The Games Of Summer: Wind Waker

I don't know about you, but for me, being Australian, summer means only one thing: the beach. Golden sands, clear blue skies, a blinding sun. And no game captures the essence of this better than the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

The black sheep of the console Zelda family, and also my favourite video game of all time, the world of Wind Waker is characterised by its open oceans, cheery seagulls, welcoming sun and a crisp sea breeze. If those aren't the essential elements of a fine summer's day, I don't know what is.

You even begin the game as a beach bum, complete with scruffy blonde hair, lounging around a tropical island in a lobster shirt. That's as summer as it gets.

Just watching this makes me think of jumping in a car, grabbing a case of Coronas and driving somewhere there's palm trees and the sound of the ocean. And it's the middle of winter down here at the moment!


    As an Australian, Luke should be aware of how much of a taunt this is! Can't wait for these three degree mornings to be over.

    Why do you tease us so?

    i love the winter! its so nice trying to keep warm.

    To be honest I prefer the cold to the heat. At least if you're cold you can keep putting layers of clothes on.

      Exactly, in summer, there are so many clothes you can take off before it becomes indecent exposure!

      I generally like summer (not as much as winter though), but thinking to last summer where it had mostly 80% humidity, and no breezes almost at all... well, give me winter over those summers any time of the year.

    I am left wondering though why you are talking about summer in the middle of winter.

      Luke is a writer for the US version of Kotaku. It is currently Summer in the US.

    I'm gonna go home, wrap myself in a doona with a hot water bottle (heater is broken), grab a cold beer, play Zelda and pretend it's summer.

    Lets not be forgetting Far Cry or Crysis.

    The military combat is not as calming though.

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