Terrell Ocho Uno Arrives In Cincinnati, Madden-Style

The revolving door psych ward that is the Cincinnati Bengals admitted another high-maintenance case yesterday with Terrell Owens. It might turn into a headache in real life, but with the focus in Madden solely on talent, the Bengals are loaded.

Owens, at one time spectacularly talented, and a persistent clubhouse disruption over his entire career, joins Chad Ochocinco (rated 91 overall) and Antonio Bryant (an 84). Owens will have an 83 rating at launch, including 88 speed, making him the team's No 3 receiver. With Carson Palmer (87) and Cedric Benson (an 84-rated running back, (89 speed), Cincinnati has enough weapons to make them a popular option in multiplayer games, especially the new Online Team Play mode.

Today EA supplied six shots of Owens within Madden NFL 11, due for release on August 10. Though the EA Sports team has added pre-game broadcast touches, such as players getting off the bus and milling about the locker room, its postgame does not include tearful, sunglasses-wearing clubhouse interviews.


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