The Helmets, Visors & Master Chiefs Of Halo: Reach

When Halo: Reach is released, players will be able to choose from a wide selection of customisable armour components to get their Spartan looking just right. Here are the pieces of kit you've got to choose from.

Note these are just the initial pieces; unlocking higher levels through playtime will grant you access to new components. Interesting that Master Chief, Cortana and Sgt. Johnson are present. Multiplayer skins, perhaps?

Bungie also revealed today that players can score some avatar rewards from the game as well, with the helmets of five of Noble Team's six members there to be unlocked.

Noble Six's helmet, meanwhile, will only be available to attendees of Comicon, PAX and GamesCom.



    Sgt. Johnson, Cortana, etc down the bottom I'm assuming are part of Reach's "Firefight Voice" options - in-game combat dialogue from those specified characters.

      Quite possible; though seeing Cortana kicking ass with a spartan laser would be pretty cool.

    Awesome stuff. Really awesome in game items. And the helmets? Pretty cool.

    But an event event only helmet for a few people in the states? And that of a main character? Kind of... I dunno, mean.

    i'm pretty sure in the weekly update they said that this was just the stuff the player starts off with when they first turn on the game. you need to play and get credits to get the rarer stuff

      It's only an avatar helmet. And they do these sorts of exclusives all the time. Bit like the preorder bonus from EB for ODST was Sgt. Johnson in Firefight. Would have loved to get Johnson, but I'm not paying the prices that EB charge.

        Except everyone had the chance to get Johnson. Only the people who go to the show can get this.

        And yes, it's only an avatar helmet, but that doesn't make it right.

    I don't really care about the ODST helmet being exclusive, since I already have one from H3: ODST.

      its not an ODST helm

        It's virtually the same as the ODST helm, which I already have so it's no great loss.

    from bungie's reach blog:
    "The Noble 6 helmet below will be made available for free to lucky attendees at Comicon, PAX and GamesCom later this summer."

    That to me says that it isn't exclusive, only that they would be getting it for free


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