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    Is anyone else looking forward to the Melbourne International Film Festival? I am especially looking forward to Joe Dante In Conversation.

      Yea dude I'm heaps keen on it, but I've been a bit slack looking up all the movies. Got the streetpress mag on my lunch break, so gona look through it now.

      i was in a film at the sydney film festival! It was called wasted on the young, and it got an honorable mention.

      I had 2 speaking lines, it was rather epic! :D

    So I started playing the Starcraft Brood War expansion over the weekend because I can't remember what happened. I have a feeling I haven't given myself enough time to get through it prior to next Tuesday.

    Has anyone heard of how much the Stacraft 2 storyline depends on the SC1 Expansion?

      i opened up the sc2 manual in the 7gb download, the whole story's there, but it's spread over 8 pages, a rather epic rehashing of the mission events.

      if you can recall most of the story from SC1, it will fall into place when you re-read it. maybe even mengsk/raynor, possibly even the matriarch "thing". though, i expect youtube will have the cutscenes

      if you read it back to front like i did the first time, i.e. jumping right into brood war and the aftermath, it's almost warhammer 40k ridiculous.

    Can anyone recommend some good ps3/360 JRPG games? Particularly traditional turn based ones (or even tactics style, if the game is good enough). I’d recently come to realise that I’ve totally abandoned the genre since FF X-2 and I’d like to see what the games have to offer these days. I’ve seen trailers for a game called “Cross edge” on the PS3. And I’m somewhat conflicted, the game looks totally awesome. But every review I’ve read is pretty adamant that the game is awful. Has anyone played it?

      Valkyria Chronicles and Lost Odyssey. Can't think of any others I've enjoyed.

        Yeah, and you can pick up Lost Odyssey really cheap from any Game that have it in stock still

        +1 to Valkyria Chronicles. I'm playing through it now and it's about ten shades of awesome.

        If you like the grind, you might find Disgaea 3 floating around out there, but if you don't, you'll want to give that a miss.
        And while we're on the topic of NIS, if Cross Edge piques your interest, I hear Trinity Universe is better (if not great).

        Got Valkiria Chronicles

        If this game isnt good you owe me $28

        The art style reminds me of Borderlands

      Here's a few


      Tales of Vesperia - It's an awesome game but a bitch to find
      Star Ocean 4 - The battle system is great. Everything else isn't.
      The Last Remnant - It could've been better if the developers had more time with it
      Eternal Sonata - Cheap and ok. Then again, I've never played my copy
      Magna Carta 2 - Uncommon game but it's ok as well apparently


      Enchanted Arms - Forgettable but decent battling system.
      White Knight Chronicles - Online game but apparently somewhat tedious

      Afraid all the great tactical RPGS you're after are mostly on PS2 and even then, they're all a real bitch to find.

      Resonance of Fate - interesting battle system, strange story, hilarious characters.

    Hey guys and gals!
    I trust you all had a good weekend.

    I just need so me help - and David, your input would be greatly appreciated.

    I just got my first ever Microsoft points on Saturday - and i need some advice on whats worth the spend.

    I have 3000 points, and i'm already thinking about Getting Deathspank and the 800 point Gears 2 All fronts pack, in preparation for this upcoming multiplied exp thing...

    This leaves me with about 1000 points to spend... so can anyone recommend something else to spend my points on - i was thinking of getting Risk Factions, as that looks like a bit of fun..

    Or should i just save whats left of my points until later?

    Is there anything i've really been missing that i should get onto? Is there anything good on special?


    Cheers guys and gals!

      Check out the Arcade Hits. I know Braid was recently added to it so you can now get it for 800 pts.

        I probably should have mentioned that most things on steam i might already have - i picked up braid while it was on sale a while ago from there - stunning game =)

      Don't have a 360, but off the top of my head, some good ones are Braid, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom and based off the rambling off the interwebs, Limbo also looks pretty cool. No idea how much they cost.

        Isn't PB Winterbottom only on Steam?

          Gah! Now my mind is confused. I played it at a mates, and both his 360 and PC is connected to his TV. So now I can't remember what I played it on. Pretty sure it's on XBLA. Wikipedia says so. And so does kotaku:

      Trials HD is loads of fun, so is Shadow complex. I think they are both 800 ms points.

        If you've not got into Trials yet, I'd 2nd this. Its the kind of game you can get away with a fun 5 minute session (while waiting for the lady to get ready) or a 5 hour session (while waiting for the lady to get ready to purchase mittens) if you really want to beat your PB's on a course.

