The Assassin's Green In Monday Night Combat

Continuing the tour of class warfare in Monday Night Combat, Uber Entertainment today introduced us to the Assassin, the fastest character type in the upcoming class-based shooter for Xbox Live Arcade, packing both cloak and dagger.

A fact sheet put out by Uber says that Assassin's cloak makes a noticeable hum when active and a warbling sound also announces her presence. The smoke bombs you see are a cue to "look to the skies" because that's probably where she's headed.

Monday Night Combat is due to release on August 11 on Xbox Live Arcade, as part of the season-long "Summer of Arcade" promotion.


    I like the sassy black guy. I can jusy picture him saying lines like "yo dat wak doggg" and "yea boiii"

    Too bad this is 360 only.

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