The Legend Of Zelda Goes Lo-Fi

This Zelda clip is pretty primitive! Pretty childish, too. You may cite these as reasons for not liking it, but then, you'd be missing the point.

This collection of tiny animated flicks reminds me of bad European stop-motion from the 1970s. It's got the same charm; lifeless eyes, stilted animation, weird, sometimes slightly unsettling plotlines.

Imagine, then, Zelda was born not from Nintendo but from a West German animation project in 1978, and this will look right at home.

Zelda On Paper [That Guy With The Glasses, via Go Nintendo]


    This is what Paper Mario should have looked like :P

    its worth it for the bonus paper metroid video at the end :)

    Video makes me feel depressed for some reason..

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    (He has more gaming videos - reviews, nostalgia and animation!)

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