The Best Games Of 2010 So Far (According To Review Scores)

These aren't the games we think are the best of 2010. They're the games that a system designed to track scored review averages thinks are the best of 2010.

Metacritic, a site that aggregates review scores from major media outlets, has posted 2010's half-yearly report card, revealing the highest-ranked titles across each platform.

It's been an unusually high-profile January-June, with many of 2009's bigger titles pushed into the first half of this year, but a game's stature doesn't always go hand-in-hand with critical praise, titles like Dante's Inferno and Darksiders failing to earn the scores (or sales) that messageboard buzz would have you believe.

You can see the main attraction - the overall top five - above, but for the full platform-by-platform list, head to the link below; the most interesting is probably the Xbox 360, whose top 5 is dominated not by AAA releases, but by Xbox Live Arcade titles (though Mass Effect 2's appearance on PC plays a part in this).

Midyear Report: The Best Games of 2010 So Far [Metacritic]


    Isn't Mario Galaxy 2's metascore around the 98 mark?

      The scores shown in the post are just some of the comparative stats listed in the full article at Metacritic.

    looks like ps3 vs xbox is pretty even

      As it should be. Telling on that point though is the fact that where there is any discrepancy in score the PS3 is always the lower of the two. The porting problems with Bayonetta were well documented but I wasn't aware of anything similar occuring with Mass Effect 2.

      The only game of the 5 I don't own is Bioshock 2 and it was money well spent in every case.

        That's not actually true - the table reproduced above swaps over the scores for SSFIV, it actually reviewed better on PS3 (they get it right in the breakdown by console on page 3 after the jump). Also, scores were identical for Red Dead Redemption and Bioshock 2. The only one of the 4 XBox/PS games listed that matches your assertion is Bayonetta, and PS3 owners got God of War III (a much better brawler) to soften that blow.

        In fact, mean and median scores for all releases and also for exclusives were higher on the PS3 than anything except the DS. It's been a good year for the PS3, and the whole story shows that.

        (Of course, review scores are a false economy since it's very difficult to encapsulate a whole game into a score out of 10 - this is why I like Kotaku's review style of just telling us what is great about a game and what will irritate us...)



    I declare shennanigans on this system. SHENNANIGANS!!

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