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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like the easiest game you've ever played.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question...

Last Friday I asked you about the hardest game you've ever played. Now, how about the easiest? I'm not talking about games with really easy difficulty settings (like Bayonetta) or those games that simply don't go in for a challenge (like Animal Crossing). I mean the kind of game that you couldn't fail at even if you tried. So, what is the easiest game you've ever played?

Me? Battletoads, obviously. Piece of cake, that one. Finished it in my sleep. Twice over. You?


    Wario land (super mario 3) for Gameboy. OMFG think i passed that with out dieing in 40mins. easiest game eva!

    Heavy Rain

    The recent open-world Prince of Persia made it impossible to die (your companion would always save you from the brink), and most climbing, wall running, & other actions were all handled with the one button.

      Although that was kinda just a mechanism to avoid a loading screen when you die. In battles it was a little more ridiculous. Either way I'd also have to say that particular PoP. It's not like it wasn't enjoyable because of it, just made it kinda relaxing to play if you cranked your own music while playing it.

        i dunno PoP was definetly the easiest game ive played it some time

        but its easiness imo did make it less enjoyable to the point where after the 2nd lot of task and realising the puzzles were also getting no harder because you could go to any zone at any time so they couldnt scale difficulty there either

        that i was just playing for the end of the story and boy was that a kick to the nether regions

    How about CSI Hard Evidence for Xbox 360? It's the only game I've got 1000 gamerscore on... well, my missus did ;)

    It's pretty easy...

    Alan wake, horror games aren't scary when you are near invincible.

    The easiest game I have ever played would have to be Assassins Creed, simply because the AI in fight sequences was too easy to overcome. They addressed the problem slightly with upgradeable weapons and armour in 2 but it is still quite easy with the most basic weapons from start to finish to complete the game.

    Dante's inferno on easy... because normal was too annoying for such a repetitive game.. how the hell is there such a big gap between the two?!

    And goose... don't try to fool us... we know you've beaten it 3 times in a coma.. don't be modest

      lol yeah, Dante's Inferno on "classic"... the difference between that and "zealot" is ABSURD. It goes from "baby's first god of war game" to "GOD OF WAR WASN'T HARD ENOUGH HUH HERE YOU GO!".

      ...and then if you go new game+, the game becomes absurdly easy again. Oh well!

    Dearest Doervits,

    Is it true that Dead Rising 2 will be released in Australia UNCUT?

    Stephan Kold-Labia, Chief Medical Officer.

    I've gotta say the easiest recent game? Modern warfare 2. Seriously. We breezed through it in 5 hours without dying more than three times I recall. Shockingly disappointing.

    Wanted: Weapons of Fate... the duck and cover system and health regeneration is so over the top that you can't die. Good for trophy whoring though.

    The original Army of Two. It was all over in 5 hours or so. So disappointed, that I just went straight back to EB and got my money back. It was just so very easy. Shoot everything you can see, and if you die, get revived. Then continue.

    The easiest game I’ve ever finished was Alone in the dark on PS3. I had to reload because of glitches more times than I died. The game is horrible; everything about it is half baked and feels sloppy. The only reason I got the game was because the “inferno” edition exclusive to the PS3 was apparently a massive improvement. But if you read the fine print, you can see that it’s an improvement from something that already practically unplayable.

      I fell under the same trap. Alone in the Dark Inferno is still a shocking game.

      Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (PS2) however was a brilliant classic.

      As for the easiest game I ever played, it'd have to be Kingdom Hearts 2. I only felt challenged by the optional Sephiroth fight but even then, it was nothing compared to fighting him in the original.

    Sherlock Holmes and the mummies curse (or something like that) on PC.

    City of the Lost Children (PSOne).

    Paid full price. From start to finish it took 20 something minutes.


    Gitaroo Man... Even though the last level is 'full on' compared to the rest of the game. The game is over in 9-10 levels... the levels are the length of a song...

    Completed in an hour or so! Despite that, the game was awesome and has some catchy J-Pop songs in it as well!

    mmm yep, had a run or two of Battletoads over breakfast this morning myself Dave.

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