. I've had one for 3 years now, and it's served me very well.

      You guys are right as always, alittle bit of ebaying and $23 later and we have an 8gb pro duo. Wonderful! Now to play portable ops...

        followed by Peace Walker! I just finished the main story (after 20 hours) and there's still a billion more things to do.

    Did anyone go/going to the Nintendo Connection Tour?

    I went today and had a great time and I won 100 Nintendo Points!

      *1000 Points

    I know the odds may be low, but does anybody here happen to play BlazBlue on 360? I just picked up the game recently, and I'm hoping to find some Aussies to have some games with.

    If anybody is keen, my gamertag is AshuraMGS3Sub. I also tend to hit up Street Fight IV occasionally, as well as Halo 3/ODST, if anyone needs help with online achievements.

    So I'm at work until 12:15 and have already burned through the usual blog sites. You are my last hope, commenters of kotaku! I beseech thee to entertain me with humorous anecdotes and whatnot.

      I once ate pie.

        Hmmm not bad. I mean it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for but it's better than nothing. Now all I'm left with is questions on this pie; sweet or savoury, fruit or cream etc etc. Mmmm ... pie is good and unlike cake is always truthful.

          Even if you do keep up to date with it, it still entertains you once you've read a hundred or so when you press (browser) back and forwards BECAUSE THE IMAGES DON'T CHANGE BUT THE WORDS KEEP MORPHING IT IS REALLY MINDBLOWING

          Go, late night Kotaku AU comment approver! You have 7 minutes to approve this before he/she/it/bacon gets off of work!
          Oh no! I've typed too much and now it is 6!
          Hurry, hurry!


          the pie is a lie?

          has a nice ring to it...

            But if the pie is a lie, and the cake is a lie, what is there to eat!?!


    Received my Lost Planet 2 Comp t-shirts today! Kind enough of them to give me and my workmate 2 each as well.

    Thanks Kotaku AU!

      2 each?! I got ripped!! I got mine this morning too, but only one! :0 Oh wells! Grateful I got anything at all! I'd almost given up on it getting here! Thanks again capcom/kotaku!

        Opps my bad! I just took a quick look in the bag and thought it was a 2 tone shirt, but turns out there were 2 shirts! 1 Lost Planet and one Dead Rising 2!!! Double w00t!

          A DEAD RISING 2 ONE AS WELL!?!?

          aww mannn haha

          I received my No More Heroes 2 shirt not too long ago - it's gloriously hideous! It's sitting amongst my collection of gaming related goods now - never to be worn in public... plus it's like 2 sizes too big for me :P

            I'm running out of my space to put all this shit in my room.

            I have to agree though that the NMH2 shirt is quite hideous. Put me off preordering it.

              haha yeh - in all honesty it may as well have been a pair of frilly pink knickers :P

                scratch that - frilly pink knickers would have been more useful for me in the next Kotaku Picture comp :P hahahaha

                  You know, I was thinking after that last comp you won, how could you outdo yourself after wearing a Japanese school uniform thing (At least, I think that was you)? Surely there's nothing left!
                  But BAM, "frilly pink knickers".
                  Touché, sir.

            heh yeah! they're both very wearable shirts too! no hiding in the cupboard for these baby's! the dead rising one has a sillhouette of Chuck holding a chainsaw on it with big writing that simply says "What would Chuck do?" written on it, and then a little capcom logo down the bottom! Super kickass!!

              that is so bad ass... why the hell aren't they doing pre-order bonuses with this shirt??

              ...why the hell aren't they doing any pre order bonuses at all?!?!

              silly capcom..


      That's not all either - Splinter Cell Conviction, Lost Planet 2, Assassins Creed 2, AVP and more

      I still got my WfC for $32 all up, so i'm still happy :)

      Speaking of which, I finally caved and bought me a copy.
      I know I shouldn't be surprised, but... playing as Optimus himself is fluffing awesome.

        welcome to the cult, my friend

        If you liked G1 Transformers, there's a special surprise for beating the game. Called the credits.

