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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like when do you game?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question...

When do you play your games? Do you have a favourite time? Favourite day? Or is it a case of trying to find a few moments of spare time when you can get it?

Me? Obviously I play games all day. That's what games journalists do, right? Not really. I'm in the office most days, and I don't have any consoles to play in the office. I take Mondays off to work from home and play games I'm considering writing about. I also try to play a couple of nights a week, typically starting around 10pm and playing until I can no longer stay awake. The weekend is generally when I get most of my gaming done, and also where I play whatever I want rather than those I'm working on. Weekend gaming is for pleasure, not business.


    I do on average half an hour to an hour of gaming during the week. As a result I stick to nice easily digestible games like multiplayer games (altitude is a particular favorite). The weekend is when I really sink my teeth into a title and try to make some solid progress.

    In weekends I game a bit at morning and afternoon but mostly game at night. But during weekdays when I get home from Work I play for an hour or two.

    I usually play most weeknights nights

    Only the friday+weekends really, the rest of the week is filled with uni funness!

    usually from 10pm till 3am(or the sun comes up) when ever i get a chance. finding time for gaming is not as easy as it used to be.

    weeknights after dinner.. so about 8pm-10/11pm.

    I stay up far too late most evenings to play, once the missus has gone to bed. But my favourite time is early Saturday morning, for some reason. I think it stems from getting up to watch all the cool cartoons on Saturday when I was a kid.

    I'm sometimes on call on the weekend, for 12 hours at a time. That time is spent playing spacies until I get a call. I spent over 20 hours playing Read Dead last weekend while oncall. Good times.

    Whenever I get a spare moment! I'm actually losing interest in gaming, although when Starcraft 2 comes out I will be dedicating more time to gaming.

    Either a Monday or Tuesday night when i don't have much on - or on the weekends if i get some time

    I usually play for a couple of hours between getting home from work and eating dinner. I don't often play after dinner anymore, that's usually shared time for the missus and me to watch TV etc. Unless after dinner, sometimes she will facebook or play games on her laptop, which means that I can use the TV to play video games.. it kinda depends on what games I'm playing at the moment. If it's a shiny new game that I've only just started, I usually take any spare time I can to play it.

    On the weekends I do tend to play for quite a few hours at a time, depending on what else I have to do. Basically, as long as I know that I don't have any other responsibilities or obligations, then I'll play my video games. I don't usually play late into the night anymore, as I've gotten older, that's gotten a lot harder... I'm usually yawning around 9pm!

    Anyhow, now I'm waiting to finish work for the day , the missus is going out tonight, so I will have heaps of time to play BlazBlue and Blur which I picked up today for a song!

    I game most week nights.
    Once the kids are in bed and the missus is settled down watching her girly shows on TV, thats my time to game.
    I get a good two to three hours a night. Unless theres something in particular I want to watch, or a PPV event or something.
    Weekends, not really. Going out, people visiting, watch a movie, etc etc.

    I have set a rule with myself though. . . never game when the kids are up and about. I dont ever want to be neglecting them just to play a game.
    Barak Obama said the same thing when he was elected into office "Put down the Xbox controller and spend some time with your children."

    Hey David. . .
    Do you/can you claim gaming as a tax deduction?
    The Mondays you spend at home gaming do you claim that as work hours? Do you get paid for it?
    How does that work exactly?

    I mean, Im a graphic artist, so work I do from home I get paid for. My new home PC I can claim. Any self graphics research and education I do at home I can claim.

      Yes, and yes.

        Man! Id be clocking up hundreds of hours overtime!
        "Sorry kids, daddy is working."

    Each weekday I tend to spend a couple of hours gaming after work and dinner, unless I need to go shopping or have some sort of social gathering.

    Weekends I usually get to game in the mornings for a few hours. If I'm lucky I may also get time in the afternoon and evening.

    when do i game? every damn chance i get!! ;)

    I grab hours when I can, although since i got a job which has me on a computer for most of the day I've been steering away from computer games at home.
    Consoles are getting all my attention lately, even with the engie TF2 update.
    Generally find time in the evenings or afternoon on weekends.

    Generally after dinner and washing up, so from about 830 onwards is the main times when it starts...

    I'm an early bird, so I'm up early on the weekends where I can get 2-3hrs of gaming (inbetween loading up the washing machine) in the morning before the girlfriend gets up. And depending on what we are doing on the weekend to work out if more can be had.

    The girlfriend likes gaming as well, currently we are playing LEGO Harry Potter together, aside from the glitches the game has, it's a bunch of fun! So many collectibles in the game!

      Ha, so I'm not the only one who gets up early on the weekend to game/laundry while my g/f sleeps in!

      We're playing Mario Galaxy 2 together, but I might give LEGO Harry Potter a crack now.

        How awesome are we! Doing work and play at the same time? Who said men can't multi-task! :p

        LEGO is great for co-op play, but certainly take warning, there are some major issues with the game.

        We've had the game lock up at one part about 10 times before getting past it, and the random one here and there. Also read up on the game and there are a bunch more out there and a couple that can stop you from finishing the game. :(

        My lock ups are on the PS3, not sure if all the issues extend across other platforms though.

    Usually whenever I can. Particularly with friends at the weekends.
    At the moment, I've finished my degree and I'm waiting for my PhD. application to clear so I can start that, so it's lots of days of gaming and looking after my new puppy at the moment ^_^

      Puppy! Dare I ask what breed/s?

        Old English Sheepdog. And we have an awesome picture of him sitting on the couch watching Scrubs :P

          Crazy English Sheepdog puppy that watches Scrubs. I am so jealous. My dogs just look at me and lie down. If I get close, they motion for a belly rub. And that's about it. Mind you, they're about 6 years old, so I suppose to expect anything more is a bit unreasonable.

    Weeknights for one or two hours after dinner. If I'm not out, friday and saturday nights is when I game into the early hours in the morning.

    An hour or so after dinner Monday to Thursday. Fridays are usually game-free (sport and beer takes over), weekends it depends on whether I'm home - could be as much as 10 hours over the two days, could be as little as a couple.

    As long as the missus has something to do, I'm usually right to play whenever, though. I just make sure other things get done first.

    Now that I'm unemployed? Practically never.

    When I have a lot of free time, I barely use it, maybe I'm just paralysed by the choice. Or it could just be a case of "if you want something done, give it to somebody who is already busy."

    But when I have a lot less free time, I tend to try and squeeze in gaming after dinner.

    I'm at uni, so the answer is "all the time". When I worked it was... well, all afternoon/night.

    I tend to prefer playing games in the dark (especially horror games etc obviously), so after dinner is usually peak gaming time for me.

    I'm very much a PM gamer. In order to keep my marriage in tact I tend to game when the lovely wife isn't around. So that tends to be between 10:30 through to 1:00 during week nights and any portion of the weekend I can muster and get away with it on the weekends.

    Every now and again I get her interested on a title and play co-op. Well that isn't exactly true; it happened once and I'm trying my damnedest to recreate the circumstances.

    Between thesis writing, work and my gf not often enough unfortunately. Mostly at night/early early in the morning and on rare days I get to play for a few hours in the middle of the day.

    After school, I play xbox for like 2 hours everyday.

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