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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like the best single moment in gaming you've had that wasn't intended by the designer.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question...

Sometimes, the best moments aren't what the designer intended. Be it taking down the ultimate dragon in Everquest, or sneaking in an Alliance party to gank Thrall. Maybe you hacked some server settings to decrease gravity, or increase speed. Maybe you came up with your own game inside the game, one that was more fun?

Other than just plain cheating, what's the best of these moments you've had?

Me? I loved sneaking into Old Ironforge for some duels. They felt epic because there was this giant, uninhabited city underneath Ironforge. My Modern Warfare team also modded Sabotage mode to make a "hot potato" bomb scenario, in which the bomb timer wouldn't reset when defused. Respawn timers also increased over time, raising the value of stealth as the game went on.

And of course, watching guilds better than mine do things like kite a dragon into Orgrimmar is always great fun :)


    For me... Walking up to a Street Fighter 2: The Ultimate Warrior machine that had been 'frozen' with Guile, on Zangief's stage no less, and proceeding to unfreeze guile and continue playing until the end.



      Invisible throws ftw!

    I remember playing a mod of Halo 3 with pistols head shots and one person being infected with faster running and higher jumping turned right up. And slowly one by one everyone getting infected. It was hilarious watching someone in one of those mongose getting run done by someone who was infected. Plus everyone had mikes and there was heaps of funny banter going on and there was no lag. And the best part I had a sickie that day. Bloody fantastic day that was.

    Mine I think would be managing to, in FFVIII (my favorite), upgrade from the revolver gunblade straight to the lionheart (strongest weapon in the game) as soon as Balamb Garden became mobile. I used the strategy guide to match all possible enemy locations with their item-drop percentages and was a great moment in my gaming past.

    Probably the best ever day recorded in my life was due to:
    1st - Chucking a sicky.

    2nd - Polishing off a Toni Pepperoni pizza.

    3rd - Demolishing said pizza whilst watching "Running man" which was coincidentally on TV whilst I was channel surfing.

    4th - and to complete the day, after constantly getting smashed by the last boss - Old King Allant, I concocted a way which I thought was stocking up on heaps of arrows, had my thiefs ring on, so he could not attack me as he just stood there at the end of the corridor.
    Allowed the makoto sword to drain more than 2/3rds of my life, and then added the ring that gave me extra strength when I was low on HP and arrowed him for what seemed like a good 10mins...and he FINALLY WENT DOWN !!

    Aye...twas a good day.

    Jumping off the first bridge in Assaul on the Control Room in the first Halo. That was awesome.

    I haven't actually made anything that spectacular but I am amazed by what people have done with LBP and I have to throw in Home. It's so much fun to fuck with people. The way I use that "game" is definitely not the way they intended.

    Beetle Adventure Racing on the N64.

    Once some of my friends and I realized how easy this game was to "break" (get off of the intended track and drive around in the background until you fell down through the earth, etc), and how the physics allowed you to jump or bounce over most obsticles, we spent weeks playing the game with no intent but to climb mountains in the background, or drive around on supposedly inaccessable beaches.

    any shooter that supports enough bullet holes on the same wall to write penis legibly

    At LAN parties with my mates playing Halo 2, we used to have a thing called "Ring Of Death" on Ascenscion. We would set the weapons to swords only, then make an unofficial rule that you could only attack in the circle. Great fun.

    Two words. Noob Tubes.

    I don't think Infinity Ward realized what they had created when they put those into the game. I hate them so god damn much, yet I love to use them because they're fun. Everyone secretly loves them...

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