The Kids Of Today Play The Games Of Yesterday

Kids today, with their FAQs and their very easy modes, they've got it made. Let's see what they think of games from a time when boys were men, ate nails for breakfast and had hair on their backs.

They're...quite polite, actually. Though I think the finer points of Starfox elude them...

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    I was rubbish at games back then and I'm quite rubbish at many console games today. I have never finished Super Mario Bros.....Other classics like Alex Kidd, Commander Keen, the first Sonics, never finished them either. I finished Super Metroid like, 10 years after I originally played it. In my defence, I never actually owned a console as a kid and played these games at relatives' houses. I should probably get around to actually finishing those games one day.

    "newspapers are good too, because they can tell you what games you can get"
    This kid knows what's going on.

    Ask some poor kids, everyone around here has n64s and gbas. I personally loved my retro games back then.

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