The 2010 Club Nintendo's Members-Only Rewards Are...

Did you remember to register for Gold and Platinum membership status for Club Nintendo? Kotaku had a public service announcement and everything. If you did remember, here's what you get:

Platinum members receive this statue. Pat yourself on the back, you're awesome!

And Gold members get this. A calendar.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!


    Do want.

    Maybe in ten years or so they'll have a bunch of worn, sun-faded scratched up leftovers of these figurines to chuck on the AU Club Nintendo.

    Do want.
    Even though Yoshi seems to be enjoying Mario *ahem* "riding" him... :-P

    I got some folders an bookmarks from the Aussie Nintendo CLub - pretty cool I guess, but I need to laminate them before I use them or they will wear out.

    I really hope they add some new stuff to the Australian Club Nintendo site in the future. I have a stack of points and all i've bought so far are the Mario Facewashers. There are so many items on the US site that I desperately want.

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