        Stan Bush is so awesome...

        I'm currently ~45 episodes through G1 DVDs - this is taking longer than I thought...

    @ Chuloopa
    great find didn't have them in the catalog now im more mad paying full price for splinter cell and avp lol

      haha yeh, just saw it this morning - i think maybe this should be stuck up on the main page as a Bargain hunter post maybe? What do you say lovely moderators? haha

    Is anyone else having a GAME insane sale withdrawal?

    When I say insane sale, I meant the 'insane' sale before the official 'insane' sale.

    Hands down, that event was the greatest video game sale in Australian history.

      haha the gusy at my local GAME are fantastic - they explained why the whole "insane" sale ended up being much less insane. Apparently the target was $6mil, but they made around $8mil in the first week alone with all those crazy markdowns, so they had to pull on reigns and change the strat as they already exceeded the target...

      Such a bummer though, i was so pumped and looking forwards to seeing how it could get bigger.

      It really was the best sale in history. let's hope they do it again.
      I doubt they will, but lets just hope and prey.. lol

        I can't stand the guys at my local GAME.

        If the sale never happened, I wouldn't ever step foot into my local.

          Is yours that one on Broadway that people always talk about on ecogamer as the scum hole of the universe?

          Both Game's near me are fantatic - the staff are so freindly and helpful. When things can't be put on hold they conveniently fall behind the counter. When i asked about uncenssoring L4D2, a staff member said he couldn't officially tell me (state managers was standing next to him) and then said to a customer who was obviously a regular "this young man is talking gibberish that i can't understand but i'm sure YOU'LL help him

            When I went to my local GAME to see how much I could get for a SIXAXIS trade in, he stared at me. Then said no such thing existed. So I spent the next 5 minutes arguing the existence of it. It only really stopped when the manager came out and looked through their catalog of peripherals, and I spotted it when i had the opportunity to look through it. Another incident was when I saw someone ask them if they had Gears of War 2 GOTY Edition. The lady just walked to the PS3 section and started looking, then returned and said no. The dude asked her to look in the system, and she she rebutted - I already checked, we don't have it. He asked again, she checked - "Oh, it's for Xbox". Quality stuff there. They just have no clue what's going on.

            Still, I'd rather they not know what's going on, then be rude and arrogant like the guys at EBGames Melbourne Central. Giant bunch of toolbags those guys are.

              haha Melbourne Central - i got patronised by them on the weekend.

              went to EB geelong and the guy was really great. I went in and asked if there were possibly any left over war for cybertron pre-order codes, as some stores usually have stockpiles (i know i used to work at EB a while back) unfortunately he only had PS3 left - he then called every surrounding EB for me. Nice guy.

              Then i went to EB melbourne central... boy o boy. He started off being helpful but it slowly degenerated into me being spoken down to, probably due to the manager who refused to come out even when the guy at the counter was running back ad forth asking questions. I ended up being told "Yeh, pre-order codes - the key words are PRE-ORDER, Maybe you should pre-order next time"

              I'd like to add that EB geelong westfield is usually staffed by nothing by girls who don't know a thing about what they are talking about and are usually stone-faced - the guy on duty on friday i hadn't seen before and was rather refreshing.

                I hate the fact that there are three EBs in the Melbourne CBD but no GAME. The Melbourne Central one is useless, it's too small and their bins are usually the same old nonsense. Out of the three, I don't mind the big one on Swanston St, but mainly cause you can get out of the cold and muck around on the Wiis. There's a guy there who's an arrogant arse though. He catches my tram too, so I sit there for half the trip going "I'm sure I know that guy..." before I click and go "That wanker!". Pardon my French guys.

                EB fires me up. D:

                  hahaha you should ask him, while on the tram, if he would like to trade in his metcard ticket for 1/4 of the price he originally paid (+15% if he has a concession card)

            The Broadway one is shit because it's probably one of the smallest GAME stores in NSW.

