The Best Terminator Game May Be Fan Made

We can't say for sure whether FPS Terminator, a fan-made mod built on the Unreal Engine, will be the best, but it's safe to assume that it's better than the most recent entry, Terminator Salvation.

In self-proclaimed alpha state, FPS Terminator's creator nails the most important aspects of Terminator killing. Namely, the player will kill Terminators, Hunter Killers and more Terminators amid a bleak futuristic landscape. Yes, it's "an early work in progress" and a "proof of concept" and it looks a hell of a lot like a beta version of Killzone 2, only with Terminators, but they really nailed the Terminator laser sounds.

You can download the alpha demo from ModDB or simply watch the mod in action in video form.

FPS Terminator [ModDB]


    just got the demo its ok

    looks awesome, but its funny how they die with a short burst lol.

    Only the gun looks similar to Killzone, which in turn looked like guns from COD4.
    BUT if you wanna base a "look-alike" on something as small as that, guess ya gonna.

      I'd say the similarity comes from teh DoF effects on the gun, which KZ2 does. The Reflex scope adds to the similarities too.

    I'm not even a really big FPSer. Played Killzone 2 (never even finished campaign), played MW2 and even I'll say these games are looking way too similar.

    This is Terminator, a fictional franchise. Feel free to experiment or do your own thing. Is there a reason why you have to stick with the same bloody gun and reflex sight of regular FPSes? Whatever happened to "Phased Plasma Rifle with 40 watt range"

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