        Yeah? I'm pretty sure those were 1200.

        If they happen to be 800 i'll certainly pick up one of those - but Fatshady will probably kick me if i don't get trials :P

          GT: FatShady Live
          Send a FR for some Trials HD fun guys!

      Street Fighter 2 HD Remix or Casltvania Syphony of the Night, can't go wrong with these 2 classics.

      One word; DEATHSPANK!

        haha well as i said Deathspank is already the first purchase :P

        I just need to work out what to spend my remaining 1000 points on... hmm perhaps i should just save them

      TRIALS HD.... no question

        but it's 1200 points :( i don't have 1200 to spare - only 1000

    Hey again!

    Here's a money saving post for all gamers like me on a budget.

    Some of you may be wondering how i got a $55 3000points card on a $20 a week budget.

    Well it only cost me $35 (i had to use next weeks money in advance lol)


    Well at the moment Sacred 2 (360) is $20 at K-mart and in pretty plentiful stock at all K-mart's i've been to.

    It also has a $30 trade value (not sure on ps3 version) at JB Hi Fi. JB are still selling it second hand for $90-90 and new for $99. Pretty crazy.

    JB has a max trade of 2 of the same games, so 2 sacred 2 @$20 = $60 credit at JB.

    So if you guys are looking for one or two things and want to save $20 from the total, i suggest you do this as soon as you can.

    Jb update and change things VERY regularly though, so i suggest you go and ask what the trade value is BEFORE you buy Sacred 2 to trade it in.

    Hope this is useful to you guys :)

      Lol hacks!

      But if you want to get cheap MS Points or Live subscription time, etc, go to:

      Lots of cheap prepaid cards there. Very prompt, and it works (yes, I've used it several times).

        Oh i already know about gamecard - it's super cheap.. but not $35 for 3000 points cheap :p lol

        my next save up will be for a 12 month live card from there :) occasionally have cheap points, and often have discount vouchers and codes that you can find around the web.
      I ordered 9000 points for $115. I think I've got a bit of a problem.

    Does anyone have an idea what Mega Man Universe would be like??

    The trailer kind of implied that instead of regular enemies from the Mega Man series, Cutman, Woodman etc, there would be characters from the Capcom Universe ie. Ryu and Arthur.

    Anybody else agree that this is a Zany prospect, but kinda hella awesome ??

    Grrrrr. Why is it so hard to find a correct fitting beanie??? Its winter, I get cold. These are things out of my control, and thusly, I reserve my right to look like a giant cock and wear a beanie. I like simple beanies, not poxy ones with No Fear written on them.
    But, I'm suffering beanie creep. The back of my beanie is slowly rising upwards. This in turn folds my hair upwards, as opposed to its normal flowing direction. Upon beanie removal time, I'm left with upresponsive crinkled hair. This will not do.
    I'm sure somewhere, out there, there is the perfect fitting beanie for my veluptuous skull. So if you're reading this and you are the perfect fitting beanie with small beanie hands to type with, let me know and together we'll create the perfect place to raise some lice. :)

      I got mine from Target! It's mostly just dark grey with a light grey border that runs around the edge. Why yes I am a high-class fashionista, how could you tell? ;D
      But yeah, a few weeks ago I got a haircut and the lady practically shaved me, and the icy morning/evening air stung like a thousand giant needles prodding my head with a thousand tiny needles who in turn were also prodding me with a thousand microscopic needles (possibly an exaggeration).
      Maybe I have a weird shaped head, but it measures about 18cm in diameter and 18cm in depth. No need to fold it up as if you tilt it right, it stops just above you eyes.
      My sister says I look like a hobo wearing it, but that's something I can live with.

        Don't knock target - i get some good retro tees from them... transformers, atari... more transformers...

      You should get one of those Russian ear-flap fur hats, if you're going to look silly may as well go all out....

        The Ushanka is the greatest winter wear ever! Far superior than a beanie.

      I recommend Thinsulate beanies, never found anything better...

        Strangely, that is the brand I have. I may have damaged it though by washing it, then putting it in the dryer... It just keeps riding up now :(

    Just like to mention my love of great English comedy shows. In particular The IT Crowd, which is now in its 4th season after a very long wait and break. So, if you somehow have some means to watch it, go have a good laugh! Otherwise you can wait until 2012 (possibly december) for it to finally reach our ABC....

