The Etrian Odyssey III Preorder Art Book Is So Pretty

If Atlus' Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City for the Nintendo DS isn't pretty enough for you, check out Forests of Eternity, the preorder exclusive art book spanning the history of the series. It's much prettier than the game.

I suppose it's not hard for the concept art for a Nintendo DS role-playing series to trump the visuals of the games themselves. The Nintendo DS can only push out so many polys and pixels, after all, and there are no such restrictions for Forests of Eternity.

The book contains 60 pages' worth of full-colour artwork, giving us a clear idea of what the artists had in mind before the DS came into play.

Forests of Eternity will be available for pickup with your preordered copies of Etrian III at participating retailers while supplies last, so hopefully your local GameStop isn't staffed by a bunch of video game art fanatics.


    You forgot to say 'not in Aus.'

      If your hardcore enough to stick around for this 3rd game, you'd be hardcore enough to import.

      Amazon, yo. The only online site that offers the bonus.
      Anyway, they didn't bring Heroes of Lagaard over, so if we're going to pre-order over the internet, might as well get a free artbook, right?

        yeah, I tried to pre-order from amazon a couple weeks ago but they won't ship to Australia! Boo hiss! Oh well, no art book for me :(

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