The Eye Of Judgment Is Closing (Its Online Servers)

Sony's card-based, PlayStation Eye-powered strategy game The Eye of Judgment is going offline forever this September, losing its online multiplayer component, arguably its best feature.

A moderator writes on the official Eye of Judgment forums "The online battle service for this product will terminate on 30 September 2010. Offline play will remain available even after the conclusion of online service." Unsurprisingly, that hasn't been met with the warmest reception by the remaining EoJ community.

Fortunately, none of the game's PlayStation Trophies are dependent upon online multiplayer.

Notice of Termination of Service - [The Eye of Judgement] [ via Eurogamer/Joystiq]


    I remember pickingup EoJ. Buying a box of the cards. Setting it up. It would take so long to get the camera to recognise a card that I didn't even manage to scan all the cards I had to have a proper game. Total play time maybe an hour. Not my best purchase.

    Only just bought of eBay 2 months ago with over 300 cards for $79, camera works great. Now some urgency to this part of the games backlog. was going to get my brotehr in the UK to buy a copy, but first he would have to get a PS3 (and a life).....

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