    For those that have watched it... I HAVE to get one of those T-Shirts with ROFL written on it with the picture of Rolf Harris' face. :D

      The IT Crowd is THE BEST brittish comedy i have seen since Red Dwarf

      I really need to buy the box set from Zavvi...

        I disagree, i would say SPACED is the best brittish tv show

          SPACED is pretty awesome. I love how a heap of Simon Pegg movies reference it...

        I agree with Christian, Spaced wins hands down.
        I quite like the IT Crowd, but it's a bit hit and miss.

          The IT Crowd and Spaced (Fantastic shows btw) are nothing compared to the brilliance of Black Books. I love that show.

      Can we all at least agree that Brittish comedies are all far superior to anything Oz puts out? I also like Ideal, Peep Show and of course the Suprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar :)

      Yes, it will be a little while before S4 it reaches the ABC. We're only just now digitizing series 3. Just yesterday we did the 2nd ep of S3 I think it was.

      It was the one where Roy and Moss make some new *friends* at the pub

    So did anyone end up picking up one of those $198 Wii's on the weekend?

    If so, what games did you go for to compliment the shiny new purchase?

      Where was that?

    In reverse to Andrews question from earlier:

    Are there any good RPG's on 360 that have real time combat?

    I've played both ME's and DA's, Fallout 3, Alpha Protocol and now I'm re-playing ES4-Oblivion.
    I'd prefer a party based game... but it's not a deal breaker.
    Anyone know if KOTOR 1&2 are backwards compatible on 360?

      While technically both KOTOR 1 & 2 are backwards compatible on the Xbox 360, I wouldn't bother. They both lag and freeze ridiculously often. As in the games froze for me on average roughly every 10 minutes.

        Hmmm, I wonder if you were unlucky or if I was lucky. I barely had any problems.

          Can't remember too well (it was a couple of years ago...), but I had heaps of frame-rate drops, and really horrible screeching noises, certainly from the second game...

      I'm positive the original KOTOR is BC, as is Jade Empire because I've played them on my 360. No idea about the KOTOR 2, but I would assume yes. The first is much better anyway.

    Hey David, I sent an email to your TIPS address about BLACKLIGHT: TANGO DOWN not being released in Australia, even though Xbox Australia advertised it to the XBL community prior to the game's launch.

    It was a pretty lengthy email dude. Any news on that?

      We covered this on Friday - - and I'm continuing to follow up with both Ignition and the Classification Board. It's not an Xbox Australia matter.

        Oh sweet as! Sorry dude, must've missed the post. Cheers!

    I've given up on Xbox, my 360 got the RROD for the 3rd time and I've had enough. It's a shame, because they're controllers are amazing and I hate the PS3's controllers. But, atleast I can rely on my PS3.

    If only there was a way to use the 360's controllers on my PS3...

      Is it 3 times for the one xbox, or have you bought 3 separate boxes?

      If it's the one xbox that you just keep getting repaired then the problem is that you need to buy a newer model... especially if yours would be a launch model.

      Elites are super cheap at the moment and have a much lower failure rate.

      They are also half the price of a PS3 anyway...

        Same Xbox everytime. I'd love to upgrade to a newer model, but financially, my priorities lie elsewhere.

        I'm thinking I'll get it fixed, then trade it and everything with it, and re-buy all my favourite games for the PS3.

        How much do ya reckon I'd get for a 2007 model 360 at EB's?

          my options were fix rrod for $170 (through M$) or buy a new elite for $249 (at JB), so i bought one. would def turn out cheaper than fixing, trading in toward ps3, trading in all games toward ps3 versions of them. That actually sounds like your worst possible option...

            Same here.
            First console (launch model) bit the dust hell early on, so MS told me to return it to retailer for exchange (weird, no?). Second console RRoD'd twice - once in warranty, the other not. Rather than the ~AU$170 MS wanted to fix the thing, I figured I'd upgrade to an Elite for $250 - the Elite had 6x the hard drive space, would be far less likely to RRoD again in the future, included a new controller and headset (bringing the total to 4 ^_^), and came bundled with a bunch of games.
            It's quite likely at this stage that the trade-in value of an '07 model Xbox will be less than the repair fee that Microsoft will ask of you (unless it's within the 3-year warranty period for RRoD).

      Get one of the new Xbox 360 Slims. They don't even have a red ring!

