The Last Story's First Trailer With Gameplay

Upcoming Wii game The Last Story is being designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man responsible for Final Fantasy. No, he is not a nihilist, and from the looks of this trailer, neither is The Last Story.

The game is set on an island that is a strategic sport for defence and transportation for an an entire empire. The island is overseen by Earl Alganan, a feudal lord. Thanks to its prime location, the island is wealthy, and the island's city holds a magical power.

The Last Story is being developed by Mistwalker (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey) and will be published by Nintendo. It will be released on the Nintendo Wii this year in Japan.

ラストストーリー [Nintendo]


    How uncreative name

      Think of it more as a trademark. Final Fantasy, Lost Odyssey, Last Story: they all follow the same pattern. Call it unoriginal if you really want to be cynical, but it's not at all uncommon for artists or creators of any sort to employ running themes and motifs in their work.


    I was looking forward to this game the moment I learned of who was creating it, but this game looks fantastic both in terms of tech and design. Being a trailer it's difficult to take a real guess of the quality of the game play, but it looks great, so that's a start. I haven't played many Final Fantasy games (only 7 and half of 3 & 6) so I can't judge the level at which the game has evolved from it's older cousin, but based on what I've played the game play looks great.

    This is one game that looks just as beautiful if not more so that its concept art. (I miss the steampunk Epic Mickey D':... even though it was kind of stupid.)

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