The Incoming Class Of The International Video Games Hall Of Fame

The International Video Games Hall of Fame inducts its first class in August. Located in Ottumwa, Iowa, known for its ties to the gaming's early arcade days, the Hall will enshrine more twice as many high score champions as developers.

Perhaps that's appropriate. To be taken seriously, this museum must honour real people, as opposed to characters like Mario or Master Chief. And while it pays appropriate tribute to luminaries who may not make the ceremonies, like Shigeru Miyamoto, as a business and a fledgling attraction it must have people on stage.

This is the full list of the first class to be honored by the IVGHOF. I've broken it down by contribution:

As Players

Eric Akeson, Turbo Pac-Man Champion

Rob Barrett, Tutankham Champion

Brian Cady, Tempest Champion

Paul Dean, Spy Hunter Champion

Ben Falls, Moon Patrol Champion

Dennis "Thresh" Fong, Legendary PC Gaming Champion

Ben Gold, Legendary Arcade Champion

Ike Hall, Past Donkey Kong World Champion

Ken House, Dig Dug Champion

Andrew Laidlaw, Galaga Champion

Chris Mansfield, Kicker Champion

John McAllister, Asteroids Deluxe Champion

Billy Mitchell, Legendary Arcade Champion

Perry Rodgers, Mario Brothers Champion

Todd Rogers, Legendary Arcade Champion

Scott Safran, Asteroids Champion

Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, Legendary PC Gaming Champion

Steve Wiebe, Donkey Kong, Jr. Champion

Phil Younger, Berzerk Champion

As Pioneers

Ralph Baer, Historic Industry Pioneer

Nolan Bushnell, Historic Industry Pioneer

Shigeru Miyamoto, Creator of Donkey Kong

Masaya Nakamura, NAMCO Founder

Steve Ritchie, Legendary Game Designer

As Developers

Kevin Bachus, Xbox Design Team

Otto Berkes, Xbox Design Team

Seamus Blackley, Xbox Design Team

Ted Hase, Xbox Design Team



The induction ceremonies are scheduled for 5 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 7

Inductees [International Video Games Hall of Fame]


    Why are all the ones "as developers" from the Xbox Design Team?

    I'm sensing a little bit of bias in the developers category.

    Wait, people thought original X-box was a good console?

      Possibly because it managed to break into the console market, not because it DIDN'T HAVE AN INTERNAL CLOCK TO KEEP TIME WHILE IT'S UNPLUGGED OR IF THE POWER GOES OUT! AND STILL DOESN'T!
      I'm okay, capslock is turned off...

    Steve Wiebe FTW!!! WOOO!

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