            The Pitt St Mall GAME was a gold mine so long as you went before all the office workers come out for lunch.

              Yeh one thing i'm enjoying about having moved to Geelong is that there are 2 GAME stores near by - Westfield geelong and Corio.

              Both stores have proved to be goldmines in their own right and both stock different stuff in most cases. Corio's GAME is massive as well.

              Plus i have the advantage of being able to go to Werribe GAME on my way home on a thursday or friday night as i work in Altona.

              Also the Geelong ones are always a lot quieter than others meaning there are usually still plenty of the titles i want. When i got my Assassins Creed White Edition from Geelong Westfield for $49, they still had several copies left, whilst all others and all EB's were completely sold out for a while :D

          My local GAME store is the greatest! I bought Red Dead Redemption the day it came out, no pre-order and the guy gave me the pre-order bonus and after 10 minutes of talking to him he gave me 1500 microsoft points for free, AWESOME!

            1500 point for free?!?! WTF!!!

            you lucky son of a b...

    yeah it was great sale cant think of a better one

    Ok, I've never done it. I have no idea what it does. I don't want to break the internet by clicking it.
    So, should I, or should I not click the 'Permalink' err link? What dose it do? What wonders await me? Will my dog turn inside out??? Has anyone dared click it before?

      I'ver always thought the exact same thing - i too am still scared to push it...

      By the sounds of it, it's more likely to perm a link... and the only link i can think of is something i certainly don't want permed...

        Rofl, that would be an intense experience. Now I'm way to scared to push it! Thanks!

        I was just about to too, thinking I'd learn about a new species of mammal called a Permal, and the ink which comes from the Permals teets makes a delicious additive to coffee.

          I wonder if Permals would be relates to Invisimals?

      If you pay me 2 internet's I will be a guinea pig and find out...

        Don't be a fool! How will 2 internets help you if you break the space-time barriers???

      *gasps* Arrrrgggh, its also an anagram for "Lime Prank" !! So bitter it will make you swallow your very own lips!

      It gives you a cyberwebs link that when entered in an internet browsing programulator, directs you to exactly the comment you got the permalink for.

      That's right, serious helpful answer. I WENT THERE

        Bish is just a Disinfo Agent. Its all lies, its a trap, its cake all over again!

        And just like that my inner child exploded into bloody chunks of viscera and chum

      Okay, I clicked it, and, I wish this were a joke, my screen was top to bottom comments from Chuloopa and Qumulys. is that different from the usual set up? haha

        No way! Lies!

          I like how both the replies from my own comment and Ryan's are:
          1. Either from Chuloopa or Qumulys.
          2. Posted at the same minute. (1:33 and 1:34 PM)
          3. And all 4 are posted within the span of a minute.

          The only logical conclusion is that they have a whole hivemind thing going on.

            they call us legion, for we are many

            Just don't feed us after midnight, and never get us wet.... shhhhhh

              It's all true! I have the documents to prove it. The real, and truly sinister reason for all their synchronized posting is ... ASSUMING CONTROL!!!! WE ARE ONE!!

      It gives you a link to a particular comment on the page, without the scrolling.

        It was a scary experience. After a brief counseling session, I think I might be back to normal.
        Damn you, science and experimental curiosity...

          Whoa Whoa.. Wait a minute.. Hang on, what are you saying Cracks??? You didn't... no.... Did you go up in surely not... Were they little ???
          What do aliens smell like?

            "It was a secret government experiment. They did stuff to me. Spooky stuff... Anal stuff. It turned me into a dangerous telekinetic. In the words of Ancient Taoist masters, Don't start none... Won't be none."

      You won't break the internet by clicking Permalink.

      You will, however, do so if you google 'google'.

        the permalink is a lie

    I'm impressed - due to a lot of shiz-talking we have managed to get this thread up to 100 on a Tuesday!

