The Final Word In Assassin's Creed Action Figures

You might have seen some Assassin's Creed figures previously. Small, plastic things. They can't hold switchblade to this 1/6 scale masterpiece.

Built in the likeness of Assassin's Creed II's Ezio by Hong Kong company Hot Toys, the figure stands 30cm tall, and comes with interchangeable hands, weapons and even ponytails. All that and an incredible amount of detail on the costume.

It'll be out in Q3 this year, and while no price is listed, you can expect to pay the same price you would for other Hot Toys masterpiece figures: around $US250.


    I don't have $US250

    Hur hur, there goes my damn Tax return... That statue is HAWT

    Do want. Like, really *really* want.

    Ugh, stop saying $US250.....they don't cost that much. Most Hot Toys figures cost between $US150 and $US180.

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