The Making Of Bulletstorm's Gory Piles Of Meat

Just before this year's E3, the people who make Bulletstorm - EA, Epic Games and People Can Fly - sent us a big wad of meat. In was inedible, thanks to the shell casings, teeth and fingers inside. It was gross.

The awful secret of that mystery meat? It was Spam. Well compensated advertising professionals at Wieden + Kennedy were responsible for hand-grinding that processed meat product, stuffing it with personalised dog tags, shrapnel and one USB stick per meat pile, then shipping it off to confused video game media types.

Witness the glamour of it all at the W+K blog, if you're into this sort of freaky shit.

Bulletstorm Spam Musubi is what's for dinner. [W+K]


    Giant Bomb taped Jeff fishing through the meat :P

    You do have to admire the advertising team for thinking outside the box, regardless of how disgusting it may be :P

    I love how it was actually made of SPAM - wouldn't it have just been cheaper to buy some low grade pre-ground mince?

      yes, pre ground mince probably would have been cheaper, i suspect they went with spam because they'd have had trouble getting raw meat delivered

    Ill give it a go. Cook it up.
    Burn the shit out of anything and its eatable.

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