      Personally I prefer PS3 controllers to 360. 360 ones are bricks!

        Yeah have heard about these, there a few options on Play Asia, yet heard that there is quite a few lag issues and drop outs in connection, especially when using Arcade Sticks.

    Kinda of a serious request from me today. Does anyone know of a list of all the game developers in Melbourne? I'm planning to go knocking on some doors with my music and see if they're interested, even willing to work for free.
    Cheers :)

      This is not a complete list as i believe there are more, but I'd need to confirm them before I put em on the list.
      To start you off though, check out the following.

      Acheron Design
      Big Ant Studios
      Blue Tongue
      Fun Burger
      Ironmonkey Studios

        Super huge thanks welbot :D I'll track them down now much easier! For your services, look down, for I am there already ninja style masaging your feet. If by some chance I'm not there by the time you look down, this is just proof of how ninja I am. Being a ninja, I'll tell you one bit of top secret info, we all wear pirate undies.

          You might want to give Redtribe a miss. Just sayin'.

          heh.. I used to work for Krome studio's and I never even knew they had a melbourne branch :0 SO yeah. Add them to the list. I also have a friend who works for a little studio called Cokoon. They're not primarily a game company, but at the moment they're working on an iphone game or two.

          thats really funny, because i know pirates don't even have undies because it's more stealthy

          Qumulys - I just spoke to my friend at Cokoon, and she said they would be interested in seeing what you have to offer. She said just send her a copy of your resume and any portfolio work you have, and she'll get you in for an interview. Dunno if there'll be any pay involved or not, but I guess that's up to you to sort out between yourselves. I'm not sure if she'd want me posting her email addy in here, so if you want her details, email me.. dondalinger at hotmail

            Thats awesome!! See what a well executed massage can acheive everyone?? Big thanks welbot, I sent you some mail, hope it gets there.... :)

              Recieved and replied! Hope things go well for you!

                Thanks again welbot, your speed and help has been awesome, too awesome in fact! I'm madly working on finalising some songs and uploading them to soundcloud. It might be a few more days until I can contact Cokoon, I'm still sorting a resume for them. :)

                  And that, folks, is what makes Kotaku AU so great.

    So I'm bored sitting in a Smartboard lecture. My opinion is they are absoulute rubbish for wriitng on. The screen lag makes any writing look like a four year olds best attempt.

      Pen and paper is far cheaper and accurate :P

        But pen and paper isn't 'smart'. Ye Gods, what is the world coming to?!?

        But seriously, how is the board 'smart'? How can bombs or cars be 'smart'? It defies logic. Sure, the technology can be particularly clever, but I think people are misappropriating the word 'smart' here...

          When SkyNet takes over the world, they will remember this comment and hunt you down.

            At least I'LL still have my pen and paper! :D

              pfffft, pens run out of ink, and paper can be torn. I vote for Etch-a-Sketch!!!!11

                but what happens if you fall over or you have to run and it gets all shook up?!

                  Well, thats easy. As a precautionary backup, I make sure to carefully trace my etch-a-sketch work with pen and pap....damn you! :p

    I absolutely hate it that Channel 9 can pass of old episodes of Top Gear as new. I stopped watching for a while because of this, but tuned in last night for the episode where they 'reveal The Stig's identity'... Turns out it was the Schumacher episode.
    Damned false advertising.
    Put the show back on SBS.

      Apparently next week's in a new series. They're advertising it as being fasttracked from the UK. Sounds promising.

        The new Season of Top Gear which has started in the IK will be up to episode 5 by the time the 1st episode is shown on channel is this "FAST" channel 9??

      I also hate that they can pass off Wednesday for Saturday!!

        hahaha that shits me too.. Hey Hey it's what day? :0

          i swear it makes Thursday the new Monday..
          "Shit, i have to go back to work tomorrow"

          I HATE having 2 Monday's a week!

        And yet I tolerate that because I seem to be developing a yearning love / desire for Suze Raymond.

          i feel the same way... about plucka though...

    So i finally got off my arse and started a blog

    Any of you guys have a blogger account i can follow?

      Not as an insult, but i didn't even think most people did much in the way of blogs anymore... i still remember the good old days when i maintained one through livejournal lol

      I must say, that title banner is absolute frikken genius - i love it to bits!

      Consider my day officially made!!!

