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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like the game you've devoted more hours to than any other.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question...

Which game have you spent more time playing than any other? I don't mean just one session, I mean that game you've poured days and weeks and months of your life into. How much of your life has it sucked away?

Me? Probably Oblivion. I clocked over 200 hours on the Xbox 360 with just one character, completing the main story, the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood and countless minor quests. Then I started over again with a new character and did all the Mages Guild, the Fighters Guild and many more minor quests I'd missed the first time. Then I got the PC version and poured dozens more hours into various combinations of mods. All up, I reckon I'm at about 400 hours of play time.

Wow... I think I just had a midlife crisis.


    For me it would probably be final fantasy 8 - clocked about 80 hours in that thing from what i recall..

      FFVIII for me too. 100+ hours and I replay it almost every year. Triple Triad may have something to do with the obscene amount of hours.

      Also, Elder Scrolls: Morrowind took over my life for about 6 months. I lived and breathed that game. My main character was almost superhero-like in powers, but I've still never managed to bring myself to the endgame.
      I find with the open-world games once I finish the main story I have little desire to remain in the world anymore.

      Same name different number for me. I got into XII; I still occasionally go back. I've put about 100+ hrs into this.

    I would have to say the Battlefield series. The fact that I'm closing in on 100 hrs just with Bad Company 2 I would hate to think the combined time on the entire series. 1943, Bad Company 1, Battlefield 2 and all the extensions etc

    Hmmm, I know I've spent a fair bit on Fallout 3, just not quite sure how many hours. But I've put in about 45 hours for Peace Walker and it's probably still going to grow until I've finished it.

    Any of the Res Evil games on Game Cube. I have spent months on them

      Yeah me too. Res Evil 4 I clocked about 9 times. Its my all time number 1 game.
      Fallout 3 was also a contender with over 100 hours but basically just because I'm a loot whore. I'll never play WoW for this reason.

    For me it would have to be Final Fantasy X, I've finished it atleast 3 times, my main save file has over 100 hours clocked in.

    I mentioned this yesterday but Trials HD is my game. If you know anyone that has cracked the top 1000, top 500 or my best of 297 in global leader boards then you are talking to a person with hundreds of hours under their belt.

    Fallout 3 with 150 hours is a distant second.

    Then Borderlands Level 53 with soldier then about level 20 ish with all other players.

    And have already put in 50 hours with red dead (100% single player completion on Xbox) THEN 15 or so hours just on multiplayer on PS3 aswell.

    (Now... where did I find time for Uni and a wife and kid?)

    You nailed my vice in the first word of your last sentence.

    Yup ... I was hooked on WoW (World of Warcraft)

    I got three toons to 60 (the original level cap) and another to 70 once the first expansion hit. I was an officer in a guild and all that guff. I still have fond memories of the teamwork and sense of achievement that banding together 40 players can instill.

    Unfortunately it takes an awful lot of work, typically from a few to have any end game success in a MMO. It is far to great a time commitment to uphold and carry on a full-time job and happy marriage with a non gamer.

    I've pretty much designated MMO's to when I retire and that is a good 30 years away.

    Pokémon, particularly Red and Sapphire. Gotta catch 'em all, and doing so took over 100 hours on both of these versions. I think I was maybe even upwards of 200 hours on Sapphire?!

    I've devoted roughly five times more time to modding Morrowind than actually playing the damn thing. I don't think I can even count... five hundred hours? To be fair, that's spread over eight years now.

    I am an A.D.D. Gamer so I suprise myself when I spend more than 30 hours playing a game.

    For me the 1st one was Call of Duty 4, about 50 hours in that. The 2nd was was Killzone 2 and I spent around 100 hours playing that. Probably 3rd would be BFBC2 with about 40 hours.

    If i didnt have a back catalogue I would play Uncharted 2 more, campaign 2 times and a ton of online. Hmmm more Uncharted 2?...

