The First Named Roster Is Out For NCAA Football 11

PS3 gamers with NCAA Football 11 only had to wait one day after release for the first custom, fully-named roster to become available. Xbox 360 rosters are still being written, and we're told they'll be available shortly.

To get rid of those unsightly HB #3 and SS #21s, or those autonamed rosters that cause you to embarrassingly call real players by fake names, go to the NCAA 11 Menu, then to "Team Management". Select "Roster Share", then "Download Roster" then search for the PSN username gamingtailgate. That's because "steelerfan" at The Gaming Tailgate wrote this one up.

Remember to save the roster file after you download it, then load it in manually to see the name changes take effect.

NCAA Football 11 PS3 Named Rosters Available Now [Pasta Padre]


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