The Great Hogtie Massacre Of 1910

There's an achievement in Red Dead Redemption for tying a woman to the traintracks, a la old silent films. There isn't one for tying 19 people to the tracks.

That didn't stop this enterprising player from performing the feat, though, finding a spot where train tracks pass close to a busy road then getting busy with the rope.

Interesting that the achievement is triggered and not a wanted level. Guess killing 19 people is OK if you use a little imagination!


    my new hero.

    I managed to do this once before they patched out the bug that occasionally prevented lawmen from spawning. Also hogtied fifteen guys together in a circle and threw dynamite into the center. Good times, great classic hits.

      ...Gold 104.3

        (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction riff begins

    I've tried to display this in both google and I.E 8 and neither will run.

    Got a direct link ?

    Never mind,

    When I got the Dastardly achievement, my heart was beating like crazy and I felt God Awful about myself... maybe I'm just not cut out to be evil.

    It was the women who refused the medicine... so I did feel alright about her being the victim.

      Nice. You know the woman in "distress" near a stagecoach that lures you in to be robbed? *ahem*

      Yeah...let's just say she never got to try for that singing career she was talking about.

    haha that was brilliant - what a lovely shower of bloody and chunky bits!

    Heh, Mac, dude you chose one of the characters you converse with to do that to? That's pretty damn evil!

    I just did it to one of those women who try and steal your horse.

      What, she didn't want the medicine... she was going to die anyway.
      And the quest was complete.

    I'm surprised the train didn't derail or something.

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