      (Kotaku is so great, it "makes" so many of my days of the week)

        The heyday of blogging has come and gone. I consider it to have been between 2006 – 2008. I just wanted an outlet to post my stupid Photoshop pictures online. I actually had a somewhat popular blog on MySpace (back when MySpace was still a site people went to) in two years I had over 1000 subscribers. And that was just basically posting the most stupid nonsense I could think of. This blog will be different. I’m not really going to do much writing (my grammar and spelling is horrible anyway) I’ll just update it every now and then with an Aussie themed gaming piece mixed with my idea of comedy.

        Wow. That title banner *is* amazing. Mind blown.

          It was part of a Photoshop project that never got finished.

          Rock band: Bruce Lee edition

          Featuring Bruce lee on every instrument. I got around to doing Bruce but never finished all the cover art. So I just slapped my name on it and made it a banner.

      I can make a shameless plug to my indie developer blog that you're more than welcome to follow :D

      I've only got 4 followers, including myself :'(

    Anyone here playing Alien Swarm? I want to give it another crack tonight, since I've got a four day weekend. Come on peeps, it's free!

    I'll probably be in the SDK all weekend, too...

      YES! And I'm loving it!!

      Was I playing with you last night? your name looks familiar... My SteamID is _makio_

        Pretty sure you did! Good fun!

        A shame my house mate changed the router settings and now Steam is messed up and I have no idea what to do.

          haha yeh it's an awesome game - but on my laptop i have to run it on min settings :(

    Anyone else getting an error code when trying to sign in to the PSN?

      I just signed in and managed to get on to the PS Store and synced my trophies.

      Also, Arkham Asylum has 2 new (well, new to me) challenge maps, Crime Alley and Villians or something like that. But they're $4.25 each. Anyone tried it before? Want to know if it's worth downloading.

        Not at $4.25! Perhaps if they were half that and you had the loose change burning holes in your pockets...

        Otherwise, it's the same old challenges just in new locations.

    I feel weird.
    Haven't gamed for days (because I got a Kindle for my birthday) and I don't even miss it.
    Something must be wrong with me.

      That said, whenever I do take breaks from gaming, I usually end up reading too. Not really sure why now that I think about it. I guess they both serve as escapist entertainment?
      But back to the topic at hand, WITH FIRE

      I love the smell and feel of books far to much the ever own a kindle...

      Reading things on an LCD screen just seems too far detached. Even for all of it's convenience i just won't be able to do it...

      ...So instead every day i come to work i'm carrying an 800 page tome with me... lol

      I always thought I'd never get an e-reader too. But I read so fast I've run out of space to store all my books, and it's way cheaper to get a kindle version than a paperback/hardcover. I've read six books this week and only paid around US$40 all up.

      The Kindle's screen is actually more like Harry Potter's Marauder's Map. It really does look like ink on a page. Except it moves and it's scary.

      And true witches don't burn, you have to...oh, ahhm...nothing.

        Ah, but I 'collect' my books. While an e-reader may work out cheaper and more convenient, nothing beats walking into my bedroom and seeing hundreds of books on the shelves.

          Exactly.. and nothing beats seeing the white marks on the spine of a large book after you've read it and thinking "yep... *I* read that!"

          But it's the same with my games too.. i just like tangible evidence on my hard spent money. lol

          ...the only downside is finding shelf space :P

    I saw on the news this morning that apparently BRIGGS is trying out for soccer now! :D


    for he's a jolly good fellow
    for he's a jolly good fellow
    for he's a jolly good felloooooowwwwww

    or at least so it seems!
    or at least so it seems!
    or at least so it seems!
    for he's a jolly good felloowwwwwww
    or at least so it seems!

    all the best buddy boy!!!

    soooo... whatcha get?!?!

      Happy Birthday Qumulys!!
      May your day be full of gaming goodies, hugs from your kids, and of course...CAKE!

        you better not be lying about that cake... :P

        Cheers Strange! It will be a busy day, but I'm gonna try and fit in a Super Street Fighter 4 contest (Thanks to Dave and Kotaku!) with the kids and my nanna :)

        Also, the cosmos works in mysterious ways as my kids school is doing a production of Annie tonight (obviously just for me) so my kids will be dressed as orphans for the rest of the day :) So that makes extended gaming take a back seat.

        I wish I had the time today, but I see the movie powers that be, gave me a present of releasing "Inception" today. It looks like a pretty sweet movie and has some good reviews. Anyone seeing it today?

          Happy Birthday! Bit late, but I only just got back. Anyway, Inception will be awesome! I'm super pumped to watch it tomorrow!

