The Bugs & Issues Of Starcraft 2

For such a big game on such an unpredictable platform as the home computer, Starcraft 2's launch seems to have gone rather smoothly! That doesn't mean it's been perfect, though.

A number of niggling bugs and issues have popped up over the course of the past 24 hours, some of them with fixes, some of them simply listed so you know Blizzard knows about them.

The more notable ones include issues with Nvidia drivers for Mac 10.6 owners, general connectivity issues (I've had trouble logging on all day), and best of all, graphics cards overheating on low-detail screens, because "the game has nothing to do so it is primarily just working on drawing the screen very quickly".

Aside from the issues (which will only really affect those looking for some multiplayer action), most are relatively minor or isolated events, and shouldn't be too big a deal for most users out there. Just in case you are affected, though, you can check out the issues in full detail at the links below.

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    "graphics cards overheating on low-detail screens, because “the game has nothing to do so it is primarily just working on drawing the screen very quickly”"

    lol what? isn't that the same for any game? turn vsync on to fix that, surely.

    also, I appreciate the lack of any bug puns.

      I have a brand new top of the line rig (one I built just a few weeks ago) and the heat up was one thing I noticed straight away. The video card didn't get any hotter than normal for any other game on ultra settings but when the game was on a normal pre level screen (not even loading, just sitting there waiting for me to click on something) it spiked up by over 10-15 degrees c.
      Took me by surprise for sure!

      Actually this was a very old issue that came up with Nvidia's drivers and quite a few people in the beta were complaining about it back then as there "cards were frying". But it wasnt exclusive to just SC2 back then, but there was a lot of SC2 beta players very miffed.

      Everyone should check if there cards drivers are up to date to help ensure that this doesnt happen.

    SEA VS US for Aussie players pretty big issue.

      This is a major problem for me. Part of the reason why I wanted to get starcraft was so I could stay in contact with my WoW friends and play a game I enjoy (wow lost lustre for me).

      To find out that AU wow players are on the USA servers but AU sc players are on SEA (South East Asia) servers, and communication between servers is not possible (despite realID supposedly being a unique chat identifier), has taken away a lot of the excitement in SCII.

        Hey guys,

        Just to let you know, the Singapore data farm that we are connecting to, will be the ONLY data farm that will also connect to another realm, that one being the US. This has been announced by Blizzard at the official midnight launch in Brisbane on monday night by one of the game's developers, Kaeo Miller. Apparently it's going to happen in a couple of months, and we will be notified when it happens.

        So, just sit tight, and we will soon have it.

        We'll be able to play and communicate with US servers in a week or two after launch, Bliz announced this weeks ago.

    the linked stickied thread "FIXED" in the article links was from 15/7/2010 covering known issues with the beta phase 2 client(hence the discussion regarding the beta client being picked up as a trojan)

    i would not reccomend making the changes listed in this sticky on the release copy of the game the list of know issues with the release version of the game are in the other link titled "BUGS"

    I noticed some sound skipping too, primarily with unit selection speech when too much is happening and other times no speech at all.

    The largest most notable bug is the fact that real ID isn't working correctly for oceanic players. It isn't syncing with World of warcraft due to the fact our WoW accounts are US accounts but our stacraft accounts are south east asia.

      Mine is.

        No sorry, not possible. If you play WoW from the oceanic region, you have a US account. If you play SC2 from the Oceanic region, you have an SEA account. Blizzard has blocked access between realms with Real ID which means you cannot talk directly to your WoW friends from SC2. The only way you can have you Realfriends ID on SC2 is if your friend also plays SC2 and you re add them.....but then thats not really the point here.

    Been having issues with the game blue screening me on my Radeon HD5850 when I attempt to alt-tab. Similar issues have been reported on nVidia cards as well. =\

      I don't think it's the 5850 in general, mine is working perfectly and have not heard of anyone else with that card have any issues.

    My main issue was with the patch client. It would do something that would cause my modem to disconnect, have a moment of craziness (all lights flash) then reset. Downloading a 40MB patch took about 40 minutes with all the reconnecting. Hope this doesn't occur for every patch.

      Same thing happened to me, just with trying to log into the game itself. Had to completely turn my network off and change adapter ports to settle everything down. No idea why stuff went haywire like it did.

    Achievements were disabled for most of last night for myself and all of SEA I believe, although they would come on again intermittently.

    I understand that they may have reactived this morning? At work so I can't verify.

    The only problem I've noticed so far is that, while the game runs BLAZINGLY fast on my computer with everything on Ultra even during cutscenes, it will slow down to 5fps or lower when the camera in the cutscene is pointing in certain directions on the bridge of the Hyperion, making it go a bit out of sync. Anyone else noticing this?

    There doesn't seem to be anything of particularly high detail behind the characters at those times, so I'm not sure why the framerate would drop so much.

    This are clearly world class issues.

    My issue is my computer is super old so I haven't bothered buying the game yet :(

    Everytime i attempt to patch the game it disconnects my internet entirely.

    The Blizzard download won't will connect download 16% of the patch then disconnect my internet with out fail everytime i do it.

    I have to restart my modem and computer system to get my internet back.

    Biggest waste of $99 ever.

      manual patch

    I can't figure out how to add custom maps.

    I have the same problem... Every time SC2 tries to apply a patch my internet drops entirely?! WTF? All the lights on my modem are on and everything is sweet from my ISP end.. Then a few hours later the internet will magically come back on... Any thoughts on how I can get back up and running faster? This is BS!!!

      Dude! this happened to me as well! I bought SC2 two days ago, and EVERY time it tries to update, I get the EXACT same symtpoms. Modem is still working, and some basic functions still work, but no web browsing etc. Totally disappointing.

      Did you manage to resolve it? I have a new modem on the way to see if that makes a difference (I wanted to upgrade to wireless N anyway). I am using Win 7 64 bit - how about you?

      crazy stuff.

        Just in case someone wants to know, I bought a new modem and it all works fine now. I used to have a D-link, and now I have a Netgear. The update process took a while, but at least it now works.

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