Team Fortress 2's Engineer Goes Golden, May Build Not-Dyin' Machine

Brace yourself for the long awaited, sure to be slowly deployed Engineer update for Team Fortress 2. Valve's kicking anticipation off for the final (for now) class update by giving the sentry-buildin' Engie a golden wrench and... something else.

What clues await us in the newest TF2 comic? More information about the long running BLU versus RED war, fought by two men wielding immortality granting Not-Dying Machines. Yes, the Engineer may be taking some advice from the Scout for an all-new mechanical creation.

What does the golden wrench, buried within the latest Team Fortress 2 update, portend? Well, that wrench apparently turns the Engineer's victims into gold Australium statues, a potential new melee attack for the stay-at-home class. Valve slathers on the Team Fortress 2 lore in a new comic, explaining the "moustache science" powers of Australians borne from a unique transformative element.

Mr Engineer is virtually guaranteed to get himself a fancy new shotgun, but what else? Robots? Mechanical arms? An immortality dispenser? We'll update as things go up!

Loose Canon [Team Fortress Blog]


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