    Impressive stuff guys! We may just set a new record for talking amongst Chuloopa!

      I wonder if we can get Kotaku AU lifetime comment statistics. It would be intriguing to see the proportion of total AU comments that originate from the dynamic duo of Chuloopa and Qumulys.

        I'd say i could trump most anyone.

        Seriously i have kotaku based OCD - it makes my partner angry!

        No really - it's an addiction spawned of boredom and loving you guys so damn much - especially you Q-bo!


          ZOMG, it so is time for you to put on those frilly pink knickers, damn that jealous (but extremely hot) girlfriend of yours whose always hating on your love of Kotaku. Fly Loops, fly far far away from her tyranny and come snuggle with me. I'll make an honest man out of both of us and we can run fun experiments in bed to see if its possible to sticky tape ice-cream to spaghetti.

          (Dont really dump her though. Your humour always makes me cack myself, and so if she's with you then she must love that humour too, so she must be pretty damn sweet).

        Heck, I'm but a mere mortal man. I barely even scrape the amounts of Loopys posts! He is a machine, a droid, covered in a biotic skin suit. I can't compete with that!


    Quick - Beowolf is only $2 online at the GAME website - get in quick before all those shiny coasters are gone - free shipping peeps :P

      But you can build armies of THANES!

      Games based on good movies usually turn out bad, so how bad must a game be if it's based on a rubbish movie?

    Soooo Waterworld is the best movie of all time.

    In other news, I applied for my PhD today... Applied mathematics :D
    Hope I get in...

      Damn, that's some brain you're housing there! Good luck Cracks! What do you want to do after all of your tertiary education?

      Holy crap Cracker - that's nuts!

      Feeling of insignificance +1

      5 x 9 ???

        I'm a mathematician, not a damn calculator!
        Also, 45.

          Phwoar! Your good! All I remember from maths was the Pythonagasaurus triangle rule about some hippotamus being related to a couple of spare slides.

          Oh, and Miss Brewney was damn hot! It should be illegal for hot teachers to err teach. I just couldn't concentrate. This also means I dont think Loops should be a teacher... *meooooow!* ;)

      Applied Mathematics?

      Christ I used to do that all the time for my last job... course, in my day we called working out change and counting the till.

      Didn't know you could get a Phd in it.

      Giggity giggity goo!
      My marks were enough to get me into PhD. ^_^
      Now just need to wait for the application to go through, and I can spend the next three years in a mathematical dungeon...

    Topic for today.. Damn you GAME! Damn you and your insane sale! I'm an addict. Have you no sense of responsibility to help those poor lost souls out there.
    I spent my drug money on games, and have not had a paycheque in like.. 4.5 weeks now, and now I'm stuck here at work with a cracking migraine, on the verge of spewing everywhere, and I don't have enough $$ to go to the doctor to get my script refilled!!! GAME IS EVIL!!!

      Just to clarify, so you don't all think I'm some kinda weirdo (which you prolly do despite my previous post anyway :0 ) I'm a video game addict! I'm just unfortunate enough to be a sufferer of crippling migraines :(
      I swear, this is probably the first and ONLY time you'll ever hear me complain about a video game sale! :0

        haha it's ok - i'm a video game addict too - which explains how constantly i'm on here - also because i haven't actually had much time to play the games i've been buys so i take out my urges on you poor folk :D

        You're not a weirdo - you're not the one that dresses in womens clothings to WIN games :D

      See it's because of things like that this my partner is only giving me a $20pw spending allowance... do you guys know how hard that is? haha

        my wife is similar. she has me on a budget of one game a month, which I rarely end up spending anyway due to the lack of games that interest me, but that sale... was just too tempting. 4 games in one day seemed like I was pushing it a bit far, but my reasoning was that the 4 together cost less than one new one at regular price! At the time though, I didn't expect I would go this long without getting paid. Life just loves to kick me when I'm down ;)

          I think life just likes to kick gamers who have compulsive attributes haha

          There are still some games that i'm very tempted to pick up... still wondering if RE5 Gold is worth $38 or not..