      Haha thanks mate :D Kids did me breaky in bed and got me a guitar slide and some drum sticks. I also ordered some fish in the post, but they wont arrive til next week now :( But on the super plus side, I got my huge box of crap from Dave THANKS DAVE!!! He also popped in a wicked PS beach towel which was a nice surprise. I'm just waiting for my next poo to arrive so I can take the art book in for a good gander. All in all, a great start to the day :D

        hahaha yeah mine arrived today too!! I may have not got a bonus towel, but damn i got some cool stuff.. i'm so excited!!
        My posable facehugger, now affectionately known as "dave the fachugger", is perched on top of my monitor at work for the rest of the day now!

        Looks like we both got pressies from dave for your birthday!! haha

        Was yours covers in about 2 books worth of stamps too?! haha i love it!!

        THANKS DAVE :D

        Another made day thanks to Kotaku!

        Sound like some good pressies you got.. i'm a little worried about the whole mail-order fish though.. lol

        Oh i also had my costume for next weekend arrive! I'm going as a necromancer (eeeee geek!!! :D). Now to make the alterations... i'm going to try and make a staff with a battery operated plasma ball on top!

        Happy birthday!
        May all your Princesses be in *this* castle, and 1-UPs abound.

        "I also ordered some fish in the post"
        guys i'm pretty sure fish need water to live and i dont think the postie will appreciate his mailbag smelling fishy

        Oh man, so I was looking a Wikipedia for things notable about July 22 (Apart from your birthday of course, oh ho ho ho) and apparently it is also Ratcatcher's Day. This knowledge is my birthday gift to you! Happy birthday!

          ROFL, I share a birthday with Selena Gomez! My kids will be wrapped, I however and much more prouder to support the fine work the Ratcatching industry performs for us.

        HAHAH Big thanks to all! So, loopy will be in the next castle then is what your saying??

        Loops, YES, I cracked up laughing when I saw the stamps, it was like a whole army of them were taking over the box! Awesome

        I always order my fish in the post. I know it sounds bad, but they seem to be fine even after a few days. None of the shops around me stock anything worth buying fish wise, so I have no other choice.

          What type did you get?

          please tell me it's a white pointer...

            Nope, not a white pointer, but a big bunch of Otocinclus, a rather dull looking fish type, but they are great little algae eaters. Algae has become my mortal enemy, I primarily am into growing under gardens (there is a pic of my tank in the ninja contest a while back), so I pump CO2 via gas bottles in like crazy and at the moment my plants are losing, algae is winning :( its a big mess! Arghghghgh

    A steampunk successor to The Last Airbender (the series) announced! :D

      Thanks for pointing that out, I cant wait.

    Help me Kotakuns.

    I just bought Nerf rifles at Target... how / what should I mod first?

      Go bust down an old printer and use the motor to supercharge the launcher! Then add a tactical nuke launcher, just for laughs.

      Is there any way to make it paint a target onto your foe when you target them for a few seconds, and then a few seconds later ninjas drop from the sky to slaughter your enemy?

      If so, that should be your first mod of choice. Hell, I bet you can't find any video game that allows you to drop sky ninjas onto a target from the usage of a long-distance rifle, can you?



    It's extra video game buying time!

      I hope mine is in today. I want to payoff the credit card that bought the games in advance.

        Having just done a little research it looks like the ATO are really having a hard time of it this year getting things processed. Pity because this is the first time I got my crap together and did my tax on the 1st of July.

      Yeah, I read the whirlpool forum thread about it. Many of the people who lodged their returns on the 1st pretty much got burnt in the order of things.

      I did mine on the 5th too. You should have it before the end of the month though.

    got the demo for limbo last night and holy crap, it's pure spooky awesome!

    you know whats even better? My partner actually liked it!!!
    she actually PLAYED it!!!

    color me tickled pink!

      Grabs his edible paint set. I'm painting you reminiscant of that titanic scene. Creeped out yet? KING ME NOW! lol
      Great to hear your partner is digging a game, I hope it last for your sake! :D

      Completely unrelated - I sent you a steam friend request to "Chuloopa", is that your steam id?

        it sure it - i tried to add you a while ago but it wouldn't let me for some reason.. maybe i wasn't doing it right... but i think steam was just trying to keep me away from you... they want you to themselves the bastards!!

        and i'll just go get my jewel necklace...

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