Team Fortress 2's Next Update Is Fan-Made

Polycount's Team Fortress 2 competition is over, the winners, announced. What does this mean for you, the average Team Fortress 2 player? It means that a whole bunch of new stuff is about to appear in-game, and free of charge.

Crafted by members of Polycount's community - a refuge for video game artists - these items have been given developers Valve's blessing and will soon be turning up as unlockable in-game items. What's more, Valve reckon that the standard of entrants was so high that even those not making the final five "will one day find their way in to Team Fortress 2".

I love the tank buster, if not for its appearance than for the fact even its text looks like an actual TF2 update, but I think my heart truly belongs to the Holy Mackerel. Because if there's one thnig more humiliating than having a jar of piss smashed in your face, it's being beaten to death by a fish wrapped in newspaper.

The Team-Fortress 2 ‘Polycount Pack' Winners [Polycount]


    If only Valve cared as much about the Left 4 Dead series as they do TF2.

      So true.. L4D is supposed to get more god damn DLC in regards to L4D2's The Passing but when the hell will we see that?!

      Some new weapons in L4D would be nice i'm over the conventional 5 + pistol we have.

    @Dire Wolf
    They do....
    It's just much, much, much harder to create campaigns for Left 4 Dead in comparison to creating maps like the ones for Team Fortress 2
    Plus have you forgot the Passing and the weekly update from Mutations?

    I love that croc sniper pack. That is my favourite by far :D

    Fezes are cool.

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