          But then K-mart apparently have the Sacred 2 CE for $20 at the moment too..

          BUT THEN AGAIN i already have heaps of games i'm trying to claw my way through.. when i only have a few hours at the most per week to play and i'm pushing through both Mass Effect and War for Cybertron, and trying to work out how to play "Holy invasion of privacy Badman" when the TV is being watched by the misses....

          it's enough to make me cry...

        Would you suggest that us bachelors start a gaming savings account, put a little money in it each month so that when we eventually get tied down there's some nice reserves available for independent purchasing sprees? I suppose it could be used for more than gaming - all the vices disapproved by the missus, like liquour, cigars, fast food... help, I think I caught the "Charlie Sheen"!!

          In answer to your question - yes.

          100 times yes

          Being involved is fantastic, but eventually there will come a time where you have to start thinking of that horrible thing known as the "Future"

          Start a savings now, one that accumulates interest then keep adding to it... Then in the future you will have some money to spend on games.... Until you have a baby in which case she'll declare your game money as baby money..


            Haha, I like the idea of "spend your games money before the baby comes". I think it'll be my new life motto.

              Unfortunately that's the way it seems to work..

              It's a twisted world that you can sell your games for baby money, but you can't sell your baby for games money...

              Yet more evidence that the world is against us gamers..

              Unless you cultivate the baby to become a gamer, then child money becomes game money! I think that was my dad's excuse for buying Bioforge, Dark Forces and Doom.

                and the Atari and Commodore 64 from my dad...

                ...hmm it's all starting to make sense now..

          Just find a female gamer to marry, there are more of us out there than you think.
          My husband keeps me well supplied with games even now that we have a baby, too many games not enough time.

            .... *falls back on chair in pain*...

            it's like millions people cried out at once, and were suddenly silenced...

            I've worked so hard to help my girl enjoy games.. but no matter what i do, or what we play - she just can't get into it.. The occasional racer or soccer game is about all i get.. if i'm lucky...

              Have you told her about the secret geek gamer card she gets, entitling her to free shopping at Chris and Marries Plant Farm??? I know it sold me!

              I know, get her to read Talk amongst Chuloopa and she will see your passion, jump into a Miranda cosplay outfit and fun times shall be had by all.

              *secretly turns on loops webcam

              I've been doing the same with my wife. She loves her older platformers from the PS1 days - your Ratchet & Clanks, Jak & Daxters, Spyro, etc. The only new games I've been able to get her into are the Lego series - we're currently playing through Harry Potter and enjoying it a lot.

              My main hurdle to try and leap is her quote: "I don't like playing anything new because I don't know where anything is". It seems like a nothing kind of question, but it's hell trying to get her to try anything new.

              However she did play a bit of the Reach Beta with me. She hates FPSs but somehow enjoyed bits of that...

                I know yesterday my rant may have sounded like I was having a bit of a go at my mrs forlimiting my game expenditure, but lucky for me, she is a game lover. She's just weird about me spending money on games.. until she plays them! Then she's as stoked as I am about getting them! Except the fighting games anyway.
                Whenever I come home with a new music game like GH or RB though, she'll be all like "another one?"... until I start playing. I'll play 2 or 3 songs, and she'll beg for a go. Then I'll be lucky to play again for the rest of the day :0
                I love having a gamer wife! Luckiest bonus ever! She's possibly the best competition I have at GH and RB in all aspects. She could prolly out guitar half of kotaku! The biggest downside to having a gamer gf/wife though, is it wats in to MY game time quite substantially ;) While most people bitch about their girls complaining that thier other half play too much, I bitch cos we fight over who goes next! I wouldn't change it for anything.. just wish we each had our own consoles and tv's sometimes!

                  wats = eats! :\ damn you morning fingers!

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