The Bad News About Heavy Rain's Move Support

The good news is that Quantic Dream's moody adventure game for the PlayStation 3, Heavy Rain, is going to fully support the PlayStation Move motion controller when it launches later this year. The bad news is that decision's impact.

Quantic Dream CEO David Cage says that the three hour-long episodes planned for the game are on the backburner until Move is fully integrated. "Unfortunately, Sony preferred to ask us to focus on Move to support the device rather than on creating new content," Cage told NowGamer.

"This is a decision I can understand, and I am certainly happy we had the opportunity to play with this device and to support it, although I am certainly disappointed for fans we could not finish the story of HR the way we intended," he added.

Whether we'll ever see those remaining Heavy Rain "Chronicles" remains to be seen - perhaps Move support will spur further interest - but Mr Cage does not sound too pleased.

Cage Explains Heavy Rain DLC Cancellation [NowGamer]


    Stuff the move, give me more content.

      I Agree Joe id love more DLC for this game, hopefully the renewed interest in the game will allow the chronicles to be released.

      Yes. More content. I just finished the main game and I would love to play more of it.

    You'd think with the game selling well above and beyond anybody's expectations (including Sony's and Cage's) that Sony could afford to throw some extra resources there way so they could do both Move support AND the extra content?

    Argh. Despite the already gesture-based control scheme, I don't think the game even has that much to gain from the Move. Kinect, on the other hand, could potentially turn Heavy Rain into the finest implementation of motion control yet.

    I sold HR because the Australian release date of the DLC was too long after the US date. I'm now glad I haven't held onto it for more DLC as I obviously would have been waiting a while.

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