The Game Without Polygons Or Sprites

OK, there's a sprite or two in the mouse cursor. But that's about all you'll find in The Dream Machine, an adventure game made entirely out of "clay and cardboard".

Two Swedish developers, Erik Zaring and Anders Gustaffson, are behind the game, which is unique in not only its art style, but also its delivery; The Dream Machine is an episodic title for the PC and Mac that you play on the developer's website, with content streamed in the background while you play. Even your save games are stored online, so you can play at work then bring your game home with you.

As of now you can play a short demo, and if you like that you can sign up for a beta test for the game's first episode.

[The Dream Machine]


    Not QUITE unique. What about The Neverhood?

    Reminds me of Neverhood

    Exactly what I was going to say, The Neverhood was great and did this a long time ago.

    Would love to see that remade with today's tech.

    Yeah, first thing I thought was the Neverhood. Remember playing it as a kid and not having a clue what to do.

    "The Game Without Polygons Or Sprites"

    Wrong. In order for the "clay and cardboard" models to be rendered to your screen, they need to be made up of polygons (regardless of it being a 3D model or "sprite").

    This makes me think of The Dark Eye, another stop motion adventure game, from quite a few years back.
    Now that would be a nice game to have remade, even just a straight port in HD Would be brilliant. Heck, I'd just like to be able to play from my old copy on windows 7 without any trouble. (Trailer for those interested.)

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