    Raw number of hours it would have to be Deus Ex and Mass Effect because of the sheer number of times I've played through them. Deus Ex especially - granted it's been out a lot longer - but I still find new items/paths each time I play through it. Even if it's a newspaper or Datadisk. :P

    I played through Oblivion (and expansions) once with over 130 hours clocked. Fallout 3 is roughly the same when you include all the DLC. I've recently started another run through of F3. However, I just don't have the motivation to go through Oblivion from scratch again. Maybe I'll check out the mod scene before having another shot. Oh and then there is Dragon Age and the GTA games...

    I'm pretty positive my most played game would be Oblivion. When it first came out, I spent many long nights questing and exploring... some of my best gaming memories come from that game, and my characters all up would probably be about 300-400 hours.

    Then it would probably be the Call of Duty series starting around CoD3... I think I've done over four days on each, and that's probably not much compared to some, but I'm not much of an online gamer so it's pretty good for me... then Fallout 3 as well, probably arount 200 hrs there... Half Life 2 and Garry's Mod, played through the original Fable maybe ten times total (I was obsessed with that game) as well as an absolute fuck-tonne of Serious Sam over the years...

    The original Civilization has taken up literally thousands of hours of my life.

    Mine would be Fallout 3. I've probably spent over 100 hours. Apart from that, there really aren't that many games which can hold my attention for that long. Usually once I've completed a game, I move onto the next one. Not sure what that's called, kind of a HardCasual gamer I suppose ;)

    I was thinking of all the time in Mr Keens world I had spent in my youth, then I was thinking of all my time in Dirt and Dirt 2.
    Then it occured to me, I spent 12 months, playing at least 30 hours a week (minimum), of cod4. Thats well over 1500 hours, or 65 days non stop gaming.... *rolls eyes at himself

    Civ III is the clear front runner for me. Still playing it to this day but will retire it for Civ V.

      Civilization II, quite easily.
      Followed by;
      Diabo 2
      Mortal Kombat
      Mario Bros.
      Gran Turismo

    Vagrant Story. I've put over 500hrs into that game.

    The Pokemon games always end up with more than 50 hours of play time, but recently I've added another 30 to Pokemon Pearl as I've been trying to hatch a shiny Feebas. Man it's taken a looooooooooooooooooooong time and I still haven't gotten one. That's at 160 hours so far.

    Also, Fallout 3 is the other most recent game. I put 80 hours into it and loved it to death :D

    Final Fantasy 10 - 80 hours at least. Back when i had no uni, and no girlfriend.

    Now, it's definitely dota. 1 game a day at least (non-em) since 5.84c? that's gotta be alot of hours...

      Ah FFX. Back in my days of uni with no job (LAZY BUM!) and no girlfriend I did a 'max stats' game with 200hrs. Bloody hell I miss my uni days. You'll never know free time like doing a business degree!

    If I don't include World of Warcraft, then absolutely Morrowind.
    I still delve into that world on occasion to have my mind blown because somehow I managed to miss something else on one of my other million play throughs.
    One of my most memorable times was trekking from Ebonheart all the way up to Khuul, walking, in mish mash armor that I'd pinched from Seyda Neen in the warehouse after I'd filched that key just so I could join the Imperial Legion so do along with the Cult quests.

    So many dead Cliff Racers... :D

    Outside of WoW (which I haven't even touched for a few years now), it would have to be either Total Annihilation, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 2 or Balder's Gate.

    Have to be Bushido Blade. Probably about 5% single player, 95% VS. For over 10 years a friend and I have had regular "first-to-100-kills" battles, always with katana. Still occasionally pull off a combo or move we've never seen before.

    Not including wow i'd have to say tf2. Just hit the 300 hr mark.

    Civ IV. Many, many weekends of long arduous campaigns across the world. If you combined the Civ series- What have I done with my life...

    Beaten FF7 about 6 times, so there'd be about 200 hours there. Civ 4 would be well over 100 hours - had to stop playing it because I'd waste entire weekends on it.

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