The History Of Adventure Games, Get Lamp, Ready To Get

Do you love the computer adventure game? You know, Zork, Planetfall, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and anything that falls under the "interactive fiction" description or bears the Infocom publishing label. Then get Get Lamp, Jason Scott's long-in-the-making documentary.

Scott, who you may know from his BBS documentary, has been slaving away on this thing since 2005, interviewing adventure game luminaries and lovers of interactive fiction from Steve Meretzky to John Romero to others that only the most hardcore text adventure fan will know. I highly doubt you'll see a more interesting documentary about the meeting of computer games and literature this year, or maybe even ever.

Get Lamp: A Documentary About Adventures in Text spans two DVDs worth of "second person thinker" game history. It comes with a fancy commemorative coin and is 100% spoiler-free.

Get Lamp [Official Site]


    Cool. But I think he should have called it "Examine All".

      The blurb should also be:

      Look CASE

      Open CASE

      Pick up DVD

      Use DVD on PLAYER

      Pick up REMOTE

      Use REMOTE on TV

      Look TV

      Nah. "Get Lamp" before all else. You don't want to get eaten by a grue do you?

    Player Not Open

    TV Not Switched On

    LOL.. You are sitting on a comfy couch. To the North is the TV showing "Get Lamp". To the East is your girlfriend wearing a frown. The word 'bulldozer' wanders through your mind for a moment in search